Episodes for 1993

This section list the final 26 episodes of Rugrats' original run.

40 (93-01A) [N40A] [KC40A] [RTS401A] -- Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster

Writer: Rachel Lipman

Director: Jim Duffy

Paul Gatsby, the creator of the "Dummi Bears", is having dinner with the Carmichaels; Susie thinks that every time Randy and Paul get together, Paul buys the Carmichaels a new house, and the family ends up moving. So, Susie and the other Rugrats make up a plan to make the producer suffer; however, the barging neighbors were already doing such a good job at destroying a dinner.

Famous Quotes:

1. (After the Rugrats decided on ruining the dinner, based on Angelica's plan to misbehave:)

Chuckie: I smell trouble.

Phil & Lil (looking at, and pulling up, their pants): Where?

2. (At the dinner, Angelica (in a "Dummi Bear" costume) comments to Paul about the show:)

My daddy says that your show is the biggest gravy-train in town. -- Angelica


1. Here's a chart explaining what the Rugrats' parents were doing at the dinner:
Parent(s) What They Did
Stu Hid in the bushes (he was afraid to talk)
Drew Pitching to Paul about the merchandising potential for "Dummi Bears"; had Angelica wear a "Dummi Bear" costume
Chazz Expressing his emotional feelings about certain "Dummi Bears" episodes to Paul
Betty and Howard Dressed in "Dummi Bears" sweats; both of them (and Phil & Lil) wearing "Dummi Bears" ears; Betty did impressions of the Dummi Bears and sung the "Dummi Bears" theme

2. The character of Paul Gatsby is based on Paul Germain, co-creator of Rugrats.
Left: Paul Germain, from an 8/16/1998 article on Rugrats in the Los Angeles Times; ©1998 Los Angeles Times. Special thanks to Matt Hawthorne.

(93-01B) [N40B] [KC40B] [RTS401B] -- Twins Pique

Alternate Title: "Phil & Lil -- Double Trouble" (used in the title card of this episode on the British version of the video of the same name)

Writer: Paul Germain

Director: Norton Virgien

After suffering from an identity crisis (their parents keep mixing them up), Phil wants to be just like Chuckie; Lil wants to be just like Angelica. Soon, Chuckie and Angelica began acting less like themselves, now that Phil and Lil has taken over their personalities.

Famous Quote:

(When Phil & Lil appeared looking like their idols, Chuckie and Angelica, Angelica made a comment to Lil about Lil's appearance. Trying to act like Angelica, Lil got tough:)

Back off, Pigtails! -- Lil (to Angelica)

41 (93-02A) [N41A] [KC41A] [RTS402A] -- Chuckie's First Haircut

World TV Premiere Date: 10/3/1993 on Nick

Writers: Peter Gaffney, Jonathan Greenberg (based on R.E. Daniels' idea)

Director: Howard E. Baker

Chazz helps get Chuckie over his fear of haircuts.

(93-02B) [N41B] [KC41B] [RTS402B] -- Cool Hand Angelica

World TV Premiere Date: 10/3/1993 after Chuckie's First Haircut on Nick

Writer: Peter Gaffney (?)

Director: Jim Duffy

Angelica and Susie go to day camp, but Angelica rather do things SHE likes.


1. The barber in Chuckie's First Haircut and the camp counselor in Cool Hand Angelica is played by Henry Gibson, a former regular on the legendary 60's TV show, Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In.

2. Near the start of this episode, before Drew & Charlotte sent Angelica to day camp, Charlotte had her hair in curlers. At the end of the episode, her hair is, once again, straight and in a ponytail, as per usual. Since this is a day camp that lasts only 4 hours (plus transportation time), how can Charlotte curl her hair then straighten it a short time later?

42 (93-03A) [N42A] [KC42A] [RTS403A] -- The Tricycle Thief

Writer: Glenn Eichler

Director: Norton Virgien

Susie thinks Angelica has stolen her new tricycle; the Rugrats weigh options on whether Angelica did it or not.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Chuckie returns from the dentist:)

Lil: Where did you get that balloon?

Chuckie: After what they did to your teeth, it's the least they can do.

2. (The Rugrats panic:)

Phil: Call the police!

Lil: Call the army!

Chuckie: Call me when it's over!

3. (After Angelica has "stolen" Susie's trike, the other Rugrats start to bring revenge to Angelica:)

Lil: Make her pay through the nose!

Chuckie: I put a penny in my nose once.

4. (Susie finds incriminating evidence against Angelica:)

That was the final nail in the coffee! -- Susie

5. (Tommy makes a little comment about the theft:)

Tommy: It's like taking candy from a baby!

Chuckie: Tommy! Where do you get scary thoughts like that?


Closed-Captioning error: In the flashback where Chuckie described what happened, Angelica was laughing & riding the trike while Susie was crying. However, the caption said "[Susie cackling]".

(93-03B) [N42B] [KC42B] [RTS403B] -- Rhinoceritis!

Writer: Doria Biddle

Director: Jim Duffy

Playing doctor (not THAT kind of playing doctor) with her "Binks McGill" doctor kit (based on the TV show), Angelica diagnoses Chuckie with the entirely ficticious "Rhinoceritis", in which Chuckie will turn into a rhino. The signs of "Rhinoceritis" includes a bump on a head (where "a horn is growing in"), scaly skin (actually, scabs), and ornery behavior. Meanwhile, Drew helps Stu and Didi with their income tax, with some sound advice for those who don't file properly.

Famous Quotes:

1. (While organizing papers to be used to file Stu & Didi's return, Drew finds some odd "receipts":)

Drew: We got shopping lists, candy wrappers, and what appears to be a moldy bag of fries.

Stu: I always keep track of what I buy.

Drew: That's nice. But why didn't you just (yelling) save the receipts?

2. (Drew gives the "bad news" to Stu:)

Drew: Your taxes come to $320.

Stu: $320? How can it be?

Drew: Oops; forgot the decimal point. That actually comes to $32,000.

Stu (shouts): $32,000? (cries)

Drew: Don't worry, Stu. A smart kid like Tommy doesn't need to go to college.

3. (In the end, after finding out that this "Rhinoceritis" is nothing but a cruel joke, the Rugrats turn the table on Angelica by telling her that she's the one with Rhinoceritis. To help remedy this, Angelica eats grass:)

Drew: Angelica, why are you eating grass?

Angelica: Be careful, daddy; a rhinoceros is known to charge at random.

What to Look For:

There are several different ways "Rhinoceros" and "Rhinoceritis" are mentioned:
Rhinoceritis: Rhinoceros:
Rhinocerosis Rhinocelot
Rhinocicitis Rhinosaur
Rhinoplasty Rhinocernaut
(according to captions; pronounced "rhinobilus")

43 (93-04A) [N43A] [KC43A] [RTS404A] -- Grandpa Moves Out

World TV Premiere Date: 10/17/1993 on Nick

Writer: Jonathan Greenberg

Director: Howard E. Baker

After ruining dinner, making Tommy cry and Spike growl, Grandpa gets out of everyone's way by moving to a luxury retirement center (so it says in the commercial), which turns out to be your run-in-the-mill retirement home.

Famous Quote:

(After Grandpa was kicked out of the retirement center, because of Tommy & Angelica:)

Without you kids, life would be pretty boring, that's for sure. -- Grandpa


1. Roberto Mazatlan, the pitchman for the Flushing Waters retirement resort, is a "Ricardo Montalban" look-alike (he did NOT provide the voice). In this ad, he mentions that the chairs at this resort are made of "rich, Corinthian leather". In the late 1970's, Mr. Montalban was a pitchman for Chrysler, in which he mentions "rich, Corinthian leather" as one of the features of Chrysler's luxury automobiles (sorry, I don't know the make).

2. On Grandpa's tour of the retirement home, he mentions that they use a net to fish out of the creek instead of a pole, due to the expense of stocking the fish in the "creek" (actually, a fountain); they're supposed to throw them back after they're caught. However, when Angelica & Tommy were on the runaway electric wheelchair, Grandpa rescued them by snagging the wheelchair with a fishing rod (mounted on the wall with the nets). What's the use of having a rod when they can't be used for fishing?

3. "Out Of Curiosity" Dept.: Gasoline prices per gallon at Clam Oil (at end of episode): $1.299, $1.399, & $1.499 (I assume it's for regular (87 Octane), midgrade (89), and premium unleaded (92 to 94, depending on company), respectively).

(93-04B) [N43B] [KC43B] [RTS404B] -- The Legend of Satchmo

World TV Premiere Date: 10/17/1993 after Grandpa Moves Out on Nick

Writer: Matt Vitz (spelled in credits as "Uitz")

Director: Jim Duffy

The Rugrats, camping in the backyard, look for the Sasquatch ("Bigfoot"), which they call the "Satchmo". Stu, however, has second thoughts of letting the Rugrats sleep outside, after learning about camping the hard way in Manitoba the previous year.

Famous Quotes:

1. (After reading Henry David Thoreau to the Rugrats, Grandpa explains to them what he means:)

There's more to life than just sitting inside and watching cartoons. -- Grandpa

2. (Grandpa talks about the "Sasquatch" to the Rugrats:)

Some people call him "Bigfoot"; some call him "Sasquatch", the rest just call him "Sir". -- Grandpa

3. (While everyone is sleeping, Grandpa had a bad dream:)

Dust bowl, smush bowl; I ain't moving to Californy! -- Grandpa

4. (Stu checks up on the Rugrats, which receives the ire of Grandpa:)

If checking up on the kids is a crime these days, then I stand guilty as charged! Good night! -- Stu

5. (While the Rugrats are looking for the "Satchmo", Angelica scares them, then tries to play innocent to them:)

What are you trying to say? I'm only human! -- Angelica


1. The "Satchmo" is actually the nickname for the legendary trumpet player, Louis Armstrong. This fact was mentioned a couple of times in this segment.

2. Look at Chuckie's shirt while Grandpa is outside reading Thoreau; it's a red planet (normally yellow) with yellow rings (normally red).

3. While Grandpa and Stu are talking about Stu's fear that something may happen to the Rugrats, Grandpa mentions Stu's age: 35.

4. Regarding the end of quote #2, when Grandpa said "The rest just call him 'Sir'": that part came from Jim Croce's hit single, "Bad Bad Leroy Brown" (1973).

44 (93-05A) [N44A] [KC44A] [RTS405A] -- Circus Angelicus

Writer: Larry Doyle

Directors: Norton Virgien, Jeff McGrath

Intrigued by the neighborhood circus show, Angelica puts on a show of her own, with the Rugrats volunteering (actually, drafted).

Famous Quotes:

1. (Angelica explains what a circus is:)

It's just like a family; it's none for all and all for me. -- Angelica

2. (Angelica explains to Chuckie what juggling is:)

Juggling is like playing catch, only by yourself. -- Angelica


1. Larry Doyle is also a writer for Beavis & Butthead. Previously, he also written for National Lampoon magazine and the late 1980's version of Walt Kelly's Pogo (drawn by Neal Serensky(?)).

2. Note that the clown at the start of the episode looks like Chuckie.

(93-05B) [N44B] [KC44B] [RTS405B] -- The Stork

Writers: Deborah Raznick, Daniel Benton

Director: Jim Duffy

Angelica asks, "Where do babies come from?" Her parents originally planned to give her a well-thought-out answer, but ended up answering "the stork". After Angelica tells the Rugrats about this, Tommy finds his new "brother", "Milton", in the nest, as an unhatched egg. Angelica, however, wants it ("Miltonia", her new "sister"), to herself.

Famous Quotes:

1. (The Rugrats imagine what it's like living in an egg:)

I don't like living in an egg; small places make me uncomfortable. -- Chuckie

2. (A recipe tip for making omelets:)

Drew: You don't use Greek olives!

Stu: Why not?

Drew: Because they have pits in them!


1. Playing in the latest Ultra Bowl (game number unknown) on NBS-TV: Buffalo vs. Washington.

2. At the end of this episode, look carefully at the scene, after the baby bird was placed back into its nest, where 2 adult birds are in their nest, pecking each other's beaks, while a bee flys by. Get the symbolism?

45 (93-06A) [N45A] [KC45A] [RTS406A] -- The Baby Vanishes

Writer: Rachel Lipman

Director: Howard E. Baker

Thinking that vanishing cream can actually make a person vanish, Angelica uses it on Tommy and Chuckie, then on herself. Meanwhile, after noticing her desire for impunity afterwards, Drew tries to keep his cool (as suggested by Dr. Lipschitz in a "Childish Behavior" magazine quiz) while playing an extremely difficult game with Stu, Didi, & Chazz called "Neurosis".

