Rugrats Episodes for 1996 & 1997

These are the new Rugrats episodes seen during 1996 & 1997.

Note: Portions contributed by Kyle Stanley

66 (97-01) [N999] [KC66] -- Chanukah

Original Air Date & Time: December 4, 1996 at 8PM ET on Nick

US Broadacast Premiere Date: 12/1/2001 at 8:30PM ET on CBS

Writers: J. David Stem, David N. Weiss

Director: Raymie Muzquiz

(1997 book version, The Rugrats' Book Of Chanukah, written by Sarah Wilson and drawn by Barry Goldberg (see note #14 for details))

At the beginning, Minka was reading a book about Chanukah (some people spell it "Hanukkah") to the other Rugrats. During the course of the story, they place themselves in the action, with the babies as the Jews at the time a powerful Greek king "Antonica" (actually Syrian king Antiochus IV) took over and forced their Greek culture onto them. But Judas the Macchabee, or Judas Macchabaeus (our Tommy), is mad as heck, and cannot take it anymore; thus, leading his fellow Jews to war against the Greeks. Meanwhile, in the present, the Pickles are preparing to celebrate Chanukah at the Beth Shalom Jewish Center (their local synogogue; Stu the "Chanukah Boy" (as per Grandpa) calls it a church), but the celebrations turned sour when Boris found out that his old high-school nemesis, Schlomo (a.k.a. "the Meany of Chanukah" to the Rugrats) was going to play the Greek king at this years celebrations instead of Boris. Knowing the dangers, the Rugrats help put a stop to the personal war going on between Schlomo the "Greek" and Boris the "Macchabee".

Famous Quotes:

1. (At the start, when "Antonica" takes over the Jews' land, they were ordered to follow a Greek's lifestyle, including reading material, like the philosopher Plato:)

Look, Tommy; a whole book about Play-Doh. -- Chuckie (as one of the Jews)

(Note: The closed captions spelled "Play-Doh" as "Plato", thus, destroying the joke value of this quote for those that rely on captions.)

2. (Also, back in time, Phil & Lil, in Greek garb, greet each other:)

Phil: Hail, Lillian!

Lil: Hail, Philistine!

3. (Tommy, as Judas the Macchabee:)

A Maccababy's gotta do what a Maccababy's gotta do. -- Tommy

(a take-off of a similar saying from Barbecue Story.)

4. (Boris extolls the "miracle" of Latkes (potato pancakes), made of potatoes, water & salt, fried in oil:)

These things have clogged the arteries of our people for 2000 years, yet we survive. -- Boris

5. (Angelica explains what the candles on the Menorah are for, other than birthdays:)

Angelica: Those aren't for Tommy's birthday; those are for Chanukah.

Tommy: Harmonica?

Angelica: Hhhhanukkah. You have to "hhhh" when you say it.

(Please note that the "hhhh" sound she's making is similar to trying to spit up the gunk out of your throat.)

6. (What Chanukah means to Angelica:)

Chanukah is the special time of year between Christmas and Misgiving (Thanksgiving) when all the bestest holiday shows are on TV. -- Angelica

7. (Angelica eats a Latke, not realizing that this pancake is made of potatoes:)

Topatoes? What kind of bobo-head makes pancakes out of topatoes? -- Angelica

8. (The Dreidel Guy, after slipping on a Latke that Angelica tossed on the floor, catches Angelica:)

You! I broke a shin because of you! -- Dreidel Guy

(the "Shin" he's referring to is a letter of the Hebrew alphabet, used on the Dreidel.)

9. (After the scuffle between Schlomo and Boris, they ceded the crown to the "Town Wretch", who desired to play the king. The Wretch's first lines as king:)

To be, or Macchabee? That is the question. -- The "Wretch", based on "Hamlet"

10. (The blessing given by Boris and Schlomo at the end of the ceremony:)

Hebrew (spelled according to pronunciation):


English Translation:

"Blessed are you our lord the God of the world, who has sanctified us with his commandments and commanded us to light the lights of Chanukah."


1. The title card is mearly the word "Chanukah" in blue lettering on a black background with sacred music playing; a stark departure from the episodes we watched repeatedly the last couple of years. Viewers of Real Monsters would get the idea, as that show starts in a similar fashion.

2. Also, another departure is the way this show was animated, using special "shadow" and relief techniques; everything seems a little more 3-dimensional. This was also carried over from Real Monsters.

3. The writers & directors credits, normally found at the start of the show, is seen at the end with the rest of the credits. At that place, the credits are placed in the order of "Director / Writers / Musicians", instead of the normal "Writers / Musicians / Director". For this episode guide, I've listed them in the "normal" fashion.

4. We also learn that Chuckie has started going to a day-care center.

5. We also know that Boris grew up with Schlomo in Russia. Previously, Boris' mother country was not revealed until now.

6. In the Rugrats' reenactment of the founding of Chanukah (as Boris tells the story), Phil (in traditional Jewish costume) says "It would take a mir-a-bull, whatever that means", to relight the menorah using enough oil for one night. At the end of the show, after Boris & Schlomo became friends, Tommy said "It's a mir-a-bull!" In both cases, they meant to say "miracle". But keep in mind that Tommy properly said "miracle" before, in Give & Take.

7. Finally, we see Cynthia (Angelica's favorite doll) in "live-action" form for the first time, in her TV Christmas special, "A Very Cynthia Christmas". We, more or less, see what Cynthia really looks like BEFORE she was placed in Angelica's hands.

8. Animation Mistake Dept.: Note the white specks dancing around the screen when Chazz presented the paper (The Herald-Times, to be precise) to Boris. As discussed before in Stu-Maker's Elves, this is a mistake in post-production.

9. Animation Mistake Dept.: Part 2: Throughout this episode, Phil had ear lobes. As anyone who watched any of the first 65 episodes would know, Phil has no ear lobes; only Lil has them.

10. Beginning with this episode, Bob Mothersbaugh replaced Denis Hannigan as co-musician with Mark Mothersbaugh.

11. Before the commercial, and again before the closing credits, the show "cuts" to black, rather than the usual "fade".

12. Theologically speaking, King Antiochus IV was forcing Greek culture on the Jews. However, what this special didn't tell you that he was actually the king of Syria, who was a fan of Greek culture. Complete details can be found in most better dictionaries and encyclopedias (under "Antiochus" and "Macchabee"), as well as many Bible concordances (the complete account of the Macchabees is chronicled in the Jewish and Roman Catholic versions of the Old Testament). This was not the first time religious history was slightly rewritten; the history of Passover was also slightly rewritten for Rugrats.

13. Also, it is interesting to point out that the menorah oil portion of Chanukah was not chronicled in the Old Testament, but was first told in another Jewish holy book, the Talmud.

14. This episode is also an educational Rugrats episode, at least by Nick's terms. This episode was showcased in Nick's early-morning (5:30AM ET & 6AM ET) Cable In The Classroom line-up in 1997, 1998 & 2001. For more on Nick's educational TV efforts, click here.

