Chatting With The Rugrats

On June 22, 2000, Nick.Com has held a chat with Mark Valenti, who's a writer for the show and, since 1997, has been the show's story consultant for Nickelodeon. Also featured in the chat were the Rugrats themselves. Here is the transcript from the chat, which I obtained from an anonymous source.

The "MODERATOR", of course, is the moderator of the chat.

"Rugrats" refers to Mark Valenti.

"Nick Yapper" is, more or less, co-moderator.

"Angelica" and "Tommy" are, of course, the Rugrats (don't ask if they were actually the voices of the Rugrats, of if they were Nick staffers).

(Transcript is ©2000 Viacom.)

04:56:11 PM> Nick Yapper: OK, guys...

04:56:36 PM> Nick Yapper: Mark Valenti is coming to the room!!!!

04:56:40 PM> Nick Yapper: Here he comes!!!

04:56:45 PM> MODERATOR: YAYAYAYA!!! Send those questions

04:56:48 PM> Nick Yapper: I can see him down the hall!!

04:57:50 PM> Nick Yapper: He's here!!!!

04:57:56 PM> Rugrats: Greetings to Rugrats fans everywhere!

04:58:01 PM> Nick Yapper: Hiya Mark

04:58:17 PM> MODERATOR: Hi Mark, Welcome!! Say hello to our guests

04:58:38 PM> MODERATOR: Mark, our first question for you tonight .....

04:58:40 PM> Rugrats: Greetings to Rugrats fans everywhere!

04:58:48 PM> MODERATOR: Tell us "What you do" ?

04:59:01 PM> Nick Yapper: I know I am wondering that myself

04:59:17 PM> Rugrats: Well, I have a lot of fun working with the Rugrats writing team helping to tell the funniest, best strories

04:59:58 PM> Rugrats: We spend a lot of time discussing what characters will do, the kind of adventures the Rugrats will have -it is a long process but it is a lot of fun!

05:00:18 PM> MODERATOR: We are glad you do!! They sure are funny!

05:00:34 PM> MODERATOR: Next question is from Top

05:00:44 PM> top:How hard is it to make a Rugrats show?

05:01:04 PM> Nick Yapper: Good Question TOP

05:01:12 PM> Rugrats: Hi Top! It is a lot of hard work making a cartoon show

05:01:19 PM> Rugrats: There are lots of steps in the process

05:01:24 PM> Rugrats: First they have to be written

05:01:30 PM> Rugrats: Then they have to be recorded

05:01:52 PM> Rugrats: And then the director comes in with the artist and they design the characters and backgrounds

05:02:19 PM> Rugrats: Then a process called storyboarding begins - that's where they draw up to 300 pages of pictures for each Rugrats cartoon

05:02:32 PM> Rugrats: Most artists draw about 10 storyboard pages a day

05:02:50 PM> Rugrats: So we rely on a lot of talented people to bring these characters to life

05:03:02 PM> Nick Yapper: Wow, this all sounds like so much fun, but HARD!!

05:03:28 PM> Rugrats: After the storyboards are done they are run into a computer scanner and we make something called an Animatic - it is like a very rough version of a cartoon

05:03:45 PM> Rugrats: Once that's finished we know if we have what will eventually become a good episode

05:03:57 PM> Rugrats: And then the rest of the animation process kicks in!

05:04:10 PM> MODERATOR: Cookieies has the question we all want to know......

05:04:12 PM> cookieies:Who is your favorite character

05:04:58 PM> Rugrats: (laughs) Cookieies, I'm going to guess that your favorite character is Angelica - am I right?

05:05:12 PM> Rugrats: My favorite character is probably Tommy, because he is such a hero

05:05:23 PM> Nick Yapper: Mine too!!!!

05:05:42 PM> Rugrats: But i like all of the characters because they all have different personalities

05:05:46 PM> MODERATOR: Some really great questions tonight .. this one is from - mandapie

05:05:50 PM> mandapie:When you were little did you want to end up doing what you do now?

05:06:02 PM> Rugrats: Yes!

05:06:30 PM> Rugrats: When I was a kid I loved movies and T.V and I did not care what I did - I just wanted to be part of it

05:06:37 PM> Rugrats: So it is like a dream come true

05:06:44 PM> MODERATOR: Shyla19 wants to know ..........