Famous Quote:

(After Angelica made Chuckie & Tommy "invistable" with the "vanishing cream", they went off to get the pie for Angelica:)

This is too good; I can't watch! (Brief pause) Yes I can; heh, heh, heh! -- Angelica


1. At the start of the show, Angelica plays with her mother's cosmetics until being caught by Drew. He mentions that one of the cosmetics she abused, "Oil of Oleo", costs $95 an ounce. First of all, "Oil of Oleo" looks like "Oil of Olay", which you can buy for $7 for a 4-ounce bottle (my guess); even less if it's a store brand's version, which is usually just as good as the brand name. Second, "Oleo" is actually short for "oleomargarine"; most of us call it "margarine", a butter substitute used for cooking and spreads. I don't know if there are any cosmetic applications for "Oleo".

2. The "vanishing cream" Angelica uses on Chuckie, Tommy & herself is labeled "Mud", which is a blue-colored facial cream. In fact, there is (or was) a facial cream on the market called "Mudd".

3. In the opening credits, notice that the director's credits (for Howard E. Baker) are smaller in lettering size than the rest of the credits.

4. In the magazine quiz, there were 50 questions, all about spoiling your child and answered in a "yes" or "no" fashion. Questions include "Have you called the SWAT team recently to handle your child's behavior?" and "Has your child influenced your major purchasing decisions?". 10 "yes"'s were considered normal. Didi answered one "yes" (and was still concerned); Chazz answered 6 "yes"'s. For Drew, he answered 49 1/2 "yes"'s.

(93-06B) [N45B] [KC45B] [RTS406B] -- Farewell, My Friend

Writer: Samuel K. Williams

Director: Jim Duffy

After breaking his glasses on one of the Rugrats' "adventures" in Chazz's new greenhouse, Chuckie renounces his friendship with Tommy.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Chuckie asks Tommy why he wants to go into the greenhouse:)

Because it's there, Chuckie. -- Tommy

2. (Chuckie decides not to be friends with Tommy anymore, since he's tired of being railroaded into his adventures:)

If that's your idea of being friends, then I suggest you get a new idea! Or a new friend. -- Chuckie

3. (After Angelica suggested to Chuckie and Tommy that they should stop being friends:)

I wonder if what I did is a bad thing? (Brief pause) Naah! -- Angelica

4. (After Chuckie rescues Tommy from the "snake" (watering hose):)

Phil: Sometimes it takes an emergency to really know who your friends really are.

Lil: Would you rescue me if I was caught by a snake?

Phil: How big a snake?

46 (93-07A) [N46A]  [KC46A] [RTS407A] -- When Wishes Come True

Writer: Joe Ansolabehere (based on Samuel K. Williams' idea)

Director: Norton Virgien

After Angelica was bullying the Rugrats, Tommy wishes for someting so bad, he haven't thought of it yet. The following day, a glass statue of her (priced $469.57) arrived as a present for Charlotte's 1st anniversary of a leveraged buyout, but Tommy thinks that she actually turned into rock.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Tommy has finished building a work of art with blocks, only to be destroyed by Angelica, provoking Tommy to wish something bad for Angelica:)

Tommy: I call it "3 Babies and a Guitar".

Angelica: Do you know what I call it? (kicks blocks) A mess!

2. (Stu couldn't find his underwear, relying on Didi's help To herself:)

I love Stu, but sometimes he couldn't find his nose with his finger. -- Didi

3. (Phil & Lil think about what Angelica should've been:)

Lil: She should've turned into worms!

Phil: Or bat drool!

Phil & Lil: Or worms and bat drool!

4. (Grandpa wants to trim the hedges, where the Angelica statue was at the time:)

Read my clips! No new branches! -- Grandpa

(Based on former President's George Bush's famous campaign quote from 1988: "Read my lips! No new taxes!")

5. (After finding out that the Angelica statue is broken, Stu promises to fix it up:)

Stu: I'll have it fixed up faster than you can say "Hokey Pokey"!

Drew: Hokey pokey.

6. (The Angelica statue was fixed, but nowhere resembling the original, as it became a piece of abstract art:)

Stu: I call it "Angelica Descending A Staircase".

Drew: I call it a mess.

7. (At the end, there's a lesson Tommy learned:)

Be careful what you wish for; it might come true! -- Tommy

(93-07B) [N46B] [KC46B] [RTS407B] --  Angelica Breaks A Leg

Writer: Paul Germain (based on Lisa Latham's idea)

Director: Jim Duffy

While her parents are away on a rafting trip (where, even on the raging rapids, they still conduct business with their cellular phones), Angelica stays over with Didi and Stu. To get what she wants (especially attention), Angelica takes a cue from a soap opera and feigns a broken leg, which Dr.Hoagie Doozer believed she had (he swapped her X-ray with those of football player Antonio Peaches). When Stu installed a buzzer for her, she instantly becomes a tyrant, demanding just about anything and everything on demand at all hours, not giving Stu and Didi even a moment's peace.

Famous Quotes:

1. (After learning that Grandpa wants to devote more time to a fishing show on TV than to Angelica:)

I'm never growing old. -- Angelica

2. (Stu's latest invention, the "Hippo-Copter", broke down:)

If hippos were meant to fly, they wouldn't weigh 3000 pounds. -- Didi

3. (Angelica sent Stu to the "Night Owl Market", one of those 24-hour convenience stores. After hours upon hours of Angelica's constant buzzing, Stu is an emotional wreck:)

Didi: Stu, what are you doing?

Stu: I'm making chocolate pudding.

Didi: Why are you making pudding at 4 in the morning?

Stu: Because I've lost control of my life.


1. Dr. Hoagie Doozer is probably an E.R. doctor, and not Angelica's regular physician; Dr. Shockter is Angelica's regular pediatrician, which we've learned in The Shot.

2. Animation error: When Angelica was in her wheelchair, in her first visit to Dr. Doozer's office, Angelica's right leg was in the cast, but later in the show, the cast was on her left leg.

47 (93-08A) [N47A] [KC47A] [RTS108A] -- The Last Babysitter

Writer: Peter Gaffney

Director: Howard E. Baker

While their parents are away at a "Dummi Bears" rock opera (don't ask Randy how it went), Susie and Tommy help Alisa search for a monster in the house; it was, in fact, the trickery of Buster (Susie's big brother) and his friend, "Sticky".


1. Peter Gaffney, writer of this episode, later went on to create monsters of his own (with Gabor Csupo's help) with Real Monsters.

2. Listen close to Buster and Sticky; do they sound pretty much like Phil (voiced by Kath Soucie) to you?

3. Did you know that Edwin, the Carmichael's smartest child (or, rather, person) has Einstein pajamas? Alisa mentioned this fact when she told him that she could not find them.

4. When Alisa called for help, note the Carmichael's phone number: 555-1234.

5. Before the "blackout", the phone rang twice, and no one was at the other end when Alisa answered the phone. This, by the way, is based on an Urban Legend where a mysterious person (often a lunatic) calls, then either hangs up or says something hysterical before hanging up. However, in most stories based on this Urban Legend, the ending is much more grisly than what takes place on this episode. The technical anomaly, however, is that one person cannot call another phone using the same phone number, unless they have 2 different phone numbers.

(93-08B) [N47B] [KC47B] [RTS408B] -- Sour Pickles

Writers: Scott Scheid, Tony Michelman

Director: Jim Duffy

When Drew and Stu started bickering, Grandpa reflects back to the late-1950's, when they were "Rugrats" themselves.

Famous Quotes:

1. (In the flashback, after Stu and Drew are moved to the downstairs crib after Drew broke a vase, Stu announced that he's going to watch "Blocky and Oxwinkle", whatever it takes:)

It's our right to watch cartoons! Not my mom! Not my dad! Not even President Weisenheimer's gonna stop us! -- Stu

2. (The "Magic Wrench" jingle; the lines in bold were first heard on the 1950's entertainment center (the record player part), and later on the jukebox; the entire song was played during the closing credits. The jingle is sung by Mark Mothersbaugh, and to the tune of the theme to The Patty Duke Show (ABC, 1963-1966).)

Lou can fix most anything

If your toaster's broke

And your phone won't ring

Stu and Drew are breakin' toys

Smashin' walls and makin' noise

Someone call the cops!

Yes, they're fightin'

They're always fightin', it's so sad

A couple of crazy babies

Torturin' their dad

Oh, they're fightin'

It'll drive you mad!

Oh, yeah...


1. The best part of this episode was "Blocky and Oxwinkle", which was a knockoff of "Rocky and Bullwinkle"; June Foray provided the voice of Rocky's alter-ego, Blocky, as well as the female spy (named in credits as Svetana; the male spy is named "Uri").

2. We learn that Grandpa was also very good (in a way) with fixing things; he operated a fix-it shop called "Lou Pickles' Magic Wrench".

3. We learn the name of Lou's wife in this episode -- Trixie. She did not appear as she was working for the Kefauver campaign at the time (according to Grandpa in the flashback). In 1951, former U.S. Senator Estes Kefauver was the chairman of the "Special Senate Committee to Investigate Organized Crime in Interstate Commerce", whose congressional hearings were the first one to be televised. This is during the dark time when the American's hatred for Communism was at a fever pitch. (see below for another fact about Kefauver.)

4. Anachronism Dept., part 1: At one point in the flashback, Grandpa promised Stu and Drew that they can watch Peyton Place, if they are good. However, given that Stu is 35 (as of The Legend of Satchmo in 1993), he was born around 1958. Therefore, this story takes place around 1959, when Stu was Tommy's age (1 year old). Peyton Place, the TV series, did not sign on for the first time until 1964. This is the second time Peyton Place was mentioned on Rugrats; the first time was in Meet the Carmichaels.

5. Anachronism Dept., part 2: Grandpa mentions that Trixie was campaigning for Kefauver. This story takes place around 1959; Kefauver made an unsuccessful bid for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1952. Adlai Stevenson became the Democrat's nominee; the Republican's Dwight D. Eisenhower won the presidency, with Richard Nixon as Vice-President (following his famous "Checkers" speech).

6. Anachronism Dept., part 3: In Grandpa's story, he mentioned that at the time (1959), there was no color TV, and no remote control. A matter of fact, color TV was televised over-the-neworks as early as June 25, 1951 (when CBS presented a star-studded special to its stations in New York, Philadelphia, Washington & Baltimore), with the first all-color TV station established on April 15, 1956 by WMAQ Channel 5, Chicago (first went on-the-air in 1949). (Source: Famous First Facts & Records, by Joseph Nathan Kane (H.W. Wilson Company, 1975)) As for the remote-controlled TV, they were first sold in the early 1950's (not sure of date).

7. Anachronism Dept., part 4: The "Magic Wrench" jingle was sung to the tune of The Patty Duke Show, which did not premiere on ABC until 1963.

8. In this episode, Mr. Namby (one of Grandpa's customers) drive around a car called the "Edzell", which doesn't run right, and had to be towed away. In fact, the car looked very similar to the Ford "Edsel" (named after Edsel Ford, Henry Ford II's father), which was launched by Ford in 1958 as their first mid-priced car line. The Edsel had lots of chrome, lights and push-buttons, especially through its automatic transmission, which is handled through buttons instead of an arm. The car suffered through technical and aesthetic problems, including leaking oil, faulty transmission and steering, and bad paint, among others. To avoid further embarrassment, many dealers either folded, stopped carrying Edsels (if carried in addition to another make), or switched to other makes. Later in 1958, Ford redesigned the Edsel and improved on its flaws, but with people going towards even cheaper automobiles, as well as steering clear of the Edsel, the damage was irreversible. Ford retired the Edsel in November, 1959, after only 110,000 Edsels were sold. Today, the Edsel has become a collector's item; this once-worthess car is now fetching tens of thousands of dollars on the market, and collectors clubs were established to honor a car that became a winner several years after its death -- The Edsel.

9. Stu, at Tommy's age, sounds quite like Tommy.

10. As for what Stu and Drew looked and acted like back then: Stu looked and acted just like Tommy, except that the head looks just like Stu (including the hair) and that he had big feet; Drew looks just like what he looks like today, only smaller. Drew also was very interested in money, as well; he enticed Stu (unsuccessfully) to play a game called "Haggle", in which Drew gives Stu money, then sells someting to Stu, in which Stu would ask for a lower price.