15. In the book version, the plotline was the same, but does not include the Rugrats' version of the story. Also, in the book, Boris wears sandals in the play, while he wears shoes in the original TV version. The book has the treaditional version of the Chanukah story on the last page.

16. This episode is also ranked # 5 in TV Guide's 10 Best Classic Family Holiday Specials, published in the 11/27/1999 issue. For the complete list, see the news page.

17. In this episode, there is a scene where Stu and Grandpa, unwittingly, found themselves in a holiday parade, while taking the menorah to the synogogue. In the original telecast, and all showings through 1998 (I think),  "Let It Snow" played, while they travel in the parade, but in all showings after 1999, the music was changed to "Deck The Halls". Apparently, the change was made, due to rights issues with "Let It Snow".

18. On the CBS telecast on 12/1/2001, Houston affiliate KHOU ch.11 showed only a few minutes of this special, due to special election coverage. For details, see The Santa Experience.

67 (97-02) [N998] [KC67] -- Mother's Day

Original Air Date: May 6, 1997 at 8PM ET

Writers: Jon Cooksey, Ali Marie Matheson, J. David Stem, David Weiss

Directors: Norton Virgien, Toni Vian

1998 Book adaptation written by Susan Hood & drawn by Ed Resto

The Rugrats find presents for their mother, but ended up trying to find Chuckie a mother, as he didn't have one. The answers for this mystery are in a special box, which Chazz doesn't want Chuckie to see. Meanwhile, Stu works on his present for Didi -- a robot that uses "Clapper" technology and used to automatically cook AND serve a person's meal, as well as clean the house (like his other inventions, it went haywire), Betty uses a computer to collect her thoughts on being a mother of twins (using these thoughts to reprogram Stu's robot, it overloaded the computer), Didi takes Minka to the International House of Mud for a mud bath (Minka doesn't like bathing with strangers, and you can get all the mud you want at home for free), and Angelica builds a statue of herself using macaroni, gum, and glue (Chuckie broke it).

Famous Quotes:

1. (Angelica caught the Rugrats playing with macaroni (a food):)

If you knowed anything, you use macaroni to make art! -- Angelica

2. (The Rugrats didn't realise that Angelica's statue is for Mother's Day:)

You babies are so dumb, I can't believe you lived to be one! -- Angelica

3. (Didi remembers the last time her mother, Minka, both agreed on something they liked:)

The last time we found something we both liked was a troll costume I wore for my 3rd grade pagent. Actually, I hated that. -- Didi

4. (Stu is giving Didi breakfast in bed -- a little late:)

Stu: Deed, get ready for the ultimate breakfast in bed.

Betty: But Stu, it's practically lunchtime.

Stu: I had a few technical difficulties.

5. (Betty gives Stu some encouragement after his "robot" went berserk:)

Well, even Edison had his off days. Of course, he made things that are useful. -- Betty

6. (After a dressing dummy and Spike both failed being Chuckie's new mom, Phil & Lil have a suggestion:)

Phil: I think moms are supposed to be people.

Lil: Yeah, and I think they're supposed to be girls, too.

7. (Angelica, Chuckie's latest new mom, took the liberty of renaming Chuckie "Blaine":)

Chuckie's a yucky name. Blaine's a TV name. Everyone knows TV names are better. -- Angelica

8. (Didi takes Minka to the "International House of Mud":)

Didi: Mom, I know you're gonna love this place.

Minka: Wonderful; I'll be scraping mud out of my wrinkles for weeks.

9. (Betty reprograms Stu's robot:)

All right. New subheading. What to do if someone critisized your child. Step one: get him in a standard headlock. -- Betty

10. (After a fight with a "mumblebee", Chuckie's flower for Angelica's statue was stripped of all but one of its pedals:)

That's not a flower! That's a green stick with a thing on it! All I wanted was one flower for my macaroni head, and you game me this. Do you know what this says? (plucks only pedal off) "He loves me not!" -- Angelica

11. (After Chuckie broke Angelica's statue, she sentenced the Rugrats to life in "Time Out":)

If you think Grandpa is old, wait and see how old you're gonna be when "Time Out" is over! And as for you, Chuckie, you can forget about ever having a mom, ever! -- Angelica

12. (Betty finishes programming the robot with her thoughts on parenting; she has written so much, she crashed the computer -- big time:)

Computer: Warning! Warning! System overload!

Betty: Now you know how I feel, cupcake.

13. (After seeing the ruins of Angelica's statue, Charlotte favors it anyway:)

I love it! It's so... deconstructionalist. -- Charlotte

14. (Didi and Minka returned from their mud bath, which Minka didn't appreciate:)

A bath alone, I like; a bath with strangers, eh, not so much. I'm just saying, $80 for mud and dirt? You can get mud for free in your own backyard. (at this point, Stu's robot, containing mounds of dirt, explodes as Didi and Minka enters the house) ... or your living room.-- Minka

15. (Chuckie presents the picture of his mom to Chazz. Very concerned, Chazz puts it back in the box. Didi, however, has a suggestion:)

Didi: Chazz, I think it's time you shared these things with Chuckie.

Chazz: But I'm afraid he's gonna miss her.

Didi: Then you can miss her together.

16. (When she was first admitted to the hospital, Melinda kept a diary. Shortly before her death, the last thing she has written was a special poem for Chuckie):

My Sweet Little Chuckie ~

Though I must leave you behind me,

this poem will tell you where you always can find me.

When a gentle wind blows, that's my hand on your face.

And when the tree gives you shade, that's my sheltering embrace.

When the sun gives you freckles, that's me tickling my boy.

When the rain wets your hair, those are my tears of joy.

When the long grass enfolds you, that's me holding you tight.

When the Whippoorwill sings, that's me whispering, 'Night night.'.


1. There are 2 versions of this episode in the US -- one version ends with a picture of a flower and a caption reading "Happy Mother's Day"; another version has the butterfly flying slow, then slowly flying backwards before fading to black. This latter version is used by Nick during out-of-season showings of this episode, especially when Rugrats In Paris was released.

2. The episode starts off immediately with a scene of oddly-shaped macaroni floating in space (the raw materials used to make Angelica's statue), set to the tune of Johann Strauss' Blue Danube Waltz (1866). This is, more or less, taken from Stanley Kubrick's landmark 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey. A similar scene also started off the second part of this episode, after the commercial break.

3. The glue used for Angelica's statue was "Wilbur's Moo Glue", with a picture of a horse on the bottle. First of all, long ago, dead horses were used to make glue, Second of all, the glue was named after Wilbur Post, the owner of the famous talking TV horse, Mr. Ed. Wilbur was played by Alan Young; Mr. Ed was voiced by Allen "Rocky" Lane.

