Rugrats In Paris -- The Movie

The Video Game

On 4/20/2000, plans for a video game based on this new film were released. Most importantly, we learn the identity of the new Rugrat, who will be making her debut in the film. Read all about it in this press release from Business Wire:

THQ and Nickelodeon Announce `Rugrats in Paris' for Playstation, Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color

Game Based on Highly Anticipated 'Rugrats In Paris - The Movie' Releases Simultaneous to Movie in November

CALABASAS HILLS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 20, 2000-- THQ Inc. and Nickelodeon today announced the seventh addition to their top-selling Rugrats videogame lineup, "Rugrats in Paris". "Rugrats in Paris" for the PlayStation® game console, Nintendo® 64, and Game Boy® Color is based on the upcoming Rugrats feature film of the same title, which launches in November 2000. THQ and Nickelodeon's various Rugrats adventures... boast sales over 2,500,000 in the U.S. alone since November 1998.

"We are very excited about our successful working relationship with Nickelodeon, and will continue to expand the Rugrats franchise by delivering quality console games to kids and gamers alike," stated THQ's Germaine Gioia, vice president of licensing. "Our first Rugrats release, 'The Rugrats Movie,' won tremendous recognition as a simultaneous videogame and major motion picture event. We look forward to another truly entertaining interactive Rugrats adventure boasting major cross-promotional support with 'Rugrats in Paris.'"

"Together with THQ, Nickelodeon continues to deliver the most innovative software to kids," said Steve Youngwood, vice president, Interactive Products and Nickelodeon Consumer Products. "Kids are clamoring for new ways to interact with their favorite Rugrats characters, and we've had tremendous success with our Rugrats video game product since their launch. We're so pleased to continue our success with THQ with new games based on 'Rugrats in Paris - The Movie.'"

THQ's Rugrats branded properties have also been tremendously successful in Europe and were awarded an ECCSELL Gold award for exceeding 20 million EURO (US$18.6 million, as of 6/1/2000) in sell-through. In "Rugrats in Paris," [the Rugrats] travel to Euro ReptarLand in Paris in a completely 3-D world designed from actual movie stills. Players can assume the role of their favorite Rugrats character including Kimmy (sic), the newest Rugrat that will be introduced in the movie.

The 16 levels of varied and amusing gameplay are based on favorite Rugrats characters and movie environments, including the Ooey-Gooey World, the Chuckie Chan obstacle course, and the Reptar Bumper cars. As players search for mechanical parts to help Stu fix his Robotic Reptar, they will enjoy voice over from actual Rugrats characters as well as sound from the TV show and movie. With artwork and game levels based on the Rugrats in Paris movie, kids can re-live their movie memories again and again...

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