05:06:47 PM> shyla19:Have you ever messed up on an episode and have to do it again?

05:06:59 PM> Rugrats: Every time!

05:07:06 PM> Rugrats: Animation is very difficult

05:07:19 PM> Rugrats: So usually something has to go back to the drawing board

05:07:48 PM> Rugrats: Whether it is voices, pictures - sometimes the color doesn't match - sometimes the show runs too long and we have to trim

05:07:57 PM> Rugrats: We stay on our toes - 24 hours a day!

05:08:02 PM> MODERATOR: Now here is an interesting question that is on alot of people's minds. Samlu asks ...

05:08:07 PM> samlu:what happens when Rugrats grow up?

05:08:47 PM> Nick Yapper: Will they ever grow up?

05:08:48 PM> Rugrats: Well, eventually little babies do grow up - but we hope that the Rugrats stay young for a really long time!

05:09:03 PM> MODERATOR: Gamefreak asks .....

05:09:05 PM> gamefreak1:Do you ever find that you can relate to one of the rugrats characters?

05:09:21 PM> Rugrats: Gamefreak -good question!

05:09:37 PM> Rugrats: Sometimes I feel like Chucky if I am not sure about what to do

05:10:04 PM> Rugrats: Sometimes I feel like Bill when I feel messy

05:10:19 PM> Rugrats: And sometimes when I am crabby I feel just like Angelica

05:10:45 PM> Rugrats: I meant to say Phil, of course - just testing you guys!

05:10:57 PM> MODERATOR: ttt89 needs some figures here .... got a calculator?

05:11:00 PM> ttt89:How many animators did it take to make Rugrats?

05:11:21 PM> Rugrats: Hundreds and hundreds

05:11:49 PM> Rugrats: There are people who only draw the characters' mouths - there are people who only check for the right color

05:11:57 PM> Rugrats: Some artists only draw backgrounds

05:12:10 PM> Rugrats: Many people contribute to the success of Rugrats!

05:12:20 PM> MODERATOR: Pandamk13 would like to know .........

05:12:23 PM> pandamk13:whats your favorit episode of rugrats

05:12:49 PM> Nick Yapper: If you are joining us late, we are chatting with Mark Valenti, "Rugrats" Expert!

05:13:01 PM> Rugrats: I like "journey to the center of the basement"

05:13:23 PM> Rugrats: Because all the babies pitched in and helped Chucky get his toy back

05:13:42 PM> Rugrats: Plus we got to see Reptar being brave

05:13:49 PM> Nick Yapper: If you would like to send us a question, just type it in the text box and hit send!

05:13:52 PM> MODERATOR: koko has a very good question about the babies futures .....

05:13:55 PM> koko:besides Angelica, will any of the rugrats learn how to talk?

05:14:17 PM> Nick Yapper: Good Question

05:15:00 PM> Rugrats: You might find the answer to your question if you go to see the next Rugrats movie "Rugrats in Paris" - coming to theaters in Thanksgiving 2000

05:15:28 PM> Nick Yapper: Hey,

05:15:39 PM> Nick Yapper: Who is that coming down the hall.??????

05:15:53 PM> Nick Yapper: I hear the chomping of cookies and the stomping of little feet!!!

05:16:03 PM> MODERATOR: Ohmy :::Gasp::::

05:16:07 PM> Nick Yapper: Hey moderator, its Angelica!!!!

05:16:17 PM> MODERATOR: :::Hiding behind Yapper::::

05:16:22 PM> Nick Yapper: Hi there Angelica!

05:16:26 PM> MODERATOR: HI Angelica!!!!

05:17:18 PM> Angelica: Alright all you cyber babies! Who's got a question for me?

05:17:44 PM> MODERATOR: Yes! Pookyface has a question for you!

05:17:47 PM> pookyface:is the new rugrats movie cool

05:18:21 PM> Angelica: It is more than cool -it is historic!

05:18:47 PM> Angelica: Because it features me Angelica Pickles practically telling my whole life story

05:19:02 PM> Angelica: Oh yeah! There's some stuff in there about those dumb babies!

05:19:11 PM> Angelica: But it goes by so fast you won't even notice it

05:19:22 PM> MODERATOR: Joe wants to know .....

05:19:24 PM> joe1990:why are you so bossy???

05:19:35 PM> Angelica: Bossy?

