The Smell Of Success

Contributed and compiled by Kathleen Kremer.

(Charles is outside with Chuckie; trying to make him blow his nose into a handkerchief)

Charles: Come on, little fellow. Blow hard! (Chuckie blows into the handkerchief)

Charles: Good job! All done! (he walks to Stu (Tommy's dad) who is fixing a lawn mower while Chuckie goes to play with Tommy, Phil, Lil, and Spike)

Stu: He's still congested, huh?

Charles: Aw, it's getting worse Stu. I've tried everything. Decongestants, herbal remedies, chanting. Have you got somewhere where I can put this handkerchief? (holds up a sopping wet handkerchief; Chuckie sneezes)

Stu: Uh, no. (the kids play chase; Chuckie stops, about to sneeze)

Tommy: What's the matter, Chuckie?

Chuckie: Uh, it's my nose again Tommy. It's so stuffy I've got to breathe through my mouth and then my tongue dries out and sticks to my teeth.

Lil: On really hot days, I suck the juice out of "grasschoppers."

Chuckie: Uh, it wouldn't be so bad except it makes the hair on my arm all crusty.

Stu: And the solar cells on the sunflower power the electric motor. Pretty ingenious, huh? On a sunny day, you can mow a whole park with this baby.

Charles: Well, it's very nice Stu, but, wuh, couldn't you just push it? (Didi is reading the newspaper on a lawn chair nearby)

Didi: Hm.. here's an invention you might be able to use, Chaz.

Charles: What's that?

Didi: It says the famous sinus specialist, Dr. Brander, has come up with a devise that will clear up even the stuffiest nose. (Chuckie sneezes, using his shirt as a tissue)

Chuckie: Oh, yuck.

Charles: I guess it's worth a try. (cut to Charles and Chuckie at Dr. Brander's wait room; the doctor enters)

Dr. Brander: Mr. Finster? I am Dr. Brander.

Charles: Uh, hello Doctor. (Chuckie sneezes onto Dr. Brander's coat, she wipes it away)

Dr. Brander: And you must be Chuckie (cut to Charles and Chuckie in Dr. Brander's lab; she is examining Chuckie)

Charles: Do you really think your invention can help Chuckie? (Chuckie sneezes)

Dr. Brander: Let me show you something. This is Cheddar the Rat, not the cheese. Observe closely. (she removes a partition, Cheddar smells the cheese and runs to it and starts eating; Chuckie laughs)

Charles: Um, no offense Doc, but all rats eat cheese.

Dr. Brander: Ah, but let me show you Cheddar before I treated him with the noserator. (shows a film of the rat sneezing once he smells the cheese; cut to the rat hooked up to the noserator; Chuckie is shaking in fear )

Dr. Brander: Then I applied the noserator prototype. (the film now shows the rat eating cheese without sneezing)

Charles: Amazing! Doc, Chuckie's all yours. (cut to Chuckie hooked up to the noserator)

Charles: Don't worry, little fellow. It'll be over in just a second.

Dr. Brander: Stand aside now Mr. Finster. (she starts the machine; Chuckie screams)

(cut to outside; Charles and Chuckie come over Tommy's house; Tommy is playing with a caterpillar)

Chuckie: Hi Tommy! It's me. (he speaks in a clearer voice)

Tommy: Oh, what happened? You sound funny.

Chuckie: My dad took me to a doctor and she put a big spider and made it jump and then this morning I waked up and I could breathe, Tommy.

Tommy: Wow, is it real different?

Chuckie: Well, I guess so. What do you when you can breathe in your nose?

Tommy: Hmmm... (looks around; sees a flower) Oh, try breathing this. (Chuckie sniffs the flower and laughs)

Chuckie: That gives me a funny feeling in my nose.

Tommy: That's a smell, Chuckie!

Chuckie: Wow. Do other things have that?

Tommy: Sure. (cut to Tommy and Chuckie inside the kitchen; Chuckie smells some coffee)

Chuckie: Aaaahhh! (cut to Chuckie smelling a laundry bin in the bathroom)

Chuckie: Oooh. (cut to Chuckie smelling under Spike's ear)

Chuckie: What else can we (sniffs)

(Phil and Lil appear)

Lil: Whatcha guys doing? (Chuckie sniffs)

Chuckie: Ew! What's that smell? (Phil and Lil stare at each other)

Tommy: You'll get used to it. (cut to kids playing chase; Tommy is worn out but Chuckie is still chasing Spike)

Lil: Go Chuckie!

Phil: I've never seen him run so fast before.

Tommy: I think it's 'cause his nose isn't stuffy "no" more.

Chuckie: (grabbing Spike's tail) I got him! (laughs, his pants fall down)

(cut to the kids at the park with Stu and Charles)

Stu: (unwrapping his mower that starts; he chases after it) Hey, hey, come back, cu-, wah, hey, look out! Look out! (Chuckie approaches Tommy, Phil, and Lil, who are playing in a sandbox)

Chuckie: Hey guys. neat day isn't it. It smells like, mmm, blueberries and Grandpa feet. (Grandpa is behind eating blueberries and without shoes)

Lil: Boy Chuckie! It seems like your new nose can smell everything!

Chuckie: Well, not everything! But I think it is the "bestest nose" there ever was ever. (takes off his shoe and sniffs it)

Angelica: Hey, what are you doing! Let go of my Cynthia!

