Sister Charlene

This is Charlene Frost, a college friend of Rafi's, who will first appear soon in "A Gouine's Story". She will be the one who will help change Rafi's life. However, don't get too used to her as a regular human being -- she died of a heart attack in 2001, when she was 19.

(I drew this while I was in Quebec City, on vacation. The colors are rendered either in colored pencils or water-based markers. The skin, however, was rendered using Letraset Promarker, a brand of permanent marker that I bought at Omer DeSerres, an art supply chain in Quebec. And using that type of marker, I think I finally got the skin colrs just right.)

Following her death, Charlene would join the Universal Order of Sisterhood (see Sister Adèle) and become "Sister Charlene". Strange enough, she would be a muse of love and sex for her still-living friend, Rafi.

The main reason why I made Charlene a "Sister" is so she can have a regular role in the strip, instead of just killing her off shortly after first appearing. When you create characters this good, it's rather hard to throw them away.

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