05:19:39 PM> Angelica: Bossy?

05:19:45 PM> Angelica: You think I'm bossy?

05:20:01 PM> Angelica: I'll have you know I'm not bossy! I'm just right all the time!

05:20:07 PM> Angelica: It is hard to be me!

05:20:24 PM> Nick Yapper: Hey Angelica, I think I hear your mother calling

05:20:34 PM> Nick Yapper: It is way passed your bed time

05:20:43 PM> Nick Yapper: Hey Mark? Are you there?

05:20:51 PM> Rugrats: Bye Angelica! Thank you for your sweet answers

05:20:56 PM> Nick Yapper: Did Angelica leave you in one piece?

05:21:00 PM> Rugrats: Hey guys!

05:21:19 PM> MODERATOR: Send in your questions for Mark Valenti, our Rugrats Expert, he's still here waiting to answer your questions :)

05:21:22 PM> Rugrats: We'll be okay in a few minutes!

05:21:39 PM> Nick Yapper: Glad to hear it!

05:21:43 PM> MODERATOR: Monica1207 would like to know ........

05:21:46 PM> monica1207:What kind of dog is Spike?

05:21:57 PM> Rugrats: Friendly!

05:22:10 PM> MODERATOR: Yes he is!

05:22:29 PM> Rugrats: He's a buddy, he's a pal - he's a good licker and he was potty trained before Tommy was

05:22:54 PM> Nick Yapper: He sounds like a great dog!!

05:23:02 PM> Nick Yapper: I wish I had a dog!

05:23:20 PM> Nick Yapper: People say I look like a dog, but I don't think so.

05:24:14 PM> Nick Yapper: Hey guys send in your questions!!

05:24:20 PM> Rugrats: Is everybody having a good summer vacation?

05:24:36 PM> Rugrats: I bet you all can't wait for school to start again!

05:24:38 PM> MODERATOR: Ok, here is a question that was submitted earlier this week at ..... Why can't the grown-up's hear the babies talk but Angelica can?

05:24:38 PM> Rugrats: :-)

05:24:58 PM> Nick Yapper: I always wondered that myself

05:25:13 PM> Rugrats: Because Angelica is a kid! And everybody knows that kids can do things that grown-ups forget

05:25:35 PM> MODERATOR: Martian64 would like to know .....

05:25:38 PM> martian64:Will Tommy ever grow hair?

05:25:55 PM> Nick Yapper: He has more hair than me!

05:25:56 PM> Rugrats: Of course he will!

05:26:13 PM> Rugrats: And he'll stop wearing his diaper and he'll stop drinking from a bottle

05:26:28 PM> Rugrats: And he'll learn how to speak English - but not too soon we hope

05:26:37 PM> MODERATOR: Here's a good question from Cookieies .....

05:26:39 PM> cookieies:When you were younger what was your favorite cartoon :)

05:27:17 PM> Rugrats: Well since Nickelodeon wasn't around when I was a kid I would have to say my favorite cartoon was Bugs Bunny

05:27:27 PM> Rugrats: But I also loved Charlie Brown

05:27:44 PM> Rugrats: I wish Rugrats was around when I was a kid!

05:27:51 PM> MODERATOR: Rockschick has a backyard type question for you Mark....

05:27:54 PM> rockschick:will phil and lil get tired of eating assorted bugs?

05:28:26 PM> Nick Yapper: Bugs are delicious!

05:28:26 PM> Rugrats: Never! Just imagine the wide variety of creatures available to them when they move beyond their backyard

05:28:50 PM> Rugrats: There are playground bugs, schoolyard bugs - not to mention what they might find in a pet store!

05:29:00 PM> Rugrats: They'll be having fun for years to come!

05:30:07 PM> Nick Yapper: I am jealous

05:30:10 PM> MODERATOR: This question is from Pikachu001 but we all would like to know this answer

05:30:13 PM> pikachu001:will chuckie ever get over his fear of everything

05:30:31 PM> Rugrats: I don't think of him as being afraid

05:30:38 PM> Rugrats: I see him as being very careful

05:31:06 PM> Rugrats: Besides if he wasn't nervous about things, then Tommy wouldn't get to be such a great adventurer?

05:31:15 PM> Rugrats: Would you like to ask Tommy a question?

05:31:20 PM> Rugrats: He's right here!