11. Here's the list of cartoon "knockoffs" (imitators) that appeared in this episode:
Knockoff Title Show That It's Based On
"The Dimstones" (2 animated rocks hitting each other) "The Flintstones" (A prehistoric family that behave similarly to the 1960's lifestyle)
"The Stetsons" (Spaceships that look like flying hats) "The Jetsons" (Same as above, but deals with a family from the 21st century)
"Blocky & Oxwinkle" (A boy made of blocks, and his ox friend (who, by the way, never talked in this episode), chased around by 2 spies, Uri and Svetana) "Rocky & Bullwinkle" (A flying squirrel and his moose friend (who talks alot on this show), chased by 2 spies, Boris & Natasha)

12. Anachronism Dept., part 5:  As mentioned above, The Dimstones & The Stetsons are knockoffs of The Flintstones and The Jetsons, which did not premiere until 1960 & 1962, respectively.

13. Mark Motherbaugh, who did Blocky and Oxwinkle's music in this episode, also did the music for Rocky and Bullwinkle, sort of -- he has composed and performed the music heard in the 2000 motion picture version of The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle, where the animated moose & squirrel go to the real world to save themselves.

(Special thanks to Anthony Dean)

48 (93-09A) [N48A] [KC48A] [RTS409A] -- Reptar 2010

Writers: Paul Germain, Peter Gaffney

Director: Norton Virgien

When the tape of the above-mentioned film broke, the Rugrats have to improvise on how the film ends, leading to 5 different endings (including the film's actual ending).

Famous Quotes:

1. (During Chuckie's version of Reptar, he tries to play innocent after he destroyed the city, but to no avail:)

Who's going to clean this up, the Joint Chiefs of Staff? -- Professor Ventnor

2. (In Tommy's version, Phil & Lil (as 2 Reptars) help Tommy (as Reptar "Rep-Tommy") get a giant cookie (the moon) from the sky, to Chuckie's (as "Chuck-Tar", yet another Reptar) reluctance:)

Chuck-tar, don't be such a dinosaur. -- Lil (as Reptar)

3. (Grandpa finally got the tape fixed, just in time to see how it ends:)

It's amazing what you can do with a little ingenuity and elbow grease. Lost a couple of minutes in the middle, though. -- Grandpa


1.  Reptar's origin is explained in this episode; he is transported through space from the planet he lives on to Earth by a special beam devised by some scientists. His origin isn't clear, though, as Grandpa fast-forwarded the tape over the "boring part" (probably containing more evidence of his origin).

2. Near the start of this episode, when Reptar attacks the city, look for him attacking the Viacom building. Viacom, as you may know, is Nick's parent company.

3. In addition to the various Reptar names mentioned in quote #1, Angelica's Reptar name is "Rep-telica".

(93-09B) [N48B] [KC48B] [RTS409B] -- Stu Gets A Job

Writer: Michael Kramer

Director: Jim Duffy

Suffering from a mental block while figuring out how to improve his bubble machine, plus a fact that Didi is off from school in the summer, Stu gets a job for Consolidated Lard as a lard salesman. Stu doesn't like it (he hates to work for other people); Tommy doesn't like it (Stu would be gone all day), and Drew ain't too thrilled about it, either (after Stu accused him of setting up a series of pranks, just to have Stu repay the $120 that Drew loaned to him). "Drew"'s pranks to repay the loan, however, was the work of the Rugrats, as Tommy wanted Stu to stay home.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Stu got a job at Consolidated Lard, but he felt depressed at the fact that he had to work for money:)

Tomorrow morning I'll be cold-calling customers telling them about the joys of processed fat; life couldn't get any sweeter. -- Stu

2. (Stu goes to work:)

Well Tommy, I'm off to the lard mines! -- Stu

3. (After Stu returns home, Drew asked Stu to repay the $120 loaned to him. Thinking that he already paid back the $120, Stu thinks that Drew is just taking advantage of him:)

When you start making good, vultures fly right in! -- Stu

4. (After Stu was forced to wear his disco suit to work (all his other clothes are gone), he points his finger at Drew by pulling a prank of his own:)

Turnabout is fair play. -- Stu

5. (The other Rugrats get Tommy to face facts and realize that Stu is away at work, and that Tommy won't be seeing him again until he gets home:)

The tooth hurts sometime. -- Lil


1. What's Stu doing when he has a mental block regarding one of his inventions? When worse comes to worst, Stu just sits around and watches TV all day. At the start of this episode, he was watching the Dummi Bears with Tommy, and he was planning to watch The Rockford Files afterward.

2. Speaking of which, The Rockford Files was a popular detective series that aired on NBC from 1974 to 1979, and starred James Garner as Jim Rockford, an ex-con, turned private detective.

3. The pranks Drew (actually, the Rugrats) pulled on Stu: having a mountain of toys fall on him;  replacing shampoo with honey and coffee with mud, as well as removing all the clothes from the closet (except for his disco suit (see #5)); and trapping Stu with a fishing net (which gave him the idea on how to improve his bubble machine).

4. After "Drew's" first stunt, Stu orders 50 Pepperoni pizzas, then gave Drew's address (not mentioned until the next stunt (see below)). Considering that Stu wakes up at 6AM for his lard job, aren't all the pizzerias still closed at that time?

5. After the disco suit incident (see #7, below), Stu called to have Drew's car towed away for illegal parking at Drew's house. Here, Stu reveals Drew's address as "53 Briarcliff Lane", and Drew's license plate as "DREW".

6. Closed-captioning error: When Stu and Tommy were watching the Dummi Bears at the start of this episode, "Dummi Bears" was spelled as "Cubby Bears" instead.

7. There's one scene where Tommy removes all of Stu's clothes from the closet, part of a plot to keep Stu home. However, Tommy left behind Stu's disco suit. Wasn't this sold in their Garage Sale?

8. There's one point in this episode where Stu brings home hickory-smoked lard (he says there are 23 varieties of lard), loose in his briefcase. First of all, there's only one type of lard, with no additional flavorings. Second, lard is always  packaged in tubs or bricks.

9. Near the end, Didi found the $120 check, which Stu errantly used as a bookmark. The book in question: a book entitled "The Portable Stephen King". Stu must've been a fan of this master horror-story author.

49 (93-10A) [N49A] [KC49A] [RTS410A] -- Give and Take

Writer: Rachel Lipman

Director: Howard E. Baker

Liking a "Mr. Boppo" toy Stu made for Tommy, Chuckie takes it home. He wants to give it back, but Angelica advises against it. Tommy also wants to take it back, but Angelica advises against that, also.

Famous Quotes:

1. (What Mr. Boppo says everytime you hit him:)

Hi! I'm Boppo! -- Mr. Boppo

2. (While Chuckie is playing with Mr. Boppo at Tommy's place, Phil comments to Tommy about Mr. Boppo drawing Chuckie away from the other Rugrats (Please note that Phil uttered an "adult" joke here):

There's something wrong with Chuckie; a young boy shouldn't spend all day in his room boppin his Boppo. -- Phil

3. (Angelica does not seem enthused about visiting Chuckie:)

Another boring day at the Finster house. I can't believe I'm spending the best days of my life here! -- Angelica

4. (After Angelica told Chuckie that Mr. Boppo was a clown (which Chuckie is afraid of), he lets the air out:)

Chuckie: He's gone.

Angelica: Yep! Flat as a cat on a highway!

5. (Angelica leaves, but not before breaking many of Chuckie's toys:)

Let me know if you want me to break anymore of your best friend's toys. See ya! -- Angelica


When Stu was able to bring Mr. Boppo back to life by blowing him up, Tommy exclaimed "It's a miracle!" However, in the Chanukah episode, he is unable to say "miracle" properly.

(93-10B) [N49B] [KC49B] [RTS410B] -- The Gold Rush

Writer: Doria Biddle

Director: Jim Duffy

After finding a nickel that Chuckie has found in the sandbox at a local playground, the Rugrats look for more; Angelica wants it all.

Famous Quotes:

1. (When everyone claimed that nickel, Chuckie (who found it first) says that "it's all of our nickels":)

We get part of a nickel! (A little subdued) Which part? -- Lil

2. (Angelica tells Phil and Lil that they and Angelica can have the nickel to themselves and leave Tommy & Chuckie out:)

Angelica: Pretend this nickel's a pie.

Phil: What flavor?

Angelica:What difference does it make?

Lil: There's a difference between a chocolate pie and an apple pie.

3. (Phil discovers that everyone is greedy over the nickel:)

When you find a nickel, you start to see things a little differently. -- Phil

4. (Chuckie thinks that Tommy wants the nickel to himself, as well as everyone else. Because of this, he regrets that he ever found that nickel:)

I don't need no stinkin' nickel! -- Chuckie

5. (The Rugrats discover that Angelica wants the nickel to herself; she discovers that they are on to her:)

No one makes a monkey out of Angelica C. Pickles! -- Angelica


1. This show is based on the 1948 classic John Huston film The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, which starred Humphrey Bogart. (special thanks to David Bringen)

2. Items found by Tommy & Chuckie while looking for the nickel, but dismissed them as "junk":

Gold Watch

Diamond Ring

A $100 Bill

50 (93-11A) [N50A] [KC50A] [RTS411A] -- Home Movies

Writer: Joe Ansolabehere (based on Norton Virgien's idea)

Director: Norton Virgien

Stu shows his home movies of the Grand Canyon to his family and friends, boring them almost to death. Intrigued by these home movies,however, the Rugrats make their own, which was proven to be more exiting than Stu's real (yet extremely dull) movies.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Minka encorages Boris to put on a brave face when watching these movies;)

Be a mensch and live through it. -- Minka

2. (Charlotte talks to Jonathan about Stu's home movies:)

It's worse than a hostile takeover, Jonathan; I'm watching my brother-in-law's home movies. -- Charlotte

3. (Angelica defines "home movies":)

Angelica: "Home movies" are movies that other people don't want to watch.

Tommy: But why do they watch home movies?

Angelica: They have to; it's the law.

4. (Boris tries to take the "easy way out" of the home movies with one phone call to "Dr. Death" (luckily, he didn't go through with it):)

Hello? Dr. Kervorkian? -- Boris

5. (Chuckie was ready to draw his "movie", but Angelica thinks he'll bomb out:)

Angelica: It's going to be a laugh! He can't draw his way out of a paper bag!

Tommy: Why would he want to?

6. (Chuckie closes out his movie about Tommy, who was pictured as a super hero:)

Tommy, fender of truth, hummus, and the American cheese! -- Chuckie

7. (Angelica challenges Tommy to present his movie:)

Put your monkey where your mouth is! -- Angelica

8. (Tommy starts his movie with a disclaimer:)

I'm warning you, this isn't going to be pretty; I don't have all my motor skills, yet. -- Tommy


1. Boris' last name, "Kropotkin" (please note that his last name is NOT mentioned in the closed-captions), was mentioned by Betty at the start of this episode. The spelling of the name came from the show's "bible" (a book that lists the basic characters and scenes for the show) -- when his last name was mentioned, it sounded more like "Kerpacketer".

2. Mrs. Krapchick (Chuckie & Chazz's neighbors) and her dog, Muffin, were first mentioned in this episode during Chuckie's movie. We'll actually see them in Chuckie's Red Hair.

2. After Chuckie's movie, Tommy mentions that it was"the best movie I've ever seen." Please note that Tommy and the other babies usually say "sawed", not "seen".

3. The Rugrats' drawings for this episode were actually created by the producers' children, listed at the end of the segment.

(93-11B) [N50B] [KC50B] [RTS411B] -- The Mysterious Mr. Friend

Writer: Michael Ferris

Director: Jim Duffy

Stu invents a toy which walks and talks to the user. Tommy and the other Rugrats are scared of it, however, when Mr. Friend malfunctions.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Stu launches "Mr. Friend" for the first time:)

Oh boy; a brand new friend to meet! Let's wash our hands before we eat! -- Mr. Friend

2 - 11. (More proverbs by Mr. Friend:)

Stay away from squiggly worms;  theyr'e full of dirt and yucky germs.

Lets all think of happy things and laugh and skip and dance and sing.

Rise and shine you sleepy head;  it's no fun to stay in bed.

A word of caution if you please;  don't kiss the cat when it has fleas.

You can call me Mr. Friend;  you'll never ever be bored again.

Hello kiddies;  rise and shine;  I'm your friend, and you are mine.