4. What's possibly a male version of "Cynthia", "Todd", was announced; the "Cowboy Todd" version of it was one of the presents offered by Angelica to Chuckie. Todd is probably to Cynthia as Ken is to Barbie.

5. This episode also introduces Chuckie's mother, Melinda. According to the overtones of the conclusion of this episode, Melinda died of unknown causes. Due to Nick's Standards & Practices policies that was revised since Rugrats first closed down production in 1994, you can no longer directly mention that a person has died. However, in Rugrats In Paris, the fact that she died is actually announced -- no hemming and hawing, like this episode or other episodes of newer Nicktoon series (Hey Arnold is one that comes to mind).

6. The items in Melinda's box: a trowel (a small hand-shovel), and a diary (see above) with pressed flowers and a poem for Chuckie (see above). As you can see, Melinda was a dedicated gardener, as she grew all the flowers herself before her death.

7. Closed Captioning note: Stu is called throughout this episode "Stuart", which is his real name (as we've learned in Reptar's Revenge), though that name was never mentioned audibly in this episode.

8. Animation Note: The method of animation used is the same, 2-dimensional method used in the original, 65-show run, unlike the previous episode, Chanukah.

9. Animation error #1: Something that started in the Chanukah episode -- Phil has ear lobes (which he never had in the original run).

10. Animation error #2: When Chuckie was standing on the wastebasket "hugging" the dresser's dummy, the smiley face was frowning (if the wastebasket was turned right-side up). Later, when he was running from Lil, he tripped and got his head into the wastebasket, but it had a smiley face with a smile on it, instead.

11. There was concern that the consistency of the series has become warped; since Chuckie was very little when Melinda died, facts such as his mom weaning him has since become moot points. For more information, see Little Known Facts.

12. This premiere of this episode was also the highest-rated Rugrats episode on Nick for kids 2-11; for that age group, it earned an 8.4 rating, exceeding the competition on the terrestrial networks (please note that the WB was not seen on Tuesdays at the time):
Network: What They Were Showing at 8PM ET:
ABC Home Improvement
NBC Mad About You
CBS Promised Land
Fox Mrs. Doubtfire
UPN Moesha

13. This episode was also nominated for the "Best Animated Program" category in the 1997 Prime Time Emmy Awards. Unfortunately, it lost to The Simpsons when the results were made public on September 7. The following shows were also nominated for "Best Animated Program":
Show: Network: Episode Title(s)/Description:
The Simpsons Fox "Homer's Phobia": Homer is afraid that a gay man may influence the Simpsons
King Of The Hill Fox "Square Peg": Peg was chosen to teach sex education, but is afraid to say the terminology
Duckman USA Network (cancelled) "Duckman & Cornfed in 'Haunted Society Plumbers'": Duckman and Cornfed  pose as plumbers to get into a mansion known to be haunted
Dexter's Laboratory Cartoon Network "Star Spangled Sidekicks",
"TV Superpals",
"Game Over"

14. In the book version, portions regarding Stu's robot, Didi & Minka's mud bath trip and Betty's motherly thoughts were omitted.

68 (97-03) [N997] [KC68] -- Vacation

Alternate Titles:  "Rugrats Summer Special" (Nickelodeon schedules) & "Las Vegas Vacation Special" (YTV schedules)

Video Release Date: 7/8/1997 (English); 8/29/2000 (Spanish in US & Canada)

Suggested Retail Price: $12.95

World TV Premiere Date(?): January 14, 1998 on Nickelodeon in Australia

Originally Scheduled Air Date (US): March 3, 1998 at 8PM ET

Rescheduled Air Date (US): May 29, 1998 at 8PM ET

Writers: Jon Cooksey, Ali Marie Matheson

Director: Toni Vian

This Rugrats episode was unique: it's the first direct-to-video episode, meaning that the video was available BEFORE the show airs on Nick.

In this episode, the Pickles, Finsters & DeVilles journey to the notorious gaming capitol of the world, Las Vegas (the babies call it "Slots Vegas"). At a Viking-Circus-Arctic oriented hotel complex, the women go have fun on their own, leaving the men to watch the babies. Stu was stuck with the babies when Chazz and Howard decided to have fun on their own, while Grandpa decided to do a little gambling. All heck later broke loose in the smorgasbord room when the Rugrats escaped from Stu to look for Heimlich and Bob's "kitties" (actually, tigers, which are displayed on Jumbovision for everyone to see). And yes, we get to hear Angelica sing a real, professional song on Heimlich & Bob's stage.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Grandpa visited Vegas in the 1950's and took it by storm:)

Grandpa: I won 15 jackpots in a row; they flew me home first class just to get rid of me!

Drew: I thought mom said you lost everything but your underwear and went home by bus?

Grandpa: Oh, what does she know?

2. (Phil & Lil give their description of Vegas as the gang enters the city:)

Lil: It's like being inside a Christmas tree.

Phil: Nah, that was just sticky.

3. (Angelica practices her musical scales:)

Go make me a donut real slow! -- Angelica

4. (After Tommy decided to see the Tigers, Chuckie has his usual misgivings:)

Somebody doesn't understand the word "fun". -- Chuckie

5. (The women told the guys that they're going on a "Girls' Day Out", and needed the men to watch the babies:)

Betty: Good news, guys! Today's gonna be a celebration of the glory and wonder of fatherhood.

Stu: What's that supposed to mean?

Howard: She wants us to watch the kids.

6. (Chuckie was afraid of boarding the Viking ship with Tommy:)

Why couldn't Vikings ride trikes? -- Chuckie

7. (At the craps table, Phil eats some dice, but spits them out:)

They're a little stale. -- Phil

8. (Angelica decides to crash Heimlich & Bob's show so she can sing:)

Say goodbye to the old Angelica, babies, 'cause I'm about to become a star! -- Angelica


1. The video release also includes Ice Cream Mountain & Graham Canyon.

2. Speaking of which, this is also the first Spanish-language video of a Rugrats TV episode to be released in the US & Canada, on August 29, 2000. As with the original English version when it was first released, this Spanish version is also direct-to-video, as Telemundo has yet to present this episode on their channel. Previously, the only other Spanish-language Rugrats video on the US market was the movie.

3. The "splash" introduction and accompanying music, used in the original run, returns for the first time this season.

4. Closed-captioning error: Reptar's name was spelled Reptaur.

5. It looks like Phil's new ear lobes are here to stay; see Chanukah and Mother's Day for details.

6. At the top of this episode, the song was "Vacation", which was the title track from The GoGos' 2nd album from 1982 on the IRS label. The version used here is the original version from the album. Angelica's version, at the end of this episode, uses the same instrumental music as The GoGos, but different lyrics. This is the first time the series used a song recorded from a famous musician or group (besides Mark Mothersbaugh, of course).

7. Note the travel stickers on Didi's suitcase: it shows that she (with Stu and Tommy) visited Chicago (The Windy City), Mt. Footstool & Clam Canyon. We never seen the Pickles in Chicago, but we seen them at Mt. Footstool & Clam Canyon, both seen in Graham Canyon.

