Animals and Pets


Sex: Male

Description: Tan fur; brown spots

First Appearance: Tommy Pickles And The Great White Thing

First Television Appearance: Tommy's First Birthday

Spike is the Pickles' family pet, and Tommy's best friend. In Bow Wow Wedding Vows, he became Fifi's husband (see below) and a father, as he sired a litter of puppies.

Ten years from "now": He'll still be around, though he'll be about 90 years old in dog years ("13 to you and me"); he'll also be much fatter than before.

(Left: Picture from A Baby's Got To Grow!, written by Sara Willson & illustrated by Peter Panas, © 1997 by Viacom.)

(Right: Picture of the older Spike, from, © 2001 by Viacom.)


Sex: Female

Description: White fur; purple skin; blue studded collar

First Appearance: Rugrats In Paris

First TV Appearance: Finsterella (US); Angelicon (Canada)

Fifi is Spike's poodle girlfriend and the Finsters' family pet, who they brought over from Paris, where she and Spike had their first date. Later, they both got married in the Bow Wow Wedding Vows episode, when she also gave birth to a litter of puppies.

(Left: Fifi, from Klasky-Csupo's Cooltoons site; ©2000 by Viacom.)

Spiffy and Puppy / Sparky / Pepper


Spiffy: Male; light purple, dark purple ears, brown nose, light brown clump of hair on head, white paws.

Puppy / Sparky / Pepper: Female; red hair; white, floppy ears, a "black eye", and brown fur everywhere else.

First Appearance: A Tale Of Two Puppies (they were indistinguisable from each other in Bow Wow Wedding Vows)

Spiffy and Puppy / Sparky / Pepper are both the last two puppies that the Finsters were giving away, after Spike and Fifi created a litter of them in Bow Wow Wedding Vows. Spiffy is the brave one, while Puppy is timid and scared, just like Chuckie.

Eventually, Spiffy ended up living with his dad, Spike, at Tommy & Dil's house, while Puppy / Sparly / Pepper stayed at the Finsters to live with his mom, Fifi.


Puppy was renamed "Sparky" in the episode Mutts In A Name. But in the US, when that episode debuted on Nick US on 11/22/2002, viewers have chosen "Pepper" as Puppy's new name.

(Top Left: Spiffy. Bottom Left: "Puppy", later to be called "Sparky" ("Pepper" in the US), from a scene in A Tale Of Two Puppies. Both from the Cooltoons Newsletter; © 2002 Viacom.)


Sex: Unknown (probably female)

Description: White fur; ears tied in the same fashion as Angelica's hair

First Appearance: Touchdown Tommy

Fluffy is Angelica's pet cat, who can be just as mean and defiant as Angelica.

(Picture from A Baby's Got To Grow!, written by
Sara Willson & illustrated by Peter
Panas, © 1997 by Viacom.)

Description: Green, scaly skin; horns on back; sharp teeth; large tail.

First Appearance: At The Movies

Voiced By: various voices, including  Mark Mothersbaugh as the voice of Reptar in Incident In Aisle 7, Danny Mann (Reptar's Revenge) and John Schuck (Reptar On Ice) as Leo, the guy in the Reptar suit, Christine Cavanaugh as a talking toy Reptar at the start of Angelica's Worst Nightmare, and Busta Rhymes as the Reptar Wagon in The Rugrats Movie.

Reptar, a star of various pictures and (probably) a TV series, is a Godzilla-like dinosaur, who was teleported to Earth by teleportation beams devised by scientists (according to Reptar 2010). He is also Tommy's favorite character.

The Dummi Bears

Description: Plush-like teddy bears, usually in pastel colors with designs on their chests.

First Appearance: At The Movies

Voiced By: various, including Michael Bell and Tami Pfieffer in At The Movies, and Christine Cavanaugh and Tress MacNeille in King Ten Pin.

The Dummi Bears, similar to "Care Bears", are sickingly-sweet animated characters.


Here are the complete lyrics to their theme song (used in King Ten Pin):

Sing a happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy song...

(Repeat until nauseous)

Here's the first version of the song, used in Grandpa's Date:

Sing a happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy song,

When you're happy, happy, happy, happy... (rest of song not given)


Sex: Unknown

Description: Stuffed, tattered, purple teddy bear with 2 different buttons for eyes.

First Appearance: Rugrats In Paris

Wawa is Chuckie's beloved teddy bear, which reminds him of his late mother, Melinda.

(Left: Wawa, from the Rugrats In Paris CD-Rom; ©2000 Viacom.)


Sex: Unknown

Description: Stuffed; green head; red cape; button eyes; flippers for arms

First Appearance: Angelicon

Superthing, which resembles some sort of superhero turtle, is Kimi's favorite toy. It is usually part of the adventures that Kimi participates in.

(Left: Superthing, from The Asian Rugrat; © 2001 Viacom.)

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