Mr. Friend says,  please be fair;  no one gets hurt when you share.

Here I am;  don't be blue and I will sing a song for you. (Sings "London Bridge is Falling Down" / "Merrily We Roll Along".)

Obey your parents;  stay out of danger;  take daily naps;  don't talk to strangers.

Hey little pal;  it's time to play;  we're going to have a happy day. -- all Mr. Friend

12. (Mr. Friend scares Tommy & Chuckie after he malfunctions:)

Chuckie: What do we do now?

Tommy: Do we have to ask? (both cry)

13. (Stu makes all his "Mr. Friends" in the basement:)

I'm not selling out to any giant corporate monolith; not yet, anyway. -- Stu

14. (Didi thinks the quotes uttered by Mr. Friend aren't very good. Shortly after Mr. Friend greets Didi in the clothes hamper (where the Rugrats tossed him):)

Stu, please; I beg of you! Hire a writer! -- Didi

15. (After the Rugrats' previous attempts to stop Mr. Friend failed:)

Chuckie: I saw this movie, "King Krong", where he was pushed off the Entire State Building.

Tommy: So?

Chuckie: So why don't we push him off the Entire State Building? (Tommy, Phil & Lil appear puzzled) Never mind. I don't know why I even try.

16. (In one of their countless efforts to stop Mr. Friend, the Rugrats bury him. Chuckie said a little prayer for him:)

Chuckie: Inkle finkle dinkle doo.

Phil & Lil: A-hem!

17. (Later, after an army of "Mr. Friends" escapes from the laundry room / factory:)

This is gonna be one of those days, huh? -- Lil


1. In the opening credits, the writer credit started out in white, but turned red. The music and director's credits were just red.

2. The rag doll Lil was playing was called "Rhonda Rags"; Phil tried sacrificing "Rhonda" to Mr. Friend, but Lil vetoed the idea.

3. Curiosity dept.: When the "Mr. Friend" army escapes through the laundry room's window, they climb on a pile of books when they escape. The book on top was titled "Nuclear Power Made Easy -- Fusion, Not Confusion".

51 (93-12A) [N51A] [KC51A] [RTS412A] -- Cuffed

Writer: Steve Viksen

Director: Jim Duffy
Click here for full transcript.

Angelica takes a pair of toy handcuffs destined for the needy. However, the fun ends when she gets handcuffed to Chuckie and they've lost the key.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Angelica announces to Chuckie about her intention to get the handcuffs:)

If life gives you lemons, make applesauce.  -- Angelica

2. (Chuckie, as usual, has "cold feet", but Angelica's still determined to get the handcuffs:)

Get over it, Chumley! It's a "dog-eat-dog food" world! There are givers and takers, and me, I'm the taker! -- Angelica

3. (After Angelica discovered that the keys vto the handcuffs "weren't included" with the package (see notes):)

Angelica: What kind of bozo would not put the key in the package?

Chuckie: Bozo works at the handcuff factory?

Angelica: Do me a favor; just keep quiet for awhile?


1. Chuckie is staying (originally, for the evening, but ended up being overnight) with Angelica while Chazz is taking a dance class at the Arthur Murray dance studio.

2. The "Bozo" Chuckie is referring to (quote #3) is the famous "Bozo The Clown", a famous TV kid show host that once appeared on many stations in the U.S. Like Romper Room, Bowling For Dollars and PM Magazine, only the format was syndicated -- the stations themselves had to produce the show, with one of their own staff, usually a weatherman, as Bozo (at its peak in the late 1960s, there were over 180 stations carrying their own version of Bozo). It should be noted that in the 1960s, former Today Show weatherman Willard Scott once was Bozo in the Washington, DC version (he also acted as an early version of Ronald McDonald) The last station to carry "Bozo", and the station that carried it the longest, was Chicago's WGN, which televised their famous version of "Bozo" from 1961 to 2001, gaining a nationwide audience in 1979, when WGN became available via satellite. WGN's final episode of Bozo was televised as a prime-time special on July 14, 2001, with the show leaving the air completely in August. Bozo The Clown was the first, and last, of its breed of local kiddie shows.

3. Closed-captioning error: while Chuckie & Angelica are handcuffed, Angelica tries removing the handcuffs with her toy welding outfit, which didn't work when the toy flame fell off. Chuckie picked up the flame and said, "It isn't even hot." However, the captions said "hard" instead of "hot".

(93-12B) [N51B] [KC51B] [RTS412B] -- The Blizzard

Writer: Samuel S. Williams

Director: Howard E. Baker
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Following a freak snowstorm, the Rugrats go in search for Santa Claus, with Chuckie chronicling the entire trip. Their mission: to have Santa Claus fix Chuckie's fire truck, which broke after Stu slipped on it.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Didi decides to say over at the DeVille's:)

Grandpa: Didi just called and said that she'll be staying with Betty and Howard on account of the blizzard.

Stu: But they just live next door!

Chazz: Better safe than sorry.

2. (Stu is overjoyed about the snow -- about 17 years too late:)

Stu (excited): Yay! School's been cancelled!

Chazz: But Stu, you're 35 years old and you don't have to go to school anymore.

Stu (subdued): Oh, yeah; you're right.

3. (In the Rugrats' imaginary trip to the North Pole, they stop for the night in an igloo. Chuckie narrarates:)

I did not have the heart to tell Tommy how a house made out of snow can keep us warm. -- Chuckie

4. (Shortly before realizing that they arrived at the South Pole instead of the North Pole, Angelica (as "Angelinook of the North") and the Rugrats got lost, as Angelica could not find Santa:)

No Santa's workshop! No funny little elves! Not even a dumb old reindeer turd! -- Angelica


The Pickles live in a place where palm trees grow and where it's a short distance from the beach. The anomaly is that, in this tropical paradise, it snows, too.

52 (93-13A) [N52A] [KC52A] [RTS413A] -- Destination: Moon

Writer: Michael Ferris

Director: Norton Virgien

Using Grandpa's Art Deco camping trailer as a spaceship, the Rugrats play space travelers after Chuckie loses his toy rocket.

Famous Quotes:

This episode, a favorite among adult viewers and science-fiction fans, features a lot of cliches and quotes based on sci-fi shows, movies, and events.

1. (As Chuckie threw up, his toy rocket landed on the trailer:)

Tommy: Your rocket went into outer space!

Chuckie: I hate it when that happens.

2. (Grandpa has big plans for his trailer:)

Grandpa: We can get an old mattress, and an ice box, and it'll be just like the good old days!

Stu: Whose good old days?

3. (On the way to the moon, the Rugrats go into "diaperspace" (hyperspace), but Chuckie isnn't used to the speed:)

Diaperspace always give me a tummy ache.

4. (After landing on the moon:)

There's only one thing I gotta say before we go out into the unknown -- no pushing. -- Tommy

5. (The Rugrats are ready to leave the spaceship (after Star Trek):)

Phil: Should I open the door now?

Tommy: Make it so, number one!

Phil: Huh?

Tommy: Open the door.

6. (Tommy leaves the spaceship and walks onto the moon's surface (after Neil Armsrong's famous moon walk from 1969 ("One small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.")):)

Tommy: C'mon, Chuckie; it's just one small step.

Chuckie: Looks more like one giant leap to me.

7. (The Rugrats find "moon juice" (Phil's quote after Spock's from Star Trek):)

Tommy: Hey, look! Moon juice!

Lil: Moon juice?

Phil (in a subdued, inquisitive tone): Fascinating.

8. (The Rugrats look at planet earth from the moon:)

Lil: Makes you look small.

Phil: Like a baby or something.

9. (After the other rugrats were frightened by an alien's (Spike's) howl (after the tag line in "Alien"(1979)):)

In space, no one can hear you scream. -- Phil

10. (On the way back to earth, Tommy calls for help (from a line from David Bowie's first hit single,  Space Oddity (1969)):)

This is Major Tom to Ground Control! Can you hear me? -- Tommy


In addition to the quotes above, there are also visual scenes that are based on sci-fi films as well, like the way the light was shining on Tommy's helmet (from The Right Stuff (1983)(?)), and Stu, Didi, and Grandpa entering the garage with a wall of light behind them (from Close Encounters of a Third Kind (1977)).

(93-13B) [N52B] [KC52B] [RTS413B] -- Angelica's Birthday

Writer: Andy Houts (deceased)

Director: Jim Duffy

Knowing that she will have to take responsibilities when she gets older, Angelica grows down and becomes a baby.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Grandpa reminisces the good-old days:)

Grandpa: Life sometimes gets better when you get old. And to think I was at Woodstock; those pesky kids sure made a racket, though. (Grandpa gets up to leave)

Angelica: Where are you going, Grandpa?

Grandpa: Let's just say it's part of getting old.

2. (Now that Angelica is becoming a baby, the Rugrats thinki of the benefits:)

Lil: She won't pish us around anymore!

Phil: Or steal all our toys!

Chuckie: Or make us wear those frilly panties! (the Rugrats stare at Chuckie) I don't want to talk about it.

3. (after Drew told Charlotte that Angelica was crying for milk and acting like a baby:)

It's her party and she can cry if she wants to. -- Charlotte

(after a line from Leslie Gore's hit single, "It's My Party" (1963))

4. (The Rugrats tell Angelica that thet can't eat small candies:)

Chuckie: You can't have any of those candies, Angelica; they're too dangerous for babies.

Angelica: Why?

Tommy: 'Cause we'll probably put them in our nose or something.

5. (after Angelica complains that she cannot do grown-up things once she's a baby:)

It may not seem much, Angelica, but it's our world and it's all we know. -- Chuckie


1. Near the start of this episode, Drew reads Angelica's birthday card from her grandmother. Her grandmother could only be either Charlotte's mother or Didi's mother (Minka), as Stu and Drew's mother died a while back (according to Grandpa's Date.)

2. Also, note the address on that card's envelope; it says:

Angelica Pickles
Birthday Girl

Unless her Grandma came to the party (which is possibly not the case), there was no way that card would reach Angelica, as there was no street, city, state, or ZIP code on the envelope. Most importantly, there was also no stamp.

3. At her birthday party, please note her invited guests; most of them appeared in previous Rugrats episodes, including:

     Dean (from Angelica's In Love)

     Jean-Claude (appeared at the end of Angelica's In Love)

     Prudence ("The Junk Food Kid" from Showdown At Teeter-Totter Gulch, keeping in mind that Angelica was never in that episode)

     Belinda & 2 other kids (from Showdown At Teeter-Totter Gulch (see above))

     Susie (a semi-regular Rugrat)

53 (93-14A) [N53A] [KC53A] [RTS501A] -- Princess Angelica

Writer: Rachel Lipman

Director: Jim Duffy

After intensive testing by the Rugrats, it is proven that Angelica is the princess, and contemplates leaving her "fake" parents (Drew & Charlotte, who makes her clean her room once a month) for her "real", royal ones (actually, Sal Fusco, "Home Office King" (555-KING), who charges $100 for a house call).

Famous Quotes:

1. (While exercising on the treadmill, Charlotte tells Drew what Angelica must do to prepare for the future:)

In order to survive in the male-dominated world, Angelica has to eat, sleep, breathe, and sweat self-esteem. -- Charlotte

2. (In the "Princess and the Pea" test, Lil asks if she'll become a princess, though she sort of got the wrong idea:)

Lil: If I can feel Phil's pee on the mattress, do I become a princess?

Angelica: No, Lil; it just makes you disgusting.

3. (Before leaving to her "castle", Angelica knights the Rugrats:)

Sir Phil, Eater of Earthworms;

Lady Lil, Loudest Screamer In The Land;

Sir Charles, Fraidy Cat Extrordinaire;

and Sir Thomas, The Bravest Baby Of Them All. -- Angelica

4. (After living a short while as a princess, Angelica decides to be "common" again:)

Angelica: Daddy?

Drew: What is it, my little princess?

Angelica: Please don't call me "princess".

(93-14B) [N53B] [KC53B] [RTS501B] -- The Odd Couple

Writer: Jonathan Greenberg

Director: Howard E. Baker

On an unspecified date, Tommy Pickles was forced to move out of his home temporarily while his parents go on a "Cheese Tour" of Wisconsin. He moved in with an old friend of his, Chuckie Finster, who parted from his mother, never to return. Could these 2 boys live together without driving them crazy? (Hum Odd Couple theme here.)