8. Animation error #1: while Tommy is speaking in the RV in Vegas, we are outside the RV as the neon lights reflect off the glass. However, the "Bingo" sign (displayed repeatedly due to animation looping) is reflected with the letters in a "correct" fachion, rather than backwards.

9. Animation error #2: during this episode, Stu wore a T-shirt & shorts, and Tommy wore pajamas when the gang arrived in Vegas. But when they reached the reservation clerk at the hotel, Stu & Tommy wore their usual clothes. Afterwards, Tommy was back in his pajamas through the pool scene, while Stu was back in T-shirt & shorts. (special thanks to Kyle Stanley)

10. Another example of animation looping: while Tommy & Chuckie are crawling on the floor between the buffet and the viking ship, we see the bottom half of a man in a red t-shirt, blue shorts and sandals walk from right to left past Tommy and Chuckie 3 times.

11. At the end of this episode, Angelica sings in such a professional manner (see #5), without any mistakes. Compare this to her earlier songs, when she frequently sings well-known songs incorrectly (especially the music scales (quote #3) and "Oh Beautiful").

12. The resorts depicted in this episode are patterned after similar resorts in Las Vegas (special thanks to Kyle Stanley):
Hotel Seen in "A Rugrats Vacation": Actual Vegas Hotel It's Based On:
Viking Excalibur
Atlantis Desert Inn, Bellagio, any resort with lakes on golf courses
Circus Giganticus Circus Circus
Rainforest (where Heimlich & Bob perform) Mirage
Mayan Golden Gate, Fremont, or any "Fremont Street Experience" hotel
Bora MGM Grand, any former "world's largest" resort
Olympus Caesar's Palace

69 (97-04A) [N66A] [KC69A] [RTS601A] -- Spike's Babies

Original World Premiere Date: August 16, 1997 at 3PM ET during "Psycho Blast" on YTV (Canada)

Original U.S. Air Date: August 23, 1997 at 8PM ET

Writer: Mark Palmer, based on David Maples' story

Director: Rick Bugenthal

The Rugrats are puzzled by the erratic behavior of Spike, who has stolen Angelica's play barbecue, Chuckie's shirt and Stu's franks and frequently goes under the house. The Rugrats thought Spike was under control of aliens from "the planet on Chuckie's shirt". The real story is that Spike has adopted kittens, his "babies". Meanwhile, Stu builds a japanese-style barbecue and a walkway, though he's having trouble keeping the babies out of the fresh cement.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Stu catches Phil pulling a brick out of the barbecue, but had to consult the BBQ book for the right words:)

Stu: Phil! You're disturbing the... uh... delicate balance of geographical forces.

Didi: Honestly, Stu; it's a barbecue, not The Great Wall of China.

2. (Angelica, who's also having a barbecue (a play one, that is), gives the Rugrats a choice, but Spike decides for them by stealing her BBQ:)

Phil: I want a cheeseburger.

Lil: Yeah! With chocolate!

Angelica: You'll eat what I give you and like it! You have a choice of barbecubed yucky carrots or barbecubed yucky peas.

Rugrats: Yuck!

Angelica: (to Tommy) So what it'll be, Baldy?

Tommy: I can't decide.

Angelica: Why? Because it sounds so good?

Tommy: No; because your barbecube is gone!

3. (The signs of Spike's erratic behavior point to a busted screen, which leads to the bottom of the house;)

Chuckie: It's awful dark in there. Scary and stinky and dark.

Lil: You already said dark.

Chuckie: I hate dark!

4. (The Rugrats find a spider; Chuckie is scared of it:)

Tommy: It's just an itsy, bitsy spider.

Lil: Yeah, like in the song.

Tommy: It's not gonna eat you.

Phil: Not if I eat it first!

5. (Didi notices that Chuckie's shirt is missing:)

Didi: Chuckie? What happened to your shirt?

Grandpa: If he's hungry as I am, he probably ate it!


1. This is the first regular Rugrats episode since the original 65 was completed in 1994.

2. Instead of having its very first showing on American television (Nickelodeon), the producers decided to have its world TV premiere in Canada, during "Psycho Blast", YTV's 8-hour special (originating live from Paramount's Canada's Wonderland near Toronto) that featured the best of YTV's programs, including Rugrats. Real Monsters also started its 4th & final season on YTV about a month before they first appeared on Nick in the US; their final episode was seen on YTV a day before Nick presented it. YTV was also the first to show the Rugrats' 2nd new season in April 1998 before Nick US.

3. Another Reptar movie was mentioned -- Reptar vs. The Aliens.

(97-04B) [N66B] [KC69B] [RTS601B] -- Chicken Pops

Original World Premiere Date: August 16, 1997, following "Spike's Babies", during "Psycho Blast" on YTV (Canada)

Original U.S. Air Date: August 23, 1997, following "Spike's Babies"

Writer: David Maples

Director: Jim Duffy
Click here for full transcript.

Everyone was planning on going to Charlotte's company picnic, but had to back out when Chuckie contracts Chicken Pox. This gives Angelica the opportunity to convince the Rugrats that he's turning into a chicken.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Betty recalls the time when she had Chicken Pox:)

When I was young, my mom exposed us to everything. -- Betty

2. (Charlotte decides to not go to the picnic, and she has the perfect alibi:)

Chicken Pox, hmm? Sounds like the perfect excuse for not going to the picnic. -- Charlotte.

3. (After sending the kids outside to play, Betty talks to Didi about the situation:)

I'm telling ya, Deed; we got our regular "Disease Of The Week". -- Betty

4. (Angelica explains to the Rugrats what "Chicken Pops" is:)

"Chicken Pops" is what turns little kids into chickens. That's why Chuckie has to stay inside. If the grownups let Chuckie outside, he'd get eaten by a cat! -- Angelica

5. (Charlotte explains to Jonathan what to do:)

Tell the translator to explain everything to Mr. Yamaguchi; I don't want him sticking his head in the cole slaw like he did last year. -- Charlotte

6. (Tommy teaches Chuckie how to walk like a chicken:)

Take it easy, Chuckie; a little bit at a time. Step, flap, cluck. -- Tommy

7. (After the other Rugrats get the Pox, Angelica taunts them:)

Hello, my little chickadees. I hear they're having barbecube at the picnic. You babies, I mean chickens, are going to be delicious! -- Angelica

8. (Chuckie stands by the Rugrats in not being eaten:)

We're chickens, and we're proud! -- Chuckie


1. As for how Chuckie turned into a chicken, apart from getting Chicken Pox, he was forced by his father to wear oven mitts, so he won't scratch himself. Calamine lotion is rubbed on Chuckie to ease itching. And, for some reason, he tripped on his pillow, causing it to tear and scatter feathers all over the place, including Chuckie, where the feathers stuck on the Calamine lotion rubbed all over Chuckie, and on the mitts when Chuckie tried to scratch himself.