05:31:28 PM> Nick Yapper: Is that Tommy sitting on Your Lap!!!

05:31:45 PM> MODERATOR: Boy he sure IS cute!!!

05:31:51 PM> Tommy: What's new?

05:31:54 PM> Nick Yapper: Hey guys do you have questions for Tommy?

05:32:03 PM> MODERATOR: :::adjusting the microphone for Tommy::::

05:32:08 PM> Nick Yapper: He has even less hair than I thought

05:32:19 PM> MODERATOR: ummmmmmmm has a good one!!!

05:32:23 PM> ummmmmm:What is Tommys favorite color and person?

05:32:41 PM> Tommy: My favorite color is baby blue

05:32:41 PM> Nick Yapper: That is actually 2 Questions!

05:32:51 PM> Tommy: And my favorite person is my parents!

05:33:23 PM> MODERATOR: Soccergrl wants to know ......

05:33:26 PM> soccergrl:tommy how do u get to be so brave?

05:33:56 PM> Tommy: Well, as you all know a baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do

05:34:09 PM> Tommy: and sometimes you've just gotta go out and have fun!

05:34:23 PM> Tommy: Having fun is the bestest thing in the world next to having a baby brother

05:34:29 PM> Nick Yapper: He sure is braver than me!

05:34:30 PM> MODERATOR: Cutiepie89 has a great question :) ....

05:34:32 PM> cutypie89:who do u admire most, tommy

05:35:06 PM> Nick Yapper: I admire you Tommy!

05:35:20 PM> Tommy: I guess that would be Chuckie

05:35:58 PM> Tommy: Because no matter how scared he gets he's always right by my side with his eyes shut tight, shivering like an icecube!

05:36:28 PM> Tommy: One more question and then I have to go to bed guys!

05:36:32 PM> MODERATOR: I think Kitty123 has a hidden agenda here {looking at my watch} .. this is the question ....

05:36:36 PM> kitty123:Tommy, what is your bedtime?

05:36:50 PM> Nick Yapper: Yeah, I think we are way passed it!

05:37:06 PM> Nick Yapper: you sure look wide awake, though

05:37:12 PM> Tommy: My bedtime seems like it comes whenever my mom and dad start yawning

05:37:28 PM> Tommy: So I guess I better go now because they look pretty tired!

05:37:42 PM> Nick Yapper: Bye Tommy

05:37:42 PM> Tommy: See you guys!

05:37:50 PM> MODERATOR: Bye Tommy!

05:38:02 PM> Nick Yapper: Wow, that was soooo cool!

05:38:11 PM> MODERATOR: JohnJohn86 wants to know .......

05:38:12 PM> johnjohn86:will there be any more new episodes of rugrats

05:38:29 PM> Rugrats: I'm glad you asked that question

05:38:39 PM> Rugrats: We are working right now on brand new episodes

05:38:55 PM> Rugrats: You will be able to see these later this year and next year

05:39:02 PM> Rugrats: We hope you'll like them

05:39:07 PM> Nick Yapper: Send your Questions for Mark Valenti, "Rugrats" expert

05:39:22 PM> MODERATOR: 2000_kid wants to know .....

05:39:25 PM> 2000_kid:Who came up with the idea for Baby Dil?

05:39:41 PM> Nick Yapper: Great Question!

05:39:45 PM> Nick Yapper: He is sooo cute

05:39:55 PM> Rugrats: We always thought about giving Tommy a baby brother

05:40:20 PM> Rugrats: But when we decided to make a big screen movie it seemed like a really cool way to introduce Baby Dil to the world

05:40:27 PM> MODERATOR: Critter89 would like to know ... about Stu.

05:40:29 PM> critter89:when will stu invent new toys to scare that babies?

05:40:49 PM> Nick Yapper: Yeah, he makes cool stuff

05:40:58 PM> Rugrats: Stu's inventions usually end up scaring him more than they scare the babies

05:41:12 PM> MODERATOR: Here is a question taken from

05:41:24 PM> MODERATOR: If you were in the cartoon, whose dad would you be and why?

05:41:53 PM> Nick Yapper: You guys are sending some great questions!!

05:42:07 PM> Nick Yapper: That's a tough one!

05:42:25 PM> Rugrats: If I was a dad in the cartoon I would like to bring my two boys with me, because they love the Rugrats too!

05:42:34 PM> Rugrats: Wouldn't it be fun to be in a cartoon?

05:42:52 PM> Nick Yapper: I think it would be a blast

05:43:11 PM> Rugrats: Hey you guys! You want to try and stump me with a question?

05:43:21 PM> Nick Yapper: Yeah, think you can?

05:43:24 PM> MODERATOR: You ready Mark?

05:43:29 PM> MODERATOR: They are pretty good :)

05:43:35 PM> Rugrats: Ready !

05:43:45 PM> Nick Yapper: Give it your best shot!

05:43:49 PM> Rugrats: Hit me with your best shot!

05:43:51 PM> MODERATOR: ok WHAT kind of light did they move in Chuckie's room after it got painted?

05:44:17 PM> Rugrats: A clown light

05:44:23 PM> Nick Yapper: I have no idea?

05:44:27 PM> Rugrats: Am i right?

05:44:46 PM> MODERATOR: Ok that was too easy

05:44:46 PM> Nick Yapper: Moderator, what do the kids say?

05:45:06 PM> MODERATOR: They all say LAVA LAMP

05:45:30 PM> Rugrats: Oooooh shot down in flames!

05:45:40 PM> MODERATOR: blue99 wants to know .....

05:45:43 PM> blue99:Why don't Chuckie have a mom?

05:45:54 PM> Rugrats: Well, he does!

05:46:42 PM> Rugrats: When you see the new Rugrats movie you'll find out the whole story about Chuckie's mom

05:46:42 PM> MODERATOR: Enquiring minds would like to know

05:46:56 PM> Nick Yapper: oooh

05:47:05 PM> Nick Yapper: Now the suspense is killing me

05:47:17 PM> Rugrats: In the meantime, Chas tries to be both dad and mom to Chuckie

05:47:32 PM> Nick Yapper: Hey Guys,

05:47:40 PM> Nick Yapper: Only 5 more minutes

05:47:57 PM> MODERATOR: kdjokes is concerned with your hours Mark, ....

05:47:59 PM> kdjokes:How much time do you spend in the studio?

05:48:35 PM> Rugrats: I actually spend any time in the studio - I work in an office separate from the studio

05:48:47 PM> Rugrats: The artists work in one place - the writers work in another

05:48:56 PM> Rugrats: We are all over the world - literally!

05:49:20 PM> Nick Yapper: We only have time for a coupla more Questions...

05:49:26 PM> MODERATOR: Heathermk8 wants to know ....

05:49:29 PM> heathermk8:How did you come up with the title Rugrats?

05:50:58 PM> Rugrats: The creators of the show Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo and Paul Germain created the show in 1991 and named it for their own Rugrats!

05:51:25 PM> Nick Yapper: Hey guys we have time for one more question

05:51:42 PM> MODERATOR: Getitgirl wants to hear the answer to this question......

05:51:45 PM> getitgirl:how come charlotte is always so busy

05:52:04 PM> Nick Yapper: She must work for an internet company

05:52:19 PM> Rugrats: Charlotte is a very talented businesswoman but she always makes time for Angelica

05:53:33 PM> skanga2001:what is stu pickles's greatest invention?

05:54:05 PM> Rugrats: Tommy! Tommy and Dil are Stu's greatest inventions

05:54:34 PM> Nick Yapper: So guys, Mark has to go

05:54:35 PM> MODERATOR: Mark thanks so much for being here!

05:54:51 PM> MODERATOR: Are there any last words you'd like to leave the audience here with?

05:55:00 PM> Rugrats: Thank you all for your questions and I hope you all have a Rugratty summer!

05:55:12 PM> Nick Yapper: Thanks Mark!

05:55:16 PM> Nick Yapper: You too!!

05:55:46 PM> MODERATOR: OK folks, see you all next Thursday (June 29th) to chat LIVE with Nick Cannon SNICK House's Host with the Most

05:56:21 PM> Nick Yapper: I hope you guys enjoyed the chat!

05:56:25 PM> MODERATOR: See you next week!!!!

05:56:31 PM> Nick Yapper: Bye everyone!!

05:56:32 PM> MODERATOR: I know I did Yapper :)

05:56:40 PM> MODERATOR: Night all!! :::waving:::

05:56:55 PM> Nick Yapper: Night Moderator!!

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