Famous Quote:

1. (Why Chuckie's room must be kept clean:)

A clean room is a happy room. -- Chuckie

2. (How the blocks should be put away:)

Big to small. -- Chuckie

3. (Quote from "Space Trek Babies"; "Kirk" comments about "Spock"'s logic at a time of dire emergency:)

I don't care about your infernal logic! We're babies, not computers! -- Baby Captain "Kirk"

(Character's name in quotes are approximations of what they look like, as no names were given on "Space Trek Babies".)

4. (Tommy "rearranges" Chuckie's "Bogo-Blocks" village:)

You got the fire truck at the police station; you got the police car at the airport; you got the airplane on the restaurant; you got people thrown out of windows; you got buildings scattered all over the place, and you've completely taken apart city hall! -- Chuckie


1. The cartoon Chuckie was watching was "Space Trek Babies", which is, more or less, a pint-sized version of Star Trek. The "beaming" sound effects were first used on Rugrats in Visitors From Outer Space. Also, NBC carried an animated  Star Trek from 1973 to 1975. This version, however, features the Enterprise crew at the same age as the original series, as well as featuring the voices of the original crew.

2. The title of this episode, and the related situation, is based on The Odd Couple, which started in the mid-1960's as Neil Simon's famous Broadway play, then was seen as a motion picture starring Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon in 1967. It was followed by a successful ABC television series (1970-1975) that starred Tony Randall and Jack Klugman (later reprised in a series of Eagle Snacks commercials. An unsuccessful Black version was seen on ABC during the 1982-1983(?) season, which starred Ron Glass (a cop on Barney Miller & Randy Carmichael on Rugrats) and Demond Wilson (Lamont Sanford on Sanford and Son). Later, there was yet another version featuring women in the title roles (don't know if this was a TV movie or played on stage). The latest, currently touring the US, stars Jamie Farr and William Christopher, both former regulars on the hit TV series, M*A*S*H (CBS, 1972-1983).

3. Also in this episode, even though Chazz can be very smart in various fields (child psychology, folk songs, dancing), he can be kind of stupid sometimes. By the way, "stupid" is the clue for "1 down" in the crossword puzzle he was doing near the start of this episode (the answer, partly revealed by the "across" answers, is "dumb"), in which he completes by calling a crossword helpline (a toll call) and just asking for the answers, rather than waiting until tomorrow for the answers or even doing the puzzle at all (my opinion).

4. Also note the "Pelvis" stamps in this episode, that Phil and Lil are putting on each other (so they can be shipped to China). These stamps look very similar to those famous stamps featuring "The King Of Rock & Roll", Elvis Presley. In 1993, the U.S. Postal Service invited the public to vote on what kind of Elvis is more appropriate, the old Elvis (in the days of his appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show (1950's)), or the new Elvis (the "Vegas" period, since his 1968 "comeback")). America has chosen the old design, the one that Phil and Lil were sticking on each other.

54 (93-15A) [N54A] [KC54A] [RTS502A] -- Naked Tommy

Writer: Larry Doyle

Director: Norton Virgien

Trying to be just like Spike, Tommy takes off his clothes, and entices the other Rugrats to do the same, while Stu finds a way to keep Tommy's clothes on.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Phil and Lil guess what's different about Tommy:)

Phil: Did you get a new tooth?

Tommy: No.

Lil: Did you get a new haircut?

Tommy: No.

Phil: I know! You're buck naked!

2. (While getting undressed, Phil takes off Lil's shoes:)

Aaah! I feel better already! -- Lil

3. (After everyone's been disrobed and before cutting to the next scene, Tommy asks Lil a very personal question (if you know what I mean):)

Lil, can I ask you something? -- Tommy

4. (After Chuckie arrived, he gave his opinion on nudity:)

You shouldn't take off your clothes! It's not natural! -- Chuckie

5. (After finding out that Phil and Lil are naked, Betty had some choice words to Didi:)

I don't know what kind of baby colony you're running, Deed, but it's time to face facts! The sixties are over and we lost, so get with the program, alright? -- Betty

6. (After Phil & Lil are gone, Tommy continues pitching the idea to Chuckie:)

Nakie is fun! Nakie is free! Nakie is...nakie! -- Tommy

7. (A quote from Grandpa's "Loyal Order of Wombats" speech:)

When Louis Kalhern Pickles comes with a problem, he doesn't cry about it, he solves it! -- Grandpa

8. (Another one:)

No one gives you freedom on a silver platter; if you want it, you'll have to go out and get it. -- Grandpa

9. (Yet another word of wisdom from his speech, this time, said when Tommy was parading down the aisle naked:)

Don't be afraid of the naked truth, because when you get down to the bare bones of life, the truth is all we got. -- Grandpa


1. When Phil gets Lil's left shoe off, we can see her toes through her sock.

2. We learn Grandpa's full name: Louis Kalhern Pickles (see quote #7).

3. We also learn that Grandpa is the member of Local 1258 of the Loyal Order of Wombats.

4. Also, it's now known that the Pickles live in the fictional Winnecut County (according to closed-captioning), which is where the Wombat club is located. The Chief Wombat, however, prononced it as "Winter Haven".

5. Dr. Lipschitz makes his audio-only appearance on his help line, in which Didi has called for more details on Tommy's clothes-shedding problem. After going through several options before reaching the desired topic, Dr. Lipschitz merely repeated the info given in his book (the info Didi already knows about) before ending the call and charging her $1.95 for the first minute and $.95 for each additional minute. Normally, as per federal law, rates for calls like these must be disclosed at the START of the call, not the end. This is not the first time Dr. Lipschitz ripped off the Pickles; he was freeloading while the Pickles were gone in A Visit From Lipschitz.

6. Regarding Tommy roaming around naked in the aisle at the Wombats meeting: some older viewers may recall the Oscars in 1974, when a nude man "streaked" in the back of the stage while actor David Niven was accepting an award.

7. In the bathtub scene at the end of the episode, we seen Chuckie in the bathtub (with Tommy) with his glasses on. Normally, when he takes a bath, he takes them without wearing glasses.

(93-15B) [N54B] [KC54B] [RTS502B] -- Tommy and the Secret Club

Writer: Barbara Slade

Director: Jim Duffy

Angelica is forming a new club, and is running a contest to see who will become a member. The benefit: the member becomes Angelica's slave.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Angelica's secret club anthem:)

Here we are!

At Angelica's club!

The secretest club!

The secretest club!

Here we are, at Angelica's club it's the greatest place to be!

At Angelica's club! -- Angelica

2 / 3 / 4. As a requirement in the contest, each Rugrat must recite a special poem about his/herself.

Here's Tommy's poem:

Silly me, my name is Tommy

My diaper smells like old salami

I have no hair, but I don't care

Waah! I want my mommy!

Here's Lil's poem. She could not remember the entire poem, but ad-libbed at the end:

My name is "Boogery Lil"

I give all my boogers to Phil

They'ree yellow and green, if you know what I mean

and... and... and Angelica's the best!

Here's Chuckie's poem. He couldn't remember the entire poem at all:

Look at me, I'm Chuckie Wuckie!

When I barf it's really yucky!

Phil, still incoherent from the milk-drinking contest, barely started the first line (My name is... My name is... My name is...) before passing out.

5. (Angelica, who lost Tommy as a member, wants to join Tommy's club. Angelica is let in, despite objections from the other Rugrats:)

In my club, everybody's allowed in. -- Tommy


Closed-captioning error: in the final line in Tommy's poem, he said: "Waah! I want my mommy!", but in the captions, it said: "when I wan't my mommy."

55 (93-16A) [N55A] [KC55A] [RTS503A] -- Under Chuckie's Bed

Writer: Joe Ansolabehere

Directors: Howard E. Baker, Steve Socki

Chazz moves Chuckie from his crib to a regular bed. After that point, Chuckie discovers that there are monsters under the bed, something the crib doesn't have.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Chuckie explains to the other Rugrats that he feels comfortable in his crib:)

The world is my toaster. -- Chuckie

2. (After getting the bed, Angelica tells Chuckie that he'll have to contend with monsters:)

Chuckie's gonna get eated, eated, eated

Chuckie's gonna get eated

By the monsters under the bed! -- Angelica


In this episode, Angelica tells the story of how "little Barnaby Jones" got eaten by monsters. In actuality, Barnaby Jones was a detective series (and, of course, "a Quinn Martin production") that starred Buddy Ebsen as the title character and Lee Merriwether as his assistant. Barnaby Jones aired on CBS from January 1973 until 1980.

(93-16B) [N55B] [KC55B] [RTS503B] -- Chuckie Is Rich

Writer: Peter Gaffney

Director: Jim Duffy

After spending days in their house with a leaky roof (which Chazz could not afford to fix), Chazz and Chuckie become instantly rich after winning $10 million in the "American Dunderhead" magazine contest, the one with "TV personality" Pat Sajak's face on the envelope (similar to those "Publishers Clearinghouse" & "American Family" contests; the latter having Ed McMahon and Dick Clark on the envelope); Chazz started living it up and investing in an ear wash device called the "Ear Whizz" (on the advice of Drew), while Chuckie wishes to be just a regular person again.

Famous Quotes:

1. ("Mr. Wheel-Of-Fortune" himself is about to award $10 million to another lucky entrant:)

Pat Sajak: Today we're gonna make someone's dreams come true!

Driver (a little impatient): Yeah, yeah, yeah.

2. (Now being rich, Chazz discusses to the neighbors (probably in jest) that he's now giving bribes:)

I gave the Congressman a few dollars and said "Think of me as a concerned citizen". -- Chazz

3. (A punchline to a joke told by Chazz; the actual joke never revealed:)

I may not know art, but I know what I like!  -- Drew

4. (Chuckie was placed in a pre-school for children of rich people, including Pat Sajak's kid. At the slide (which you go up it by elevator):)

Pat Sajak's Kid: Who's the new kid?

Other Rich Kid: That's Charles Finster. Too common, though; new money.

5. (Angelica to Chuckie, after Chazz lost everything in the "Ear Whizz" fiasco (it builds ear wax, not remove it, as it was supposed to), all because of Drew's investment of all the money:)

You're not rich anymore! Ride's over! Finito! Kaput! Do you want some caviar? -- Angelica

6. (After returning to his old home, Chuckie is glad that he's regular again:)

Chuckie: I liked (his toys) and the swimming pool of ice cream, but I like the old Chuckie better.

Tommy: Glad to have you back.


1. Another game show host pays a visit to Rugrats: Pat Sajak appeared as himself in this episode as the presenter of the $10 million check, as well as endorser of the magazine contest. Sajak is well known as host of America's #1 game show -- Wheel of Fortune (or, rather, Wheel! Of! Fortune!). Wheel is Sajak's only game show since assuming Chuck Wollery's role in 1981; he and Vanna (who replaced Susan Stafford in 1982) enjoyed instant success when the show entered night-time syndication in 1983. Sajak was previously a weatherman in Los Angeles. He first attained national exposure in 1980 when he appeared as a Buffalo news anchor in the motion picture Airplane! As for Wheel, the show started on NBC in 1975, with Chuck Wollery and Susan Stafford as hosts. Wheel remained on NBC until 1988, when it moved to CBS. In 1990, it returned to NBC, where it remained until its final cancellation in 1991. Sajak hosted NBC's Wheel until 1988, when he left to host a night-time talk show on CBS, which lasted until 1990. In my opinion, the way Sajak was drawn made him seem more like a living Margaret Keane painting. Alex Trebek was the other game show host to appear on Rugrats, in "Game Show Didi".

2. In early April 2001 on Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak paid back the Rugrats in a form of a puzzle, which, when solved, said "THE RUGRATS". After the contestant solved it, he named the characters, though I don't know if he mentioned his involvement in this Rugrats episode.

(Special thanks to Brian Henke)

3. Chazz won $10 million in the contest; however, the prize is usually paid out in annual increments for several years (usually 20). In other words, Chazz should actually get only $500,000 a year for 20 years, before taxes.

4. When Pat presented the humongus (in amount and size) check to Chazz, Pat announced Chazz's address as "446 Braintree Lane". Chazz's address number (first shown in Down The Drain and again in this episode) is actually "7221".

