Rugrats Episodes for 1999

These are the Rugrats' episodes for 1999. Most of these episodes were first seen in Canada on YTV and, in some cases, Canal Famille, before hitting the Anerican airwaves on Nick.


1. When I talk about 100th episodes, I'll be mentioning specials and the documentary. The specials are Chanukah, Mother's Day and Vacation. The documentary is The Making Of "The Rugrats Movie" Special. In official counts, Nickelodeon doesn't include those in their episode count.

2. Counting the direct-to-video episodes, 1999 has saw 32 new episodes, the most new Rugrats episodes released in a single year. This accounts for roughly 25% of the entire series.

3. Also, during the 1999-2000 TV season, Nick showed only one 11-minute story of the new episodes per week -- in other words, it took 2 weeks (sometimes longer) to complete a new Rugrats half-hour. This practice stopped after that season.

4. You may notice that I did not use #s 120 or 121 in my counting system, as I originally allocated these numbers for unknown Rugrats episodes, until I found out that they were for Runaway Reptar, according to official Nick numbers. Instead of going through the hassle of renumbering my list over again and correcting the links, I have chosen to just leave those numbers out.

(Special thanks to Mary Densmore, Max Jordan & Paul Melville (who got this info from a Rugrats cast member or staffer, who wishes to remain anonymous. Ghost Story pictures from Le meilleur site sur les Razmokets.)

96 (99-01A) [N92A] [KC95A] -- Chuckie's Duckling

World TV Premiere Date: 1/4/1999 at 5PM ET on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 1/18/1999 at 8PM ET

A baby duck hatched in Tommy's backyard, and the first thing it sees is Chuckie. Chuckie adopts the duck, which he calls "Herbert". At first, caring for Herbert was exciting, but when the novelty wears out, it becomes a chore. Meanwhile, Betty and her environmental group protest at a condo site that left the baby duck's mother without a home, while Grandpa tries to win at checkers.


First TV appearance of Tommy's baby brother, Dil, who first appeared in The Rugrats Movie.

(99-01B) [N92B] [KC95B] -- A Dog's Life

World TV Premiere Date: 1/4/1999 after "Chuckie's Duckling" on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 1/18/1999 after "Chuckie's Duckling"

Spike's attempts to save Dil from immenent danger gets Spike in trouble with Stu & Didi.

97 (99-02A) [N93A] [KC96A] -- Chuckerfly

World TV Premiere Date: 1/5/1999 at 5PM ET on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 1/23/1999 at 8PM ET

Chuckie does a somersault all by himself, but the grownups weren't paying attention to him, as they're paying more attention to Dil. Angelica, the usual bearer of bad news, steps in and informs Chuckie that he is not as cute as he used to be. Because of this, Chuckie wishes to be a butterfly. To assist him in his "transformation", The Rugrats help make a cocoon out of him.

(99-02B) [N93B] [KC96B] -- Angelica's Twin

World TV Premiere Date: 1/5/1999 after "Chuckerfly" on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 1/23/1999 after "Chuckerfly"

Didi & Betty took the Rugrats to the Toy Palace to shop for toys for Dil. They award Angelica a toy for being nice to Dil. Problem: while they're willing to buy one toy, there's 2 toys that Angelica really wanted -- a Cynthia Cruise Ship and a Cynthia Space Station. Solution: Angelica creates a twin sister from Milwaukee -- "Ballina" -- so she could get both. Noting her creativity and heeding Dr. Lipschitz's advice, Didi & Betty bought the idea, and eventually, both toys. The problem, though, is that the Rugrats think that Ballina is even more nicer than Angelica, and that they would rather play with "her", rather than with Angelica.

98 (99-03A) [N94A] [KC97A] -- Raising Dil

World TV Premiere Date: 1/6/1999 at 5PM ET on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 2/6/1999 at 8PM ET

Stu & Didi start a new baby book for Dil, to keep track of various firsts that will occur in Dil's early years. At first, of course, the book is blank, which led Angelica getting the babies to believe that Dil is not so smart. Trying to prove otherwise, Angelica and the Rugrats "train" Dil.


Here's one first for Dil's baby book -- in this episode, he uses a spoon for the first time. He also can easily put his foot in the mouth -- literally.

(99-03B) [N94B] [KC97B] -- No Naps

World TV Premiere Date: 1/6/1999 after "Raising Dil" on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 2/6/1999 after "Raising Dil"

As a challenge to see whether the Rugrats are "grown-up", Angelica entices the Rugrats not to sleep during naptime, then uses various tactics to get them to fall asleep. The winner gets to play with Stu's newest invention, the "Magical Merry Music Ball".