2. Also, during the episode, Didi called Dr. Lipschitz's baby care hotline. Hasn't she learned her costly mistake when she called him in Naked Tommy?

3. At the start of this episode, only Chuckie had the Chicken Pox. By the end, however, all the babies, as well as Angelica, got it. Keep in mind that all this happened within a 11-minute period. Normally, it would take several days, not minutes, before the Chicken Pox virus incubates.

4. Also, Jonathan, Charlotte's assistant until he stolen her New York job from her, is once again Charlotte's assistant.

5. It's also revealed that in addition to gourmet chef, antique lamp maker, and commercial jet pilot, Lucy Carmichael (Susie's mom) also does heart-lung transplants as well.

70 (97-05A) [N67A] [KC70A] [RTS602A] -- Radio Daze

Original Air Date: August 30, 1997 at 8PM ET

Writers: Jon Cooksey, Ali Marie Matheson

Director: John Holmquist

While listening to an old radio show with Grandpa, The Masked Detective, Tommy plays the detective and help solve a mystery of "The Malties Woodchuck", where Angelica wants to take the "Malties" (choclolate-coated malt balls) that are hidden inside a hollowed-out woodchuck (which is placed inside a locked drawer) and eat all of them herself. The Rugrats play-act the case in a film-noir fashion, while the actual radio show is played in the background. In the actual radio show, The Masked Detective looks for Madame Evil, who has stolen rocket pellets from a scientist.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Grandpa announces that The Masked Detective is returning to radio:)

Grandpa: Stu! Didi! Great news! They're bringing back The Masked Detective!

Stu: Great! Where was he?

2. (Didi declines Grandpa's offer to join him in listening:)

That sound's exciting, but I got to repot some dirt... I mean, some flowers. -- Didi

3. (Each Rugrat gets one Maltie:)

Just one? I eat more chocolate than this for breakfast! -- Angelica

4. (Tommy/Detective places the "Malties Woodchuck" into a safe, which is hidden behind a picture of a long-haired Didi:)

Is there room for me in there? -- Chuckie

5. (Angelica wants the woodchuck, which has the Malties hidden inside:)

Angelica: So, the Malties are hidden inside the woodchuck. Give them to me!

Tommy: Over my dead potty!

6. (In the adventure, Tommy falls in love with Lil:)

So I don't think too well when it comes to girls, but call me a sucker for a pink bow. -- Tommy

7. (After being tossed out the back of the bar, Tommy wakes up and walks away:)

I got up, but my legs feel like Jello; the red kind, not the green kind with bananas that I like. -- Tommy

8. (Angelica finds that the woodchuck is not in the safe:)

Angelica: Where's that woodchuck?

Tommy: Chucking wood?

9. (Lil jumps onto Tommy's side and help capture Angelica/Madame Evil:)

Lil: He looks so cute sleeping like a baby.

Angelica: He is a baby!


1. Here's what the Rugrats characters played in the mystery:
Character: What He/She Played:
Tommy The Masked Detective (a.k.a. "The Masked Defective")
Grandpa Professor Oldenheimer (a.k.a. "Professor Oldy-Timer")
Chuckie The Masked Detective's sidekick
Angelica Madame Evil
Phil Mobster hired by Angelica/Madam Evil
Lil Same as above, but ended up befriending Tommy
Didi Woman with long, red hair in a picture that hides the safe

2. Closed-Captioning Error: On the radio, "The Masked Detective" describe the action, but halfway into the description, his voice is changed into Tommy's, who's play-acting the detective. However, Tommy's role was credited to Chuckie instead.

(97-05B) [N67B] [KC70B] [RTS602B] -- Psycho Angelica

Original Air Date:August 30, 1997, after "Radio Daze"

Writers: Jon Cooksey, Ali Marie Matheson

Director: Celia Kendrick

Angelica's a psycho, but we all love her anyway. Seriously, Angelica becomes the Rugrats' "Psychic Friend" by predicting the future. But her antics, demands for payment in toys & cookies and outlandish predictions make her their "Psychic Fiend" instead. Meanwhile, the adults watch Stu's knee surgery on video, while eating pizza.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Tommy & Chuckie eat animal crackers:)

Tommy: That's the fun of it, Chuckie; you never know what you're going to get until you get it.

Chuckie: It's not fun for me!

2. (Tommy eats bellybutton lint:)

Tommy: Are you sure it's alright to eat this?

Lil: It's all-natural.

Tommy (after eating it): I want my bottle.

3. (Stu brings Tommy a bottle:)

Here you go, champ. Hydrate in good health. -- Stu

4. (Chuckie is convinced of Angelica's psychic abilities:)

Chuckie: That's amazing!

Tommy (referring to his bottle): Nope; it's apple.

5. (Angelica "advertizes" her psychic abilities to the Rugrats:)

I can predict the future. I'm a psycho! -- Angelica

6. (Betty and Howard come in to see Stu's video and enjoy pizza:)

Didi: Come on in, guys. We're about to watch a video of Stu's knee surgery.

Betty: I bet you've got some slices of that pizza left, Deeders, so I bought my own topping. (holds large bag of garlic)

Howard: (in a low, sad tone) And I baked some cookies.


1. Regarding Angelica's "psychic abilities": she sees something happening now (for example, the pizza van coming in to deliver the Pickles' pizza), then reports it to the Rugrats as something that'll happen in the future. This trickery was used before to test Chuckie's X-ray vision in Superhero Chuckie.

2. Animation Error: Shortly after Tommy got his bottle and when he was talking to Chuckie (see quote #4), Tommy had 4 toes on his foot, instead of 5.

3. At the end of this episode, "In Loving Memory of Andy Houts" was displayed. Mr. Houts, who died on February 26, 1997,  was a long-time member of the Rugrats behind-the-scenes staff; he was the Production Coordinator for most of the "original 65"; he also did voices in Spike The Wonder Dog (Oodles), Game Show Didi (various, including Wuggles), and Party Animals (Didi's cousin, Bucky). He also written Game Show Didi and Angelica's Birthday. Ironically, he died on the same date as David Doyle, the voice of Grandpa (who won't be memorialised until Lady Luck). He will be missed.

(Source: Screen Actor's Guild)

4. Historical Footnote: At 10PM ET, 90 minutes after this episode has first aired in the eastern US, Princess Diana was pronounced dead from injuries sustained in an automobile accident in a Paris tunnel. On the day of her funeral on 9/6/1997, Nick has showed this episode on Saturday morning in its normal time slot, 10AM ET (at the time), keeping in mind that that episode was placed in the schedule at least a couple of weeks before the accident. Originally, a Rugrats marathon was scheduled for that date, with this episode scheduled for 10AM, but the marathon was rescheduled for 9/13/1997, due to the funeral. Instead, they showed regularly-scheduled programming, with the 10AM Rugrats marathon episode becoming just a regular Rugrats episode at 10AM.