5. Chazz's middle name is revealed: "Norbert". Stu says that he may have "bought" the middle name.

56 (93-17A) [N56A] [KC56A] [RTS504A]  -- Mommy's Little Assets

Writer: Doria Biddle

Director: Norton Virgien

Charlotte take Tommy and Angelica to work with her. However, she also had a very important meeting with "Famous Ethel", to buy her cookie company and turn the neighboring town into "Cookie World". Therefore, she left them in the care of Jonathan, her assistant. Despite this, they ended up causing chaos at MergeCorp, all because Charlotte cancelled the at-work day-care plan.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Charlotte make some "artistic" changes with "Famous Ethel" coming to the company. To Jonathan, via telephone:)

Jonathan, take down that Maplethorpe and put up that corny Rockwell painting. Yes, the one in the janitor's closet. -- Charlotte

2. (Tommy & Angelica were destroying the office, having Charlotte pay for what she did a while back:)

Charlotte: Don't we have a day care center, here?

Jonathan: Actually, you nixed it.

Charlotte: Well, I'm unnixing it! How can a working mother work around here?

3. (Charlotte goes to the meeting, telling Tommy & Angelica to be nice:)

And if you're really good today, you get to go to work with daddy (Drew) tomorrow! -- Charlotte

4. (When the kids escape from Jonathan, Charlotte leaves Jonathan to humor "Famous Ethel" & her husband while she take care of her "minor crisis":)

Jonathan: We have a clever cover sheet for our faxes; it says "Just the fax". (pause) You know, from that TV show, (mimics Joe Friday) "Just the facts, ma'am."

Famous Ethel: We think television is evil.

5. (After Charlotte finds Tommy & Angelica unhurt, yet the "Cookie World" model destroyed by Angelica, she takes drastic measures:)

Charlotte: Jonathan, call security and have them escort you off the premises.

Jonathan: What do you mean?

Charlotte: (shouts) You're fired!

6. (Charlotte reprimands Angelica for what she done:)

Charlotte: Now what do we do the next time we want something?

Angelica: Ask Daddy?

7. (In the end, Charlotte got the "Famous Ethel" deal after all and Jonathan rejoins the Merge Corp family, with a minor hitch:)

Charlotte: Jonathan, you're unfired. As a matter of fact, I'm promoting you.

Jonathan: To what? Vice-President?

Charlotte: You're the new head of our day-care department. Your first assignment is to take care of Tommy & Angelica while we're at dinner.

Angelica (to Jonathan): We're gonna have lots of fun.


1. First appearance of  Jonathan, played by Rene Auberjonois, who can be seen on Benson, Star Trek -- Deep Space Nine, and the original feature film M*A*S*H.

2. We know in this episode that Charlotte works at "MergeCorp".

3. In quote #1, she refers to artwork done by Maplethorpe and Rockwell. The late Robert Maplethorpe is notorious for photos of naked men hanging in art museums (because of this nature, his work was once banned from Cincinnati). In stark contrast, Norman Rockwell, also deceased, did those folksy covers for The Saturday Evening Post.

4. The TV show Jonathan was referring to was ("Dum De Dum Dum") Dragnet, which starred Jack Webb as LAPD detective Sergeant Joe Friday. The show originally debuted in 1951, with Ben Alexander playing his partner, Frank Smith. It was cancelled in 1959. In January 1967, it returned to TV as Dragnet 1967, this time, with Harry Morgan at his side as Frank Gannon. The popular 60's version was cancelled by NBC in 1970 (as Dragnet 1970), but not without giving birth to a spinoff, Adam 12, which starred Kent McCord (a semi-Dragnet 60's regular) and Martin Milner as LAPD cops; this ran on NBC from 1968 to 1975.

5. Jonathan actually became Merge Corp's Vice President in New York at the end of Moving Away. But in 1997, he once again became Charlotte's lackey.

6. Historical Footnote: On 10/7/2001, Nickelodeon viewers on the west coast and in Arizona were watching this episode at 9:30AM PT (12:30PM ET) when US & Britain begain their assault on Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban in Afghanistan, as punishment for not giving up Bin Laden and his minions, responsible for the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9/11/2001. This, of course, was the start of the US's war against terrorism.

(93-17B) [N56B] [KC56B] [RTS504B] -- Chuckie's Wonderful Life

Writers: Paul Germain, Jonathan Greenburg (based on Samuel K. Williams' idea)

Director: Jim Duffy

Chuckie gets angry with Tommy after he made Chuckie steal Chazz's "Latvian Folk Dances" CD, which was later stolen by Angelica. Chuckie runs away from home, but with help from his "Guardining Angel" (which looks like Chuckie), Chuckie contemplates on what life would be if he was never born; Chazz would live in squalor, watching nothing but C-Span and talking to "Socky", his sock puppet; Phil and Lil (and most of the babies) would become destructive punks; Betty and Howard would become totally helpless; Angelica would become a caliph (a glutton); Stu and Didi would be Angelica's slaves, and Tommy would be a waif, with Angelica taking away everything he ever owned, including his parents, as well as being denied everything.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Chuckie's Guardian Angel flies in to talk Chuckie from running away:)

I don't think running away's such a good idea. -- Guardian Angel

2. (In the end, Chuckie's Guardian Angel's mission was accomplished:)

Chuckie: Some men have to be brave! Some men have to be strong! But do you know what?

Guardian Angel: What, Chuckie?

Chuckie: I think running away's not such a good idea!


1. In case you haven't guessed, this episode is a take off of the perennial Christmas favorite, It's a Wonderful Life.

2. C-Span, established in 1979,  is a series of 2 cable and 2 satellite radio networks presenting the US Senate, US House of Representatives, Canadian Parliament, British House of Commons, and other political affairs to cable viewers in the US.

57 (93-18A) [N57A] [KC57A] [RTS505A] -- In The Dreamtime

Writer: Peter Gaffney

Directors: Howard E. Baker, Steve Socki

After having vivid dreams at night, Chuckie is having trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality. His difficulty, however, almost had disasterous results when he wanders into the next yard, where a bulldog is sitting.

Famous Quotes:

1. (In Chuckie's second dream, he explains the first dream, which involved the Rugrats in some weird wonderland, a talking Spike (WITHOUT the cellular phone rigging), and Tommy with a clown face. Phil & Lil like what Chuckie says:)

Lil: I wish Tommy was a clown, then we can feed him peanuts!

Phil: That's elephants, Lillian.

Lil: Oh, yeah.

(Note: This comment is repeated later in real life, after Chuckie is awake.)

2. (Also in Chuckie's 2nd dream, Tommy wanted to go to Grandpa's room to see if it still smells funny:)

Last time it smelled like cheese. -- Lil

3. (With Chuckie thinking that this "real life" is actually a dream, Phil notices his behavior:)

You never know another person until you've been in his dreams. -- Phil

4. (At the end, Chazz puts Chuckie to bed:)

Ah, the untired sleep of the innocent. -- Chazz

(93-18B) [N57B] [KC57B] [RTS505B] -- The Unfair Pair

Writer: Rachel Lipman

Director: Jim Duffy

Angelica thinks all families should have ONE favorite child; the problem is: who's Betty and Howard's favorite -- Phil or Lil?

Famous Quotes:

1. (To Phil and Lil, who disobey's Angelica's orders:)

You are so incontinent! -- Angelica

(Keep in mind that Angelica meant to say "incompetent" (unable to do things); "incontenent" means to "wet the bed", in which Phil and Lil are such experts.)

2. (Howard wants to give his boss a piece of his mind:)

Howard: I'm gonna march right into Mr. MacDougal's office and tell him that there's gonna be some changes around here or I'm walking!

Betty: Then what happened?

Howard: I woke up.

Betty: Howard, you're a pistol.

58 (93-19A) [N58A] [KC58A] [RTS506A] -- Chuckie's Red Hair

Writer: Jonathan Greenburg

Director: Jeff McGrath

Sick and tired of his red hair, Chuckie takes Grandpa's cue and uses "Raven Formula 14", his black hair dye, though the solution ended up being worse than the problem.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Angelica tells Chuckie why he has red hair:)

Angelica: There's a very good reason why you have red hair.

Chuckie: What's that?

Angelica: 'Cause you're a freak! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Chuckie is a freak! Chuckie is a freak! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

2. (Tommy puts the black hair dye on Chuckie's hair, but it doesn't look natural, as he uses too much:)

Chuckie: Does it look like black hair?

Tommy: It looks like...yuck.

3. (At the park, Chuckie was dissatisfied with his red hair, as everyone was forgetting about him:)

I'm just another face in the clouds. -- Chuckie

4. (Due to the sun's reaction with the dye, Chuckie got his red hair back, but the normally-gray Grandpa has red hair too:)

Grandpa: Serves me right to fool Mother Nature.

Didi: And to order stuff from daytime TV.

(93-19B) [N58B] [KC58B] [RTS506B] -- Spike Runs Away

Writer: Peter Gaffney

Director: Jim Duffy

Spike ended up getting loose from his doghouse, and runs away. Stu and Didi look for him, while trying to find suitable (yet expensive and cumbersome) substitutes for Spike.

Famous Quotes:

1. (After Stu and Didi visit the dog pound to no avail, the warden laments about the ugly truth about lost dogs:)

Why do I have to care so much? -- Dog Warden

2. (After living with a pedigreed poodle named Cuddles (which replaced Spike for a while):)

Chuckie: I think Cuddles' kind of like Spike.

Tommy: No! I knew Spike! Spike's my friend, and let me tell you something, that dog's no Spike!

(Based on a 1988 Vice-Presidential debate, where Michael Dukakis' running mate, Lloyd Bentsen (later, Secretary of the Treasury under Bill Clinton), said "You're no Jack Kennedy!" after Dan Quayle commented on being like the former President.)

3. (To Didi's disatisfaction, Stu got a $50 tarantula for Tommy, but it ran off into Grandpa's room:)

Stu (to Didi): Think of it as an investment.

Grandpa (off-screen in his room, while the spider was on his bed): Aaahh! (steps downstairs with a dead spider in a wadded piece of paper) Why that was a huge spider there; got 'im, though. So, what's for dinner?

4. (Stu and Didi gave up on finding substitutes, as it was hard finding one that they like:)

Spike's one in a million. -- Stu


1. Here's a chart on the pets Stu and Didi got to replace Spike, and the outcome:
Pet: What Happened Later:
Poodle (a pedigree named Cuddles) Sent back to its original owner, Mr. Filibuster, as Cuddles was chewing on Stu and always threatening Tommy and Chuckie. Also, Cuddles eats more food in a day than Spike (note the 50-pound (my guess) bag of dog food that Stu bought home for Cuddles).
Tarantula (named Terry; defanged; costs $50) Killed by Grandpa after it crawled on his bed while he was napping (see quote #3).
Gerbils (named Tonya (female) and Rupert (male)) Ran away and left their waste ("presents") all over the place; also, they've reproduced into thousands of gerbils in the basement.

2. Spike's breed was also revealed in this episode; he's a Siberian Tiger Hound. A rich aristocrat, Winston St. George,  found Spike, named him "Squire Muldoon", and planned on keeping him for breeding purposes until he saw the Pickles' "lost dog" flyers, in which he returned Spike to the Pickles.

3. Possible animation error: when Cuddles grabbed the Star Ball from Tommy and Chuckie, Cuddles had it for awhile and kept Tommy and Chuckie from having it, before its teeth popped the ball open. Later in the day (I can tell since it gets darker everytime Stu and Did return with a new pet), Tommy and Chuckie try to get the Tarantula to play with the Star Ball, the one that was supposed to be destroyed by Cuddles. This happened before, in Tooth Or Dare.

59 (93-20A) [N59A] [KC59A] [RTS507A] -- The Alien

Alternate Title: "Rugrat From Another Planet" (used in Nick UK's schedule)

Writer: Jonathan Greenburg (based on Bruce Goldin's idea)

Director: Steve Socki

Chazz built Chuckie a neat playhouse for Chuckie and the other Rugrats to play in. However, since Angelica could not fit in the playhouse, she forbades the other Rugrats from playing in it by disclosing (in pure fiction, of course) that Chuckie's an alien and the playhouse's a spaceship.

Famous Quotes:

1. (After Chuckie exposes his secret of being a bed-wetter, rather than an alien:)

Lil: We wet our bed too!

Phil: Every chance we get!

2. (When Tommy disclosed to the others that Chuckie's an alien:)

The cat's out of the bagel now! -- Angelica

(She meant to say bag, not bagel.)