Tommy: Uh oh! I think Angelica's in trouble.

Phil: Let's go see. (Bully is trying to pull a doll away from her)

Bully: Give me it pigtails.

Angelica: No, she's mine.

Lil: He's trying to take her dolly. (Tommy approaches and taps Bully on the shoulder)

Tommy: Hey, leave her alone. She doesn't have to share if she doesn't wanna. (Bully lets go of the doll)

Bully: Oh yeah? Says who?

Tommy: Um... all the grownups in the world.

Bully: Buzz off cube ball (pushes Tommy down)

(Bully grabs the doll away from Angelica as she screams)

Tommy: Uh, Chuckie. I think we better leave him alone. He's just too big.

Chuckie: Yeah, well, he may be big, but I got my new nose! (the bully has buried Cynthia in the sand and is now putting sand on Angelica as she searches for her doll)

Angelica: Cynthia! Where are you? Say something! (Chuckie approaches)

Chuckie: Um, excuse me.

Bully: What do you want, Carrot Top? Can't you see I'm playing over here?

Chuckie: I bet I can tell l you everything you had for lunch, and if I'm wrong, you can have Cynthia and our snacks.

Angelica: (gasps) Chuckie!

Chuckie: But if I win, you have to leave us alone.

Bully: Okay, go ahead.

Chuckie: Open your mouth. (the bully opens his mouth and Chuckie sniffs) Hmmm... pizza and pudding and apple juice through a straw.

Bully: Aw, so what if you can guess. I'm taking your stuff anyway. (takes juice away from Phil and Lil)

Phil & Lil: Hey!

Tommy: Huh! You can't do that! You promised!

Bully: So what?

Chuckie: So, you better keep your promise, or I'll tell everybody the other thing you ate.

Bully: I didn't eat nothing else.

Chuckie: I think you did. And unless I'm wrong and I'm not, I think it was... broccoli! (The bully gasps)

Angelica: Heheheh... you ate vegetables?! (everyone starts laughing)

Lil: Isn't that funny!

Bully: I didn't wanna. My mom made me. (he throws down the juices and runs away sobbing; Phil, Lil, and Tommy cheer Chuckie; Angelica finds her doll and comes over)

Angelica: Thanks, Chuckie. Uh, I don't have to give you nothin' do I?

Chuckie: No, it's just great to be me! The "bestest" smeller in the whole world! (cut to Chuckie eating lunch; the phone rings and Charles answers it)

Charles: Hello?

Dr. Brander: Mr. Finster, this is Dr. Brander. I'm afraid I have bad news.

Charles: We-, what is it Doc?

Dr. Brander: I think you better come to my office and bring Chuckie.

(cut to in Dr. Brander's office, showing a tape; Cheddar is now sneezing; Chuckie hugs his Dad and Charles cries)

(cut to the park; Chuckie is in the sandbox with Cheddar in a cage sneezing; Tommy arrives)

Tommy: Hi, Chuckie. Who is your friend?

Chuckie: His name is Cheddar. The doctor gave him to me as a present. I guess she figures we belong together.

Tommy: Aw, I don't think you'll both fit in there.

Chuckie: I mean, we belong together 'cause Cheddar's nose is all stuffy again. Pretty soon mine will be too. I'll just be another dumb baby who can't breathe in his nose or do "nothing" special.

(the Bully arrives)

Bully: Hey, Carrot Top. Come on Carrot Top, sit up so I can kick sand in your face.

Chuckie: No thank you.

Bully: So you don't want to play, huh? (pushes Tommy over) How about if I beat you up and take your rat?

Chuckie: Hey, put Cheddar down. He didn't do nothing to you.

Bully: Make me. Give me that. (Chuckie and Bully fight over the cage; Tommy tickles the Bully under his arm)

Bully: (falls on the ground, laughing) Hey, quit it.

Tommy: Run Chuckie! (they both run away with Cheddar; they go onto a wooden suspension bridge)

Tommy: Quick Chuckie! Jump up and down!

Bully: Woaaaah. (They jump and the Bully falls down; cut to them running near a swing)

Tommy: Split up. (They split, the Bully continues forward and gets tripped by a swing)

Bully: Woaaah. (Tommy and Chuckie continue to run)

Chuckie: It's happening Tommy. My nose!

Tommy: We can't stop now Chuckie! He'll catch us.

Chuckie: (falls, drops the cage) It's no use! You go ahead. I'm doomed anyways.

Tommy: You can't give up Chuckie! You can do great things being stuffy too!

Chuckie: Tommy, without my new nose, I'm a nobody! It's over.

(the Bully arrives; Chuckie is about to sneeze)

Chuckie: I'm do-, I'm do-, I'm achoo!(he sneezes and knocks over the Bully onto an ant pile, the ants go down the Bully's pants, who runs away crying)

Tommy: You did it Chuckie! And it was 'cause of your stuffy nose!

Chuckie: Wow! I did, didn't I. You're right Tommy. You know, maybe I won't always be able to catch Spike or smell a daisy, but I'm still me! And I can live my life the "bestest" way any stuffed up baby ever did. (picks up the rat's cage) Right, Cheddar? (Cheddar sneezes, Tommy laughs)

Compilation (c) 1998 Kathleen Kremer.
Quotes (c) 1997 Viacom.

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