71 (97-06A) [N68A] [KC71A] [RTS603A] -- America's Wackiest Home Movies

Original Air Date: September 6, 1997

Writers: Vinny Montello, Steve Ochs

Director: Rick Bugental

Bored with the videos presented on the TV show, Stu & Drew compete with each other in making funny home videos with their kids, so they can win a $10,000 prize. However, their efforts are much more funnier than what the kids did. While they're away taping, Didi and the rest of the grown-ups get ready for Stu's surprise birthday party.


1. The theme for America's Wackiest Home Movies, played in the background while the host closes the show, sounds very similar to "The Funny Things You Do", which is the theme song to ABC's weekly America's Funniest Home Videos (which this episode takes after). The host also looks similar to Bob Saget, who was host of America's Funniest Home Videos from 1988 to 1997. America's Funniest Home Videos ran on ABC until 1999.

2. During Stu's surprise party, note that Randy Carmichael had no mustache.

3. In another animation mistake, before the guests yelled "Surprise!" as Stu walked in, Angelica wore her skating outfit. When they yelled "Surprise!", she was in her normal clothes. A few seconds later, she was back in her skating outfit.

4. This episode is also the second half of the Rugrats' Father's Day special; Regarding Stuie is the first half.

(97-06B) [N68B] [KC71B] [RTS603B] -- The 'Lympics

Original Air Date: September 6, 1997, after America's Wackiest Home Movies

Writer: David Maples

Director: Jim Duffy

Angelica's babies and Timmy McNulty's brothers compete in various athletic activities for the grand prize -- each other's gold medals.


1. 4 1/2 year old Timmy McNulty and his 3 baby brothers (The one in the yellow shirt & diapers is Ty (voiced by E.G. Daily; mentioned only in closing credits), the other 2 are later revealed as Teddy & Terry) are introduced in this episode.

2. When revealing her age, Angelica said she was "4, almost". Didn't she turn 4 on her Birthday?

72 (97-07A) [N69A] [KC72A] [RTS604A] -- The Carwash

Alternate Title: "Carwash Monster" (used in Nick's episode guide)

Writers: Vinny Montello, Steve Ochs

Director: Celia Kendrick

Original Air Date: September 13, 1997

The Rugrats ride along inside Chazz's minivan at a carwash with the windows open. But the Rugrats face the danger of being squirted with a powerful spray of water, something Angelica wants them to experience. Meanwhile, Chazz feverishly tries to get the kids out of the car wash, while Stu takes a tour with the car wash's inventor.

(97-07B) [N69B] [KC72B] [RTS604B] -- Heatwave

Original Air Date: September 13, 1997 after The Carwash

Writer: David Maples

Director: John Holmquist

Trying to fight their thirst on a hot day, the Rugrats get a drink from a drinking fountain, only to get their relief thwarted when Grandpa broke a water main after a couple of workers leave for a "mid-morning pre-lunch break" (to get away from Grandpa's boring storytelling). However, with the help of Sabu, they manage to find relief before the most brutal time of the day, "The Time of No Shadows" (noon).


In this episode, we see Tommy not only wearing his standard diapers and blue shirt, we also see him wearing shoes and socks as well. Apart from formal affairs (...Baby In My Soup & Let Them Eat Cake), this is the first time that we do not see him barefooted. Kind of makes sense, as the sidewalks and basketball courts can be pretty hot during the day.

73 (97-08A) [N71A] [KC73A] [RTS606A] -- Faire Play

Original Air Date: September 20, 1997

Writers: Vinny Montello, Steve Ochs

Director: John Holmquist
Click here for full transcript.

The Rugrats and the Pickles go to a medieval fair, where Didi, Stu and Grandpa will be helping out. While Didi makes stained-glass windows, Stu and Grandpa operate a mechanical dragon that Stu invented. However, thanks to the mechanical dragon's numerous glitches, it ended up making an "Ye Olde Mess" out of the entire fair. However, there's one thing that can help defeat the dragon... Reptar. And its all based on the Rugrats' wishes.

(97-08B) [N71B] [KC73B] [RTS606B] -- The Smell of Success

Original Air Date: September 20, 1997, after Faire Play

Writers: Jon Cooksey, Ali Marie Matheson

Director: Celia Kendrick
Click here for full transcript.

After trying countless remedies to cure Chuckie's stuffed-up nose without any success, Chazz took him to Dr. Brander, where she cured Chuckie's congestion with "The Noserator". Afterwards, Chuckie can smell anything and everything. However, success has its price.


1. This episode is loosely based on Daniel Keyes' book, Flowers For Algernon, where a retarded man, Charly, undergoes a scientific experiment to make him even more smarter than an average person, after seeing a similar experiment done on a mouse, which Charly later names "Algernon". However, the super-genious effects was only temporary, leading to the death of Algernon (unlike this Rugrats episode, where the mouse, Cheddar, became all stuffed up again, yet lived). Flowers For Algernon was later made into a 1968 film, Charly, starring Cliff Robertson in the title role (which he won an Oscar for Best Actor).

(Special thanks to Chris Painter)

2. The part of Dr. Brander was played by Laura Innes, who can be seen on NBC's medical drama series, ER.

3. In a scene at the park's sandbox, Chuckie removes one of his shoes and socks to smell their insides. However, notice that his shoe and sock both came off at once.

4. These episodes were originally scheduled for October 4, 1997.

74 (97-09A) [N77A] [KC74A] [RTS612A] -- Dust Bunnies

Original Air Date: September 27, 1997

Writer: Kat Likkel

Director: John Holmquist
Click here for full transcript.

The Pickles do the annual, thankless chore of house cleaning. However, Tommy & Chuckie ended up doing battle with the elusive "Dust Bunny", which are actually large piles of dust lying around. Thanks to Angelica, Tommy & Chuckie actually believe that these dust piles are "Dust Bunnies". Meanwhile, Didi cleans house while Stu, after finding the things he lost, goofs off.


1. Dusty Andrews subbed for Bob Mothersbaugh for the music in this episode and in Educating Angelica.

2. This episode featured a special 3-D segment and was part of a special week of 3-D programming called "Nogglevision", sponsored by Nick and Kraft Foods. This special event introduced, for the first time, "Chroma-DepthTM" (by Chromatek), the only technology compatible for print, TV and online. Also, if you don't have "Noggle-Goggles", the picture will appear as a normal picture (it won't be blurry like other 3-D processes).
(97-09B) [N77B] [KC74B] [RTS612B] -- Educating Angelica

Original Air Date: September 27, 1997, after Dust Bunnies

Writer: Tom Szlossi (based on Szlossi & David Maples' story)

Director: Celia Kendrick
Click here for full transcript.

