Sister Rosie

Sister Rosie, Rosemary "Rosie" Myrkowski, is another lesbian Order member who died too soon. In this case, it was of a brain aneurysm in 1998, when she was 22. As with all other Order members, she died with dreams unfulfilled. In this case, it was a simple one -- spend more time with her straight younger sister. She was doing just that when she died, as her sister was there.

Also, like the other Order members, she's registered as a muse -- in this case, the muse of dreams and ideas, where she helps her assigned women -- in this case, both Rafi and Rosie's sister, Anna. In some cases, as part of her idea-gathering process, she can even drug them with a special potion, to put them to sleep*, and join them in their consciousness to gather up an idea for whatever they wanted to do.

But of course, she has one other side that she, more or less, wishes she never had -- she's the Sister of Death. She's like the Grim Reaper, but with a drug instead of a scythe. When a terminally-ill woman wants to die, she comes to them to help get their affairs together. Then, when they're ready to die, she administers a drug called "asphyxidrine", which, after a person takes it, knocks them out after 5 minutes of ingesting it, puts them in convulsions after 9, and kills them after 10. They have to be very sure if they wanted to take the drug, as there's no antidote. And this decision pains Sister Rosie even more than it pains the dying woman.

And to avoid mixups with the brainstorming drug, asphyxidrine has a different color, shape and size.

Sister Rosie was with Adèle when she died in 1970, helping her find the best way to say goodbye before giving her the drug. When Adèle died, Rosie wouldn't be born for another six years, but Sisters can time travel, as early as their mother's birth, and as late as their musee's death.

Rosie's specialty is drugs, as she was studying to be a pharmacist and chemist when she died.

Normally, sisters are assigned to only one woman, but, since Rosie's sisterhood was important to her when she was alive, she was assigned to both Rafi (who has four angels living with her) and, Rosie's little sister, Anna.

* -- I got that idea from another overnight dream recently (4/27/2005), in which an angel drugged me and put me to sleep, then joining me in my "dream" as part of some bizarre adventure.

Sister Rosie.

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