Laurie Miller is Rafi's girlfriend. She practically behaves like Rafi, and has some of her abilities, but with one difference -- Laurie is permanently, totally blind after contracting measles at a young age. While she is capable of doing things herself, she is envious of Rafi because of her artistic ability, something that she wants, but felt could never have due to her disability. Rafi's mission is to prove her wrong.

Laurie wears regular eyeglasses -- even though they're completely useless for her, she says is more for a "fashion statement".

Laurie is also saddened about the fact that her eyes are beautiful, but she could never see them. Rafi tells Laurie that they are beautiful, and always will be, whether she can see or not.

Rafi is Laurie's girlfriend, but Laurie wants something more -- she wants to be Rafi's life partner.


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