3. (During a belly-button comparison to see whether Chuckie's an alien, we get to Lil's belly button, in which we see her eat her belly-button lint (ewww!):)

Ummm! 'Sketti-O's! -- Lil


In a scene where Angelica holds a puzzle of the United States, please note the shape and number of the states; they are shaped in an odd manner (instead of the states most older kids know), and they're are less than 50 states present on the puzzle (don't know exact number (I guess 16), but there are definitely less than 50 states there).

(93-20B) [N59B] [KC59B] [RTS507B] -- Mr. Clean

Writer: Rachel Lipman (based on Jonathan Blum's idea)

Director: Jim Duffy

After a nightmare, in which germs from the garbage seized Chuckie, he becomes afraid of germs, so he took steps to avoid himself -- and the other Rugrats -- from catching them.

Famous Quotes:

1. (At the start, Chuckie plays in the trash:)

There's nothing like a nice pile of garbage. -- Chuckie

2. (Later, he plays under the bed, where it's dusty:)

Under the bed is the bestest place there is! -- Chuckie

3. (After Chuckie forbade the other Rugrats from playing games other than sitting still:)

It may not be fun, but it's safe. -- Chuckie

4. (Chuckie asks the Rugrats if they promise not to play in the trash:)

Cross your scarves, hope to fly, stick a poodle in your eye? -- Chuckie

5. (After Chuckie got into his "germ suit" and went on a sanitation spree:)

That kid just gets weirder and weirder. -- Phil

6. (Near the end, when the Rugrats are in the trash, Chuckie decides to be normal again:)

Keeping the germs off of me was hard work; I think I'll take my chances like the rest of you. -- Chuckie

60 (93-21A) [N60A] [KC60A] [RTS508A] -- Angelica's Worst Nightmare

Writer: Steve Viksen

Director: Jeff McGrath

Charlotte is having a baby, but Angelica does not like the idea of having another mouth to feed.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Angelica is worried that her parents would devote all their attention to the new baby. At bedtime, before her nightmare:)

What am I, chopped slivers? -- Angelica

2. (In the nightmare, Charlotte takes away Angelica's toys and room, not to mention being ranked at the bottom:)

Charlotte: We're giving him your room and all your toys. You can sleep in the laundry room.

Angelica: But...

Charlotte: And we didn't have time to make dinner for you, so here's a piece of cheese. And when the dryer's done, you can fold the towels!

3. (Near the end of her nightmare, "Big Boy" (her new baby; the name came from the shirt he's wearing that says "Big Boy"; no relation to the restaurant) eats Angelica, electric car and all:)

Angelica: I'm your only sister!

Big Boy: Now you're num-nums!


1. The opening credits "cut" on and off, rather than the usual "fade" on & off.

2. Dr. Daniel Prescott's number for his TV talk show is 555-5555; this number was used before in The Santa Experience, but as the number for Cogs Unlimited.

3. The voice of Dr. Prescott in this episode, as well as a few voices in the next story (below) are done by Gregg Berger, who's the voice of The Gromble on Real Monsters.

(93-21B) [N60B] [KC60B] [RTS508B] -- The Mega Diaper Babies

Writer: Joe Ansolabehere

Director: Jim Duffy

The Rugrats play-act their favorite super-heroes, "The Mega Hyper-Heroes", a Captain Planet-type program, as Angelica commandeers their action figures.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Chuckie plays "Stinky", a character he hates to play. To Tommy:)

Just answer one thing to me, Tommy; just answer one thing. (yelling) Why do I have to be Stinky? -- Chuckie

2. ("Dotted-Line Girl" (Lil) tries to rescue the Mega Hyper Heroes, without success:)

Lil: I'm just a dotted line!

Angelica (as Angelitron): Any idiot can see a dotted line!


1. The opening credits cut from one credit to another, with no pausing in between, then fades after the director's credit.

2. Here's a list of the Mega Hyper Heroes, and what they do:
Mega Hyper Hero: What He/She Does:
The Changling Changes from one animal to another.
Flamo A walking flame-thrower.
Ms. Invisible Can become invisible at will.
The Bolt "...has the strength of 2 men!"
Metalitron Their ememy; a robot loaded with various weapons.

3. Here's the list of the Mega Diaper Babies, and what they do:
Mega Diaper Baby: In Acuality: What He/She Does:
Changing Baby Tommy Like "The Changling", changes into different animals.
Spitwad Boy Phil Blows spitwads out of his "machine spitwad pipe" (my name for it; none was given)
Dotted-Line Girl Lil Colored blue; its outline is a dotted-line.
Stinky Chuckie "...has the smell of 2 babies!"
Angelitron Angelica Their enemy; just like Metalitron.
Cynthiatron Cynthia Just like the above, only it doesn't do anything, and that Angelitron speaks for her, as usual.

4. Animation error dept.: When Tommy, the Changing Baby, changes into an Octopus and fights the "Robo-Buster", we can see Tommy's gums, as usual. But when the "Robo-Buster" tries to pull Changing Baby off, Tommy has a full set of teeth, something he doesn't have yet (he only has one tooth).

61 (93-22A) [N61A] [KC61A] [RTS509A] -- New Kid In Town

Writer: Rachel Lipman

Director: Steve Socki

Tired of Angelica being bad to them all the time; the Rugrats find Josh, another friend to play with. It started out okay, but it turns out, however, that he is more meaner than Angelica, going as far as risking their lives with a game called "Pillow" (he swings high and jumps ON the babies). According to Josh, what's "fair" is what he (and later, his fist) decides to be fair.

Famous Quotes:

1. (At one point of Josh's steel-handed reign, Tommy sneakily asks Angelica for help; however, she refuses to assists the Rugrats, leaving them this advice:)

Next time, look before you peek! -- Angelica

2. (Angelica, after noticing that Josh was about to jump off the swing onto the Rugrats, had a change of heart and comes to the rescue with her water-balloon catapult; she misses him, but with a purpose:)

The next one won't miss! -- Angelica

3. (Josh tries to make a deal with Angelica:)

Josh: We'll split the babies, 50/50.

Angelica: Who gets the heads?


The voice of Josh is provided by Dana Hill, known for her voices as Charles on Duckman, Max in early episodes of Goof Troop, and Jerry in Tom & Jerry, The Movie, among other roles. In previous episodes of Rugrats, Hill played "The Cleaver Kid" (Momma Trauma (?)), Little Kid (Momma Trauma (?) & Special Delivery (?)) & Billy (Spike The Wonder Dog). In live-action roles, she was best known as Audrey Grizwold in National Lampoon's European Vacation (1985). Unfortunately, Dana Hill died of a stroke brought on by her severe diabetic condition on July 15, 1996, at the age of 32.

(93-22B) [N61B] [KC61B] [RTS509B] -- Pickles Vs. Pickles

Writers: Paul Germain, Jonathan Greenburg

Director: Jim Duffy

Tired of being hassled all the time by her parents,  especially when it comes down to the foods she's required to eat, Angelica doesn't take the law into her own hands -- she takes them to court.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Angelica's parents send her to her room; she tried to bargain with them, but it was pointless at this point:)

It's too late for talk now, Angelica; we tried to reason with you, but you wouldn't listen. -- Charlotte.

2. (Later, Angelica turns the tables on them by taking them to court. She tries to settles this out of court, but to no avail:)

Angelica (repeating quote #1, but for Charlotte): It's too late for talk now, mommy; I tried to reason with you, but you wouldn't listen.

Charlotte: But Angelica...

Angelica (recording the entire discussion): Be careful, mommy; the tape's rolling.

Charlotte (frustrated): Oooh... (to Drew) Come on, Drew; we're going to the mat with this one!

3. (Angelica fires her lawyer, a heavy-set, mustachioed man with cigar and dark glasses names F. Lee Barnum, since he wouldn't cooperate with her:)

It's back to chasing ambulances for you! -- Angelica

4. (When Angelica refuses to properly answer Mr. Hershowitz's (her parent's lawyer) questions, before repeating everything he says:)

Hershowitz: Answer "Yes" or "No"!

Angelica: "Yes or No"!

5. (After Angelica finished questioning Drew:)

Ladies and gentlemen of the jerky, you've heard him with your own eyes! -- Angelica

6. (After the jury awarded Angelica of all of her parents' possessions, Drew complains that the court proceedings have gone severely downhill:)

This isn't a courthouse; it's a three-ring circus! -- Drew


1. Dan Castellaneta, famous for his role as Homer Simpson, plays several parts in this episode, including Mr. Hershowitz, Charlotte and Drew's lawyer.

2. Near the start of the episode, we see Charlotte sleeping on the left side of the bed and Drew on the right. However, near the end, after the dream sequence in court, we see Charlotte on the right and Drew on the left.

62 (93-24A) [N63A] [KC62A] [RTS511A] -- Kid TV

Writer: Michael Ferris (based on Matt Vitz's story)

Director: Jeff McGrath

After being disgusted by a competitor's toy commercial on TV (a "Transformer"-type flying bird that flies, goes in space, does your homework, etc.), Stu throws his invention (similar to what's on the commercial, except it doesn't do anything) at the TV, breaking the TV and the bird (the latter already broken to begin with). Afterwards, the Rugrats use a box (a "Cheese of the Month" box that was to be used to ship the TV back to Japan) to make their own shows, all making a rather colorful lineup.

Famous Quotes:

1. (When "Captain Crozsky's Cartoon Cavalcade" goes to a commercial:)

All right! Commercials! -- Stu

2. (On the cardboard TV, when "Getting In Trouble" is forced into a commercial:)

Lil: We like commercials!

Phil: They're the bestest part!

3. (In Chuckie's "Evening News", he reports on subjects like Spike's growling and Lil's 7 diaper changes. Each time he asks of this:)

Why did it happen? How did it happen? Nobody knows. -- Chuckie

4. (In that same program, Chuckie reports on the "brain debate", in which he would repeat the insults uttered between Phil and Lil, all whispered into Chuckie's ears. Here's one of them:)

If your brains were gasoline, you wouldn't have enough power to drive around a penny. -- Chuckie


1. Here's the Rugrats' cardboard TV schedule:
The Rugrats' Show Their version of: Description
"Getting In Trouble" typical game shows (the theme used reminds me a lot of "The $25,000 Pyramid") M.C. Tommy has contestant Chuckie do stunts. In this first installment, Chuckie was to throw an 8-ball at priceless china.
commercial those high-class perfume commercials Angelica pitches her "beauty juice"; not available in stores; not available at all (see has the only bottle and is reluctant to part with it).
"Getting In Trouble" Game (Part 2) Chuckie's next stunt, spinning in circles.
"Angelica Bond -- Master Spy" Those spy shows & movies (similar to James Bond & The Avengers) Angelica drives off in her sports car. After the titles spin on and off the screen, she blows bubble gum, the dances around, most of this in sillouette form.
"The Teeny and The Tiny" Soap Opera Phil needs a brain transplant and Lil offers hers, but their moment was squashed when Angelica barges in and sings (she thinks this is an "Opera").
"Evening News with Chuck Finster" News (part 1) (the "teletype" sound sounds more like "morse code" clicking) Chuckie reports on various Rugrats happenings; the highlight being Phil & Lil's "Brain Debate" (one says the other has peanuts for brains).
"Angelica The Cop" Crime Drama Angelica chases the crooks (the other Rugrats).
"Getting In Trouble" Game (Part 3) The final stunt: run from Angelica (they do so through the "TV studio").
Special Report News (part 2) Chuckie reports on the chase incurred on the previous 2 shows.
(no title) The Brady Bunch (my opinion) At the end of this episode, the Rugrats climb on top of each other.

2. Regarding Stu throwing his bird at the TV -- doesn't it remind you of what Elvis did when he sees Wayne Newton on TV?

(93-24B) [N63B] [KC62B] [RTS511B] -- The Sky Is Falling

Writer: Peter Gaffney

Director: Jim Duffy

Following Angelica's story on "The End of the World" (which previously happened 2 years before), the Rugrats prepare for the falling sky, and its aftermath (Angelica becomes the world President and orders the Rugrats to do what she says), while Stu and Chazz brush up on their tennis.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Chuckie asks questions about the sky:)

Why is the sky blue? And how can it stay up there? -- Chuckie

2. (When Angelica sees the other Rugrats looking at the sky:)

I hope it doesn't rain; you turkeys might drown! -- Angelica

(Scientific fact: Not being so smart, turkeys were known to drown in the rain; they do so by looking up at the sky while it rains, consuming the water which gets into their airpipe and lungs.)

