1998 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards

On 4/4/98, Rugrats took home its 3rd "Favorite Cartoon" award in a row in the 1998 Kids' Choice Awards. In addition to Rugrats, Hey Arnold is the other Nicktoon nominated, with the 2 other nominees from Fox: The Simpsons and King Of The Hill. As in the last 2 award shows, Rosie O'Donnell emcees. The presenters were Sabrina Enlos (?) from California (one of several winners of a contest where winners present the awards), Scott Wilson from Fox's Party Of Five and Miizi Chanel (?) from the Lost In Space movie, with the Lost In Space robot announcing the winner.Here's a transcript and pictures of Tommy, Chuckie & Angelica accepting the award; this time, they are animated right on stage (this is NOT the same technology used for Arnold in the Nogglevision specials). Prior to Robot's announcement, you can hear the crowd chant "Rugrats! Rugrats!" repeatedly:
Announcer: Taking time out from the set of The Rugrats Movie, coming to theaters this Thanksgiving, are the Rugrats.
Tommy: We won! We won, we won! We won!
(Chuckie runs on stage, screaming)
Angelica: I want to thank me, me and me! What can I say, you like me!
Tommy: Oh, Thank you, thank you! Thank you, thank you! Thank you!
Angelica: Okay babies! Back to the set! Let's move it!
(Chuckie runs and screams again, crashing offstage)
Angelica: Sorry, Rosie! I can't take these babies anywhere!

Rosie O'Donnell: Well, that's alright, Angelica; I got 2 kids of my own and I know how that could be. You are a cutie patootie. (goes on to introduce next award's presenters)

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