-- The Lost Episodes

These are the episodes that will never be seen on Nick, or anywhere else. With the exception of Tommy Pickles and the Great White Thing, these episodes never made it past the outline or early script stages. All episodes were originally slated for debuts sometime in 1992 or 1993.

Some of these episodes may have been rejected after the period in which my notes span; therefore, I wouldn't know the final word on some of these episodes.

1 -- Tommy Pickles and the Great White Thing

This 6 1/2 minute pilot was produced, but never televised on Nick; the only public exposure was when it was screened at various animation festivals worldwide. The producers, however, had plans to expand the pilot to 11 minutes and use it as a regular episode, starting in 1993, but it never happened. As for how it was to have been done, it was never revealed -- either have 11 minutes of all-new animation, or add 4 1/2 minutes to the existing 6 1/2 minutes. Klasky-Csupo did try this tactic later on with Real Monsters -- the pilot, Monsters Get Real, was televised as a combination of both the original pilot (about 6 minutes long) and 5 minutes of new animation, to fill the allocated 11-minute slot. Of course, that resulted in some animation consistencies between the pilot and the new material.

2 -- Tommy The Sage

Apparently, this episode was to have Tommy give words of wisdom to his fellow Rugrats. Nick disapproved of this episode, as it did not seem fit for the series, especially in a flashback sequence.

3 -- Didi's Cold

This episode was to have Didi come down with a cold, and probably explain how it would affect the other Rugrats. It was eventually rejected.

4 -- Metamorphosis

Rejected by K-C due to its fantasy sequences, though it might've been done later on as Chuckerfly.

5 -- Chuckie Gets Trapped

This episode was to have dealt with Chuckie getting his head stuck in the bannister (those small poles that hold up the handrails on the stairs). This was rejected by Arlene Klasky, as she felt that it presented a danger issue.

6 -- Dog Show

Originally rejected, as K-C did not more than one episode centering around Spike this season. It was never made.

7 -- Rear Crib Slat

Rejected, as Nick didn't think the story concept would work.

8 -- Tommy The Gambler

You got to know wnen to hold'em, know when to fold'em -- This story was to have taken place at a racetrack, where one or more of the adults would gamble on a horserace. K-C rejected this one not because of the gambling issue, but it was difficult to animate crowd scenes.

9 -- The Seance

The Rugrats and/or the grown-ups would've been contacting spirits. Rejected.

10 -- The Parade

Rejected by K-C, also due to crowd problems in animation.

11 -- Angelica Takes A Candy Bar (a.k.a. Shoplifting)

Apparently, this episode was to have made Angelica criminally evil, as, as the title implies, she steals a candy bar from a local store. Nick rejected this episode.

12 -- The Case of the Missing Eggs

This might have been the Rugrats' Easter special, as it had something to do with eggs. K-C rejected this one for two reasons; they already have a mystery, The Case Of The Missing Rugrat, slated for that season; and there were too many difficulties in terms of realism.

13 -- Poindexter

Rejected, as it was already used in The Last Babysitter, which was initially rejected by Nick.

14 -- Client Dinner

Not sure if this is a rejected episode, of if this is an early title for Waiter, There's A Baby In My Soup, Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster, or even Miss Manners.

15 -- Glasberg's Polynesian Restaurant

Rejected by Nick, as the setting was too similar to Client Dinner (above). By the way, the "Glasberg" in the name referred to Gary Glasberg, who had written one episode that did make it to air in the 2nd season  -- The Dog Broomer.

16 -- Chuckie & Susie (?)

This episode was listed in the schedule, but later omitted for unknown reasons.

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