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Some of the strips contained here may contain profanity, nudity and mild sexual situations and vocabulary.
Parental discretion is highly recommended.

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#37: "Quel J'ai Reçu Pour Le Noël" (1/5/2006) -- Special strip: Rafi talks about what she got for Christmas.

#38: "Le Mariage" (3/13/2006) -- Nathalie, Hélène and Hector marry.
#39: "Julie's Premonition #3" (3/13/2006) -- Julie describes what's next -- a child.

("A Gouine's Story" temporarily ends)

#40: "Okay..." (11/5/2006) -- Why "A Gouines Story" has temporarily ended.
#41: "My Little Pédé" (11/11/2006) -- Introducing Stu, Rafi's boyfriend. Also introducing Sue, Rafi's other girlfriend.
#42: "Every Pédé is Someone's Child" (11/17/2006) -- Sue reflects on her past, to explain today's grim reality.
#43: "The Late Sue Mitchell" (11/14/2007) -- Sue ends up murdered in a hit-and-run, losing her family, her life, her future -- and her justice.
#44: "The French Word of the Day" (11/16/2008) -- and a very important one at that.

Special #1 -- "Profiles of Great Womyn #1" (4/9/2007)
Special #2 -- "Who'll Come Waltzing A Rafi With Me?" (4/9/2007)

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