Storyline error: When Tommy and Chuckie went to the kitchen to find out why Phil went asleep, they found many baby food bottles open and empty. Tommy said: "I knew it, 2 of these bottles are enough to make the strongest baby sleep," and then Chuckie says "And ONLY Angelica could open this kind of bottle." However, in The Rugrats Movie, Tommy opened those kinds of bottles to feed Dil, at least twice.

(Special thanks to Carolina Hernandez T.)

99 (99-04A) [N95A] [KC98B] -- Man Of The House

World TV Premiere Date: 1/7/1999 at 5PM ET on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 2/12/1999 at 8PM ET

Stu goes away to an inventors' convention to pitch his newest invention, the "Memory Booster 2000 Shades". Before he leaves, he makes Tommy the "man of the house". While Stu's gone, he tries to do grown-up things, including fixing one of Dil's broken toys.

(99-04B) [N95B] [KC98A] -- A Whole New Stu

World TV Premiere Date: 1/7/1999 after "Man Of The House" on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 2/12/1999 after "Man Of The House"

On Drew's advice, the family goes to a vacation resort and health spa, where Stu can work out, relax, and become "a whole new man". Tommy, however, is worried that the workout would make Stu mean.


The 2001 book version of this story, Brand-New Daddy, also featured Kimi, but the actual TV episode was produced during 1998 and released in 1999; Kimi wouldn't be introduced for another 18 months, yet.

100 (99-05A) [N96A] [KC99A] -- Submarine

World TV Premiere Date: 1/8/1999 at 5PM ET on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 2/19/1999 at 8PM ET

Stu takes Tommy, Dil & Chuckie to a car lot to shop for a new mini-van. While Looney Larry, a sleazy car salesman, takes advantage of Stu, the little boys play around in a prototype concept car, imagining that it's a submarine. Their mission -- to save Stu from the "sharks" (salesmen).


1. This is the series' 100th episode, if the 3 specials and the documentary are counted.

2. In this episode, Stu takes a look at the Pastorelli, advertised as the finest mini-van available. When they're not appearing on the series, however, they drive a Mercury Villager.

(99-05B) [N96B] [KC99B] -- Chuckie's A Lefty

World TV Premiere Date: 1/8/1999 after "Submarine" on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 2/19/1999 after "Submarine"

Chuckie realises that he's left-handed when he colors differently than the other Rugrats. Soon after realising that he's coloring with his "wrong" hand, Angelica, of course, steps in and makes him the star of her freak show.


In Nick's episode guide, Chuckie's left-handedness was revealed when he was picking up toys differently.

101 (99-06A) [N97A] [KC100A] -- Baking Dil

World TV Premiere Date: 1/11/1999 at 5PM ET on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 2/27/1999 at 8PM ET

Stu & Grandpa prepare a surprise birthday party for Didi. They had everything prepared except for one crucial element -- the birthday cake, which they forgot to get while rushing to get the party together. They take the Rugrats to Bob's Fully Automated Bakery to get the cake. While there, Tommy's gift to Didi, a frog, got away, prompting Dil to try and find it while the Rugrats try to rescue Dil before he becomes a cake. Meanwhile, Betty takes Didi to an English tea shop, where waiters sing songs for every occasion -- to the tune of "Hail Britannia".


This is the series' 100th episode, if the 3 specials are counted, but not the documentary.

(99-06B) [N97B] [KC100B] -- Hair!

World TV Premiere Date: 1/11/1999 after "Baking Dil" on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 2/27/1999 after "Baking Dil"

Grandpa's old army buddy, Roy Davis, is paying a visit, but Grandpa's afraid that he'll be embarrased by his baldness and being out of shape. Meanwhile, afraid that Tommy will stay a baby forever because he's bald, according to Angelica (of course), the Rugrats try to find hair for Tommy.


1. The title is, more or less, a homage to the 1967 Broadway musical, Hair.

2. According to Nickelodeon's guide,  "Tommy learns that bald is beautiful." This, of course, is the opposite of my description above.

