"Nick Jr. Magazine Presents"
& "Nickelodeon Magazine Presents"

"Nick Jr. Magazine Presents" is a series of one-shot specials put out by Nickelodeon Magazine; despite the title (which can be found in fine print next to the UPC code), the series has absolutely nothing to do with Nick Jr.

In October 2001, the first issue of another special series, Nickelodeon Magazine Presents, identified the same way, was put on the stands. The first issue was all about Blue's Clues, a Nick Jr. program. Go figure.

"Nick Jr. Magazine Presents"

1. "Rugrats In Paris" Magazine

This one-shot magazine special, produced as a tie-in to the Rugrats In Paris film, first went on sale in October 2000.
Title: Credits: Description:
Tour Of Paris A look at some of Paris' famous landmarks.
How To Draw Chuckie Self-explanetory.
Behind The Reel Rugrats A chat with the directors, writers and Mark Mothersbaugh about the movie.
Coco LaBouche's 7 Habits Of
Highly Self-Centered People
How to be mean like Coco.
Rugrats Masterpieces Posters of Tommy & Spike, based on the banners.
Rugrats In Paris: The Comic Script: Scott Gray
Pencils: Scott Roberts
Inks: Adam DeKraker
Colors: Stu Chaifetz
Letters: Ken Lopez
Editors: Frank Pittarese
& Dave Roman
Comic adaptation of the film.

2. Nicktoons Special #1 -- "SpongeBob SquarePants"

This special, originally released in May 2001, features reprints of comics and other material, most of it originally published in past issues of Nick Magazine. SpongeBob, which appears on the cover, fills about 1/4th of the magazine, and is also featured in the poster insert. Also featured are comics and articles on Kablam!, Hey Arnold, Angry Beavers, Rocket Power, Thornberrys, Real Monsters, and of course, Rugrats.

Rugrats material in this special include two "Rugrats, starring Dil Pickles" comics (from the 12/1999 and 10/2000 Nick Magazine), 2 Sunday newspaper strips (from 6/4/2000 and 3/18/2001), and an interview with Tara Strong about Dil (from the 11/1998 Nick Magazine; Tara Strong was still identified by her maiden name, "Charendoff", as the interview took place almost 2 years before her marriage).

3. Nicktoons Special #2 -- "Hey Arnold"

This second Nicktoons special, released in September 2001, features the same type of material as above, some all-new, but mainly repeats, though the emphasis this time is on Hey Arnold (with the cover featuring Arnold rendered in his original medium -- clay). The Arnold comics include one from the Fall 1991 Simpsons Illustrated, which included Arnold in all their issues during that magazine's run, between 1990 and 1992 (you should know by now that Matt Groening is Craig Bartlett's brother-in-law).

This special was reissued in July 2002 (as Nick Magazine Presents #5), as a tie-in with the Hey Arnold movie. The contents are the same as the first version, but with a poster from the movie added.

Rugrats features include:

Grandpa vs. Grandpa -- a comparison between Tommy and Arnold's grandfathers.

Rugrats, starring Dil Pickles (from March, 2000) -- Dil makes a mess out of his food while Didi's on the phone.

Search Party -- Find the Rugrats hidden in a French restaurant.

Rugrats Comic Strips, Starring Kimi -- Features Kimi-related daily strips from 2001: 2/16, 4/6, 4/11 & 7/29.

"Nickelodeon Magazine Presents"

The following issue includes Rugrats material:

4. Nicktoons Special #5 -- "SpongeBob SquarePants" (May 2002)

This second SpongeBob special includes an all-new Rugrats comic, "Rugrats Underground -- Tunnel Trouble", written & drawn by Brain Ralph. Unlike the usual Rugrats comics, this was drawn according to Brain's special style.

Also, all-new comics featuring SpongeBob, Invader Zim and Jimmy Neutron, plus repeats of SpongeBob, Jimmy Neutron and Thornberrys comics, and other recycled features from Nick Magazine.

5. Nicktoons Special #2 -- "Hey Arnold!" (July 2002)

Reissue; see above for details.

11. Rugrats Go Wild (June 2003)

Featuring various comics and articles featuring Rugrats and Thornberrys. Full details coming soon.

  These do not have any Rugrats content, but listed here anyway for completeness:

1. Blues Clues special #1 (October 2001)

2. Jimmy Neutron special  (Nicktoons Special #3?) (January 2002)

3. Nicktoons Special #4 -- Maximum Rocket Power (February 2002)

Features new and old comics and stories on Rocket Power, plus comics featuring SpongeBob, Oddparents, Jimmy Neutron and Thornberrys.

6. Blues Clues special #2 (August 2002)

7. Dora The Explorer special #1 (October 2002)

8. Wild Thornberrys Movie special (December 2002)

Features new and old comics and articles featuring the Thornberrys, along with a poster that has the movie poster on one side and one of 4 movie banners on the back.

9. SpongeBob SquarePants -- Nautical Nonsense (March 2003)

Features mainly new material featuring SpongeBob, plus a new Ginger comic, plus a couple of reprints.

10. Dora The Explorer special #2 (May 2003)

12. Nick Jr. Noodle (June 2003)

13. Fairly Oddparents (July 2003)

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