3. (Angelica explained the last time the world ended 2 years ago:)

Rivers overflowed; mountains crumbled, and all the TV shows were cancelled.  --Angelica

4. (Due to lack of space, Phil wasn't admitted into the shelter, but Angelica later changed her mind after all the other Rugrats left in protest:)

Phil: Thanks for letting me in, Angelica.

Angelica: What can I say? I'm a softie. It's my only flaw.

5. (At the end of this episode, after the world ended and Stu made Angelica clean up the mess caused by her impunity as President of the world, Chuckie can't find any reason to be scared when he and the other Rugrats go to see if Tommy's room is still there:)

After living through the end of the world, being scared of anything else seems silly. -- Chuckie


Shortly before the world "ends", Angelica and the other Rugrats huddle in their "Fall-In Shelter". First of all, the sign is so neatly (and professionally) printed (Stu or Chazz didn't do it; they were playing tennis at the time); the sign Angelica made for her Secret Club was nothing but a bunch of scribbles. Second, look at the sign while Angelica picks what Rugrats should enter the shelter. At one point, shelter was spelled "sheltel".

63 (93-25A) [N64A] [KC63A] [RTS512A] -- I Remember Melville

Writer: Barbara Slade (spelled in credits as "Barbera")

Director: Steve Socki

Melville, Chuckie's pet bug, died while in the other Rugrats' care. They try to find ways to avoid passing that fact to Chuckie.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Shortly after Melville's death, Phil and Lil explain what "dead" means:)

Lil: "Dead" means that you go to sleep for a long time.

Phil: Like forever.

2. (Chuckie is adamant that Melville is still alive:)

Melville's alive, I tell you! Alive, alive, alive! -- Chuckie

3. (After Chuckie is convinced that Melville is dead, he remembers how good a pet Melville was:)

Chuckie: He was the bestest bug I ever had.

Phil: He was the only bug you ever had.

(93-25B) [N64B] [KC63B] [RTS512B] -- No More Cookies

Writer: Jonathan Greenberg

Director: Jim Duffy

After getting sick as a result of eating too much cookies, Angelica swears off them, depending on the other Rugrats to keep her away from cookies.

Famous Quotes:

1. (Angelica creates a ruse in order to find those cookies:)

Angelica (to the Rugrats): I'll be right back; I'm gonna check on the babies.

Tommy: Okay.

Chuckie: What did Angelica say?

Tommy: She says that she's going to check on the babies.

Chuckie: Oh.

All the Rugrats (after a long pause): We are the babies!

2. (In a flashback, Angelica look back at her favorite cookies she enjoyed when she was younger:)

...I learned all the different varieties: (pausing between each one to reflect) Chocolate Chip! Oatmeal! Gingerbread! (flashback ends) Each one delicious; special in its own way. So you see, Tommy, cookies made me who I am.-- Angelica


This story shows Angelica as a baby and a toddler, as well as explains why she's addicted to cookies.

64 (93-26A) [N65A] [KC64A] [RTS513A] -- Cradle Attraction

Writers: Peter Gaffney, Paul Germain, Rachel Lipman, Jonathan Greenberg

Directors: Steve Socki, Jeff McGrath

Chuckie has a girlfriend, Megan. They like each other in an unorthodox manner -- by teasing each other.

Famous Quotes:

1. (The twins question the wisdom of Megan:)

Lil: I think she's nuts.

Phil: If I were you, I'd stay away from her; she might have rabies or something.

2. (Soon after Chuckie knew that teasing was Megan's way of saying she likes someone, Chuckie decides to tease her back, after traditional means of showing affection did not work:)

Phil: That's the weirdest thing I ever sawed.

Lil: Yeah; I think they're both nuts.

3. (Chuckie likes being in love:)

If you think eating carpet lint is fun, wait till you fall in love! -- Chuckie

4. (Chuckie, after finding out that he loves Megan, begins to draw up long-range plans:)

I know it's a little too early to talk about marriage, but hey, I'll be turning 3 next year. -- Chuckie

(93-26B) [N65B] [KC64B] [RTS513B] -- Moving Away

Writers: Peter Gaffney, Paul Germain, Rachel Lipman, Jonathan Greenberg

Director: Jim Duffy

Angelica and her parents are moving to New York, only to have their plans thwarted by Jonathan at the last minute. Tommy explains to the other Rugrats on how they met for the first time, thanks to Angelica's lies about each other.

Famous Quotes:

1. (In the flashback, Drew introduces himself to Betty for the first time:)

Drew: Are you Betty DeVille?

Betty: That depends; are you from the county?

2. (Also in that flashback, Stu and Didi throw a housewarming party; all Stu wants are the gifts:)

"Throw a housewarming party" my foot! 16 guests and not one stinking gift! -- Stu

3. (Charlotte finds out that Jonathan has stolen her New York job from her; she breaks her portable phone antenna in the process:)

I gave MergeCorp the best years of my life, and they gave that V.P. job to that weasel Jonathan! There's no loyalty in this town, Drew! -- Charlotte

4. (After learning that Angelica and her parents will staying here, she takes back her promise to be good (over the closing background music):)

Nothing has changed! If you think I'm gonna start being nice to you, you got another thing coming! Lay off me, will you?-- Angelica


1. This episode explains how each of the Rugrats got to know each other. They met at Stu and Didi's housewarming party, all because Angelica told them bad lies about each other:
Rugrat(s) What Angelica Says They Do
Tommy Steals diapers; eats buttons
Chuckie "The Crusher"; steals toys
Phil & Lil Crushes eye glasses; cuts off other people's red hair

2.  This episode also reveals that Stu, Didi, and Tommy moved from Akron to where they're living now.

3. Continuity Error: In the flashback, Angelica asks Phil & Lil if she seen them before at the park, and then asks if they were eating worms at the time. In this flashback, Phil & Lil hasn't met Tommy or Chuckie yet, and calls worms "worms". However, all 4 babies were together when they were first introduced to worms in Moose Country, and even then they used "chocolate spaghetti" instead of "worms". (Special thanks to Anthony N.)

65 (93-23) [N62] [KC65] [RTS510] -- Passover

World TV Premiere: 4/13/1995 at 8PM ET on Nick (US)

Writers: Peter Gaffney, Paul Germain, Rachel Lipman, Jonathan Greenberg

Directors: Jim Duffy, Steve Socki, Jeff McGrath

(1998 book adaptation, "'Let My Babies Go!' -- A Passover Story", written by Sarah Wilson & drawn by Barry Goldberg)

After arguing with Minka over his spotted glasses, Boris runs away. Later, after feeling bad, he decides to get Minka's glasses, only to be trapped in the attic by Angelica, Tommy & Chuckie. Each family member finds him, as well as end up being locked in the attic (it locks from the outside). While in the attic, Boris tells the story on how Passover was established. Angelica, imagining the story as it unfolds, picture herself as the Pharaoh, Tommy as Moses, and the babies as Hebrew slaves. A very interesting episode.

Famous Quotes:

1. (On the way to Boris & Minka's for the Passover Seder, the non-Jewish Stu asks why it is important:)

Stu: Are you sure this ceremony's really necessary? I think it's boring.

Didi: Passover isn't boring; it's a meaningful holiday.

Stu: If it's meaningful, why aren't there any presents?

Didi: The Passover Seder is where Jewish families get together and retell the history of their people. They've been doing it for thousands of years.

Stu: Sounds boring to me.

2. (Boris and Minka argue over spotted wine glasses, his parents' glasses, with spots, came from Smolensk, while her glasses, no spots, hail from Vilnius:)

Since when did spotty old glasses become part of Jewish tradition? -- Minka

3. (Minka questions Boris's authority, then Boris decides not to take part:)

Minka: Why do we have to do things your way, Mr. Big Shot?

Boris: Because my way is right, that's why!

Minka: Vey!

Boris: If you do the Seder your way, then I'll wash my hands in the whole thing!

Minka: It'll be better to wash your father's glassware!

Boris (leaving): That's it!

4. (The kids go into the attic:)

Chuckie: This place is really scary, Tommy.

Tommy: Don't worry, Chuckie; it's all in your mind.

Chuckie: Well, my mind is a pretty scary place.

5. (Boris was in the attic getting Minka's glasses, but there's one problem -- the door locks from the outside:)

Boris: Don't close the... (Angelica closes door) door.

Angelica: Yep; it's stuck allright.

6. (Before the commercial break, Boris prepares the kids for what happens next in his Passover story. At this point, one of the slavedrivers found out that Moses (Tommy) was a baby:)

Boris: Before long, Moses didn't know what he was getting into.

Angelica: What was he getting into?

Boris: Big Trouble!

7. (Moses (Tommy) and his friend (Chuckie) visit the Pharaoh (Angelica), demanding that she releases the babies, but ended up being kicked out by her lackey:)

Moses: If you don't let my babies go right now, something really bad's gonna happen!

Pharaoh: Go ahead; make my day!

8. (Everyone placed a red smudge over their doorways so that Moses' final plague, which would take away all firstborns, would pass them over; therefore, "Passover". Chuckie, however, nipped it in the bud at Moses' house:)

Hiya, guys. There was a big red smudge over your doorway, but don't worry, I got it off for you. -- Chuckie


1. For film buffs out there, this is essentially the first half of The Ten Commandments, which starred (in the 1956 version) Charlton Heston as Moses and Yul Brynner as the Pharaoh. For readers of the Bible (specifically, anyone reading the Old Testament), it's Exodus 1-14.

2. For some reason, the story on Passover's creation was slightly rewritten to lessen religious overtones; in the Rugrats version, it was Tommy/Moses that caused the plagues and parted the Red Sea; in the Old Testament, God did these for Moses. See #6 for more.

3. This is a half-hour story. However; the title card (both with the title "Passover") is seen twice -- once after the opening credits; again after the first commercial.

4. Possible Captioning Error #1: When the director's credits are displayed, a quote attributed to Charlotte says "Almost as good as Valium." At the time, she was chatting with the Sultan of Brunei. This is another episode where you have to tape it and listen close, as she did not mention the above quote. By the way, Brunei is an independent city-state located on the northern coast of the Indonesian island of Borneo, north of Australia.

5. Captioning Error #2: In the second half, to demonstrate Moses' power, he threw a stick on a ground, which magically turns into a cobra. The captions said "[rattling]". Cobras do not rattle; only rattlesnakes do that.

6. In the Rugrats version of this story,  there were 6 plagues that invaded Egypt -- frogs, lice, darkness, wild beasts, locusts and the removal of the first born. According to the King James Version of the Old Testament (Exodus 7-12), they're 10 plagues -- water pollution (fish & water unfit for consumption), frogs, lice, flies, murrain (cattle and plant diseases), boils, hail, locusts, darkness, and the DEATHS of the firstborns. In this actual version, the Pharaoh refused to back down at all, and stood by his word through his demise at the Red Sea, while the Rugrats version have Pharaoh Angelica free the babies after the locust plague, then changed her mind, then freed them again to stop the firstborn plague, then changed her mind again, before she presumably drowned in the Red Sea.

7. Not mentioned in the episodes, but something I found out in the newsgroups -- many Jews call Passover by its Hebrew name, "Pesach".

8. It is also revealed that Didi, Boris, and Minka are Jewish, while Stu, Drew, Charlotte and Angelica are not; also, Chuckie and Chazz do not subscribe to any religion (I am NOT implying that they are Athiests, Chazz just mentions on the show that the aren't Jewish; they aren't really anything (again, his words).)

9. This was also the last episode of Rugrats' original run.

10. In the book version, the plot is basically the same, except:

a. There was no Seder or "attic incident".
b. In the flashback, Chuckie wore sandals in the book, while he was barefoot in the actual episode.
c. Tommy was drawn on all pages with 7 hairs. On the series (and in "The Rugrats Book Of Chanukah" (by the same illustrator as the Passover adaptation)), he is drawn with the standard 9 hairs.

11. This episode is also an educational Rugrats episode, at least by Nick's terms. This episode was showcased in Nick's early-morning (5:30AM ET & 6AM ET) Cable In The Classroom line-up in 1997 & 1998. For more on Nick's educational TV efforts, click here.

12. According to Google, in Mike Nist's "TV Tonight" column in the rec.arts.tv newsgroup on 4/13/1995, he has this to say about the Rugrats' version of Passover:
As far as I know, "Rugrats Passover" is the first animated special that celebrates a Jewish holiday. The little mensches say "Feh!" to the Egyptians and toddle across the Red Sea -- I'd like to see you top that, Mr. Big Shot Charlie Brown.

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