3. In this episode, Ed Begley Jr. (St. Elsewhere) plays Roy Davis.

4. Animation note: At the end of the title card in this episode, a small smiley-face flashes in the final frame of the sequence. While such surprises (known in computer terms as "Easter eggs") is probably a first for Rugrats, it happens on some occasions in various animated programs, shorts and movies. In one episode of the animated version of ALF, someone slipped in a frame with the word "America" and some patriotic icons surrounding it. And of course, there are several "Easter eggs" in many Disney films, one of these leading to a recall of a video release of The Rescuers, for including a hidden picture of a naked lady in a couple of frames. To see these "Easter eggs" clearly, you need to play the video of the program or film in slow motion, pausing the second you see the odd image.

102 (99-07A) [N98A] [KC101A] -- Zoo Story

World TV Premiere Date: 1/12/1999 at 5PM ET on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 8/7/1999 at 9AM ET

Stu, Chazz & Howard take the Rugrats to the zoo, where the employees wear animal costumes. After noticing this, the Rugrats learn that animals are people, too, as they see these "animals" do human stuff like eat ice cream, play with toys and sell souvenirs. When placed in a caged petting zoo, they think that they will turn into animals and remain there forever and ever. Later, when Tommy dropped his trusty screwdriver outside the pen, the Rugrats call on Dil and the real animals to help him out.


1. At the zoo, there's a sign that directs visitors to various animals. This sign has arrows pointing to, in order, lions & tigers & bears (oh my!). In case you haven't guessed, the arrangement of those names came from the famous 1939 film, The Wizard Of Oz.

2. At the end of the episode, Chazz discusses with Stu on where to take the Rugrats next; his suggestions were the bowling alley, the mini-golf course and the pool at the community center. Stu responded to all those as "Tried it." Stu knows, as he went to those places in King Ten Pin, Ice Cream Mountain & The Big Flush, respectively.

(99-07B) [N98B] [KC101B] -- I Do

World TV Premiere Date: 1/12/1999 after "Zoo Story" on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 8/7/1999 after "Zoo Story"

After being a flower girl (again) at a wedding, Angelica makes the moment last by forcing Chuckie and Lil marry each other in a shotgun marriage ceremony; they were "married" after Chuckie & Lil were the first ones to say "I do" when Tommy asked if anyone wants to play "tag". They were satisfied with the marriage, until a new baby come along -- Dil. Meanwhile, Tommy & Phil keep their "tag" game going with only 2 people, but doesn't work out well, now that Chuckie & Lil are married.


1. In case you didn't know, Angelica was a flower girl before, at Ben & Elaine's wedding in Let Them Eat Cake.

2. According to Nick, Angelica becomes a marriage counselor, giving advice on marriage and love.

3. Also in this episode, the grown-ups discuss where they went on their honeymoons -- Drew & Charlotte went to Hawaii, while Stu & Didi went to Wisconsin.

103 (99-08A) [N99A] [KC102A] -- The Magic Baby

World TV Premiere Date: 1/13/1999 at 5PM ET on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 12/20/1999 at 7:30AM ET on Telemundo (in Spanish)
(Earliest-known air date on US television)

Original Nick US Air Date: 5/4/2001 at 8PM ET

Grandpa reads the story of "Jack & The Beanstalk" to the Rugrats, while Didi makes beanbags for them. Angelica got a hold of some of those beans and passed them to the Rugrats as magic beans. When Dil ate one of the beans,  the Rugrats realise that Dil had magical powers.

(99-08B) [N99B] [KC102B] -- Dil We Meet Again

World TV Premiere Date: 1/13/1999 after "The Magic Baby" on YTV (Canada)

Original Video Street Date: 10/5/1999 on Make Room For Dil (direct to video only in US)

Original US Air Date: 12/20/1999 after "The Magic Baby" on Telemundo (in Spanish)
(Earliest-known air date on US television)

Original Nick US Air Date: 5/4/2001 after "The Magic Baby"

The grown-ups prepare for a block party. After Betty warned the Rugrats that Dil will become a watermelon if he eats too much of it, they thought that it happened when Didi took Dil inside to clean him up and was replaced at that spot with a watermelon, while they saw Chazz making balloon animals. The worst part is that watermelon is going to be part of a watermelon-eating contest.


1. Both of these stories are the first Rugrats episode to make its US TV debut not on Nickelodeon, but on the Spanish-language Telemundo network. The "12/20/1999" date for Telemundo is the earliest-known date, as Telemundo might have televised it prior to the Fall of 1999, when Telemundo's site opened. Nickelodeon US did not first show this episode until May 2001; when they finally did, this episode was already seen on all other versions of Nick worldwide and the local channels that carