A Special Message by Rafi
for Hurricane Katrina victims

Rafi sends her prayers for everyone who was victimised by Hurricane Katrina, which, on the morning of 8/29/2005, devastated the Gulf Coast of Louisiana,. Mississippi and Alabama. Among the hardest hit was Biloxi and Gulfport (whose casinos draw in plenty of tourists and is a vital part of Mississippi's economy, left in utter shambles by Katrina), and New Orleans (known for the French Quarter and the Superdome; the entire city was deserted after the storm due to extensive damage and flooding).

Our thoughts and prayers go to those victimised by what could very well be the most destructive storm in American history, even worse than Hurricane Camille in 1969 (though that was Category-5 and Katrina was Category-4).

The Red Cross always welcomes aid for Katrina victims, as well as victims of all future disasters. For details, click here.

This is the original pencil sketch.

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