Angelica starts pre-school at The Woodbury School. Her teacher, Miss Appleby, encourages sharing, but after seeing some of the kids abusing their toys, Angelica decides to share Tommy with the class, instead of her most-prized possession, Cynthia. Tommy, though, turned out to be a hit with the class. Meanwhile, Charlotte is not setting a good example about sharing when she and Appleby fight over a gorilla that Charlotte's hiring to be the mascot for the corporation.


In this episode, Angelica starts pre-school. However, in Angelica The Magnificent, she mentioned: "Wait till I show this to the kids at pre-school!", referring to her magic wand. With this in mind, this is not the first time she went to pre-school.

75 (97-10A) [N70A] [KC75A] [RTS605A] -- Angelica's Last Stand

Original Air Date: October 4, 1997 (originally scheduled for September 20, 1997)

Writers: Vinny Montello, Steve Ochs

Director: Rick Bugental
Click here for full transcript.

After suffering from the hard work of making and selling lemonade all by herself, Angelica drafts the Rugrats into selling it by telling them that it was fun. But when they wanted some of the dimes that she earned, she refused to pay them by telling a story that Spike ate all her family's money (he was chewing on a chew toy) and her father was forced to go digging for pennies (actually, Drew was digging for weeds). When Susie came by and told the truth to the Rugrats, she had the Rugrats start a picket line, demanding all the dimes she earned.

(97-10B) [N70B] [KC75B] [RTS605B] -- Clan of the Duck

Original Air Date: October 4, 1997, after Angelica's Last Stand (originally scheduled for September 20, 1997)

Writers: Jon Cooksey, Ali Marie Matheson

Director: Jim Duffy
Click here for full transcript.

Suffering from the heat and after noticing that Betty is wearing pants (traditionally reserved for boys), Chuckie & Phil decide to cross-dress in Lil's dresses. Dresses have their advantages; it's cooler, it's easier to go to the bathroom, they make great parachutes, and they make greater pajamas. However, when they arrived at the International Food Faire, chaos strikes when 2 boys befriended them, but they thought Chuckie & Phil were actually girls (to cover themselves, Phil called himself "Philian" and Chuckie "Chuquita"). The secret was brought into the open when the boys noticed that Chuckie & Phil were wearing underwear (Phil was wearing diapers), leading to a chase through the park. However, Chuckie & Phil were saved by a group of Scottish boys wearing kilts; since Chuckie & Phil were wearing dresses with ducks on them, the Scots called them "The Clan Of The Duck" (since they thought the dresses were kilts).


1. Near the beginning, Phil gets water from the hose by biting through it. When told to hurry, Phil said "Calm down, you guys; I only got 3 teeth." However, Phil had 8 teeth (4 on top & 4 on bottom).

2. Shortly after Chuckie & Phil started wearing dresses, Chuckie stood over an air vent, where his dress fluttered up. That scene was taken from a more-popular scene featuring Marilyn Monroe in the classic 1959 film Some Like It Hot.

3. When Chuckie & Phil entered Phil & Lil's bedroom, notice that they had beds instead of cribs (like in The Unfair Pair).

4. Phil & Lil's bed covers, their jumpers, their pajamas (like in Visitors From Outer Space, Party Animals & The Unfair Pair) and Lil's dresses have one thing in common: they each have at least one picture of a duck.

5. In this episode, Lil went to the Food Faire with Betty, while Phil stayed home with Howard & Chuckie until later. Here, when Phil & Lil are apart, neither of them protest whatsoever. However, in Together At Last, both Phil & Lil cried when Lil went with Betty and Phil stayed with Tommy, eventually leading to Phil & Lil escaping to find each other.

76 (97-11A) [N73A] [KC76A] [RTS608A] -- Potty Training Spike

Original Air Date: October 11, 1997

Writer: David Maples (based on Jon Cooksey & Ali Marie Matheson's story)

Director: Celia Kendrick
Click here for full transcript.

After using the potty trainer a while, Chazz decides to graduate Chuckie to the toilet, using the Big Boy Potty Training Seat. But after noticing that Spike is using the tree to "do his business", Chuckie decides to follow suit, but Didi insisted that Chuckie uses the toilet. At this point, Tommy thought the rules have changed regarding the use of the tree as a "rest area". Therefore, the Rugrats decide to teach Spike to "relieve himself" the way humans do, first by using a diaper on Spike, then by having him use a toilet. As for Chuckie, he's afraid to go himself while everyone else is looking at him.


1. Uncle Bill & Aunt Harriet, Phil & Lil's aunt & uncle, were mentioned in this episode. We never seen them, but when trying to teach toilet manners to Spike, Tommy & Chuckie decided to play dads, while Phil & Lil decided to play-act their aunt (Lil) and uncle (Phil).

2. In case you didn't know, Chuckie started his potty-training in Chuckie vs. The Potty.

(97-11B) [N73B] [KC76B] [RTS608B] -- The Art Fair

Original Air Date: October 11, 1997, after Potty Training Spike

Writers: Vinny Montello, Steve Ochs

Director: John Holmquist
Click here for full transcript.

After Angelica leaves the room after finishing her painting, the Rugrats come in and do finger-painting on it. After Angelica noticed what they did, she chased them around the room in a fit of anger, splattering paint all over the place. When Charlotte noticed this, she called it a work of art, and hired her to redecorate Chazz's den. The moment came when Charlotte entered Angelica into an art contest. But will the judge and the public know her "secret"?

77 (97-12A) [N74A] [KC77A] [RTS609A] -- Send In The Clouds

Original Air Date: October 18, 1997

Tommy's wish for his house to be among the clouds comes true when the fog rolls in. However, it ended up to be a mistake when Didi wants to go jogging and Stu wants to go to the hardware store. At that point, the Rugrats try all they can to keep Stu & Didi from falling out of the house.

(97-12A) [N74A] [KC77B] [RTS609B] --  In The Naval

Alternate Title: "In The Navel" (used in Nick's & YTV's episode guides)

Original Air Date: October 18, 1997, after Send In The Clouds
Click here for full transcript.

The Rugrats and the Pickles men go on a fishing boat. When the small bait pool didn't provide enough action for Angelica and her doll, Water Sport Cynthia, she decides to tow her on the back of the boat. This was fun -- until a swordfish ate Cynthia. Inspired of Grandpa's days in the Navy Seals, Tommy and his team of "Wavy Seals" step in to get Cynthia back.

78 (97-13) [N72] [KC78] [RTS607] -- The Turkey Who Came To Dinner

Original Street Date: October 21, 1997

World TV Premiere Date: November 16, 1997 at 5:30PM Sydney time on Nickelodeon in Australia

US TV Premiere Date: November 10, 1998 at 8PM ET

Suggested Retail Price: $12.95

Writer: Mark Palmer (Based on a story by Lane Raichert, J. David Stem & David Weiss, wiith additional material by David Maples)

Directors: Rick Bugental, Jim Duffy

The Pickles and their friends spend the day making dinner and watching parades and football on TV. However, their plans ran amok when no one bought a turkey for dinner, so the ladies went to the store to get one, only to leave with turkey alternatives, like turkey hot dogs, and they ruined that, too. Meanwhile, the guys set up multiple satellite dishes so they can watch an array of football games, but their fun broke down when they all argue on what game they should concentrate on, with Chazz voting for the non-traditional nature documentaries. Also, Angelica and the Rugrats put on a parade, only that the adults were either cooking or watching the games. All of them placed a blame on a live turkey Grandpa won in a canasta game. What Angelica really wants is to see that turkey get cooked for Thanksgiving, something the Rugrats don't want, even though it "caused" so much trouble.


1. This is a 30-minute episode.

2. This episode was originally released direct-to-video on A Rugrats Thanksgiving.

3. In this episode, the guys put up several satellite dishes to watch the games. This makes sense, but what happened to the big satellite dish that always graced the roof of Stu & Didi's house? It's not there in this episode.

4. And on US Thanksgiving, there's traditionally only 2 NFL games scheduled, one on one station after the other on another station (in the US, Fox & CBS have broadcast rights). On Canadian Thanksgiving, there's usually only 2 CFL games scheduled, both on CBC. The only time that multiple dishes may be needed would be around New Year's, when the college bowl games are usually held.

5. Also, note the Reptar Cereal. The cereal bits are round with mouths painted on (like in Incident In Aisle 7), not shaped like Reptar (like in Reptar On Ice). Also, the box has the word "New" on it, though the cereal has been around before, especially in the classic episodes.

6. On its US TV premiere on Nick, on 11/10/1998, this episode was the highest-rated Rugrats episode ever, with 3.7 million people watching. This episode also beaten the competition on the over-the-air networks for the 2-to-11 age group.

7. Also, on the video, the first promo for The Rugrats Movie was seen before this episode. This promo, consisting only of clips from the TV series, was for a film that did not see release until 11/20/1998; more than a year after this video's street date.

79 (97-14A) [N75A] [KC79A] [RTS610A] -- The Mattress

Original Air Date: November 1, 1997

Grandpa is suffering from aches and pains all over his body. The cause of all his suffering -- his mattress, which he was sleeping on since World War II; he was sleeping in it for so long, he has left his body-shaped indentation on the mattress. Stu forces Grandpa to give it up by throwing the old mattress into the trash and buy a state-of-the-art bed in its place. While Stu throws the mattress away, the Rugrats look on, thinking that it was the monster that caused Grandpa to writhe in pain so much.


1. This episode includes a flashback to Grandpa's days back as a soldier in WWII. He got out of the war by tripping over a duffel bag. He was sent back to the states to rest while the army cook takes his place in combat.

2. Also in this episode, the Rugrats feed the matress to the local garbage truck, "Hubert". We first saw Hubert in the Feeding Hubert episode.

(97-14B) [N75B] [KC79B] [RTS610B] -- Looking For Jack

Original Air Date: November 1, 1997, after The Mattress
Click here for full transcript.

On the way to a "Dummi Bears" concert, Charlotte's minivan gets a flat tire after running over a bunch of broken bottles of olive oil. She looks for a jack, but the minivan wasn't equipped with one, sho she calls her mechanic, without success. Meanwhile, the Rugrats try to look for a "Jack" for her, but ended up inside an Italian restaurant. They found a "Jack", but this "Jack"'s an Italian restauranteur with an interest in the "Dummi-Bears".


Jack the gangster is played by Joe Mantegna, a character actor whose specialty is gangsters and mafia-types. Most notable is his role as Pippi De Lena in Mario Puzo's miniseries, The Last Don & The Last Don II (CBS, 1997 & 1998, respectively), as Joey Zaza in the motion picture The Godfather, Part III (1990) and, in animation circles, as the voice of  Fat Tony on 5 episodes of The Simpsons.

80 (97-15A) [N78A] [KC80A] [RTS613A] -- Ransom of Cynthia

Original Air Date: November 8, 1997

Angelica fakes Cynthia's kidnapping so she could have the Rugrats' candy.

(97-15B) [N78B] [KC80B] [RTS613B] -- Turtle Recall

Original Air Date: November 8, 1997, after Ransom of Cynthia
Click here for full transcript.

The Rugrats attempt to rescue a pet-store turtle and return it to its lost "father" -- a water fountain.

81 (97-16A) [N79A] [KC81A] -- Angelica Orders Out

Original Air Date: November 15, 1997

Stu invents the "Pickles Voice Frequency Modulator 5000", a microphone that distorts voices. However, Angelica's distorted voice sounds exactly like Charlotte's. While the Stu, Didi & Chazz are away at a whicker seminar, and Grandpa's at home babysitting, Angelica takes Carte Blanche (pun intended) advantage of the mike, and the phone's speed-dial function, by placing orders for sweets from Zippy's Deli, and by tricking the other grownups in believing that a surprise birthday party for Angelica is being organised.


Larry, the clumsy teenager with the odd-jobs who usually pals around with Steve, appears in this episode as a worker for Zippy's Deli. The last time we saw him was when he's an usher in Let Them Eat Cake.

(97-16B) [N79B] [KC81B] -- Let It Snow

Original Air Date: November 15, 1997, after Angelica Orders Out

At Grandpa's insistance, The Pickles take their annual Christmas picture in August, but since it's so far in advance, the Rugrats thought that Santa forgot the snow. They do everything to get him to stop for presents.

82 (97-17A) [N80A] [KC82A] -- Angelica Nose Best

Original Air Date: November 22, 1997

The Rugrats listen to the story of Pinocchio on tape. Later, during the day, Angelica destroyed Didi's jigsaw puzzle (she was working on it before Tommy was born) and ate all of Grandpa's candy bars (he's selling them for his Wombat lodge), pinning the crimes on Spike & Fluffy, respectively. That night, while she's sleeping, a mosquito bites Angelica in the most strategic of places, the nose. The next day, after she breaks Charlotte's very expensive vase, she places the blame on the Rugrats. Because of the bug bite, the Rugrats tell her that it's growing because she's lying, but she won't believe them. When she tells them that she has trouble telling the truth, the Rugrats help her tell the truth.

(97-17B) [N80B] [KC82B] -- Pirate Light

Original Air Date: November 22, 1997, after Angelica Nose Best

After the pilot light went out in the water heater, Stu calls a repairman over to fix it. However, the repairman ended up doing battle with the Rugrats when they think that he's a pirate trying to steal the "pirate light" and the treasure.


The repairman was voiced by Andrew Dice Clay. Yes, he's the same one who, in the late-1980s, told jokes that practically offended every human being; it's his antics that got him banned for life from Saturday Night Live and MTV. As for MTV, apparently, the ban only covers the channel, not the entire MTV Networks group, of which Nick is part of.

As a matter of fact, in this episode, Clay, as the repairman, made light of his banishments when he said, "I hope I don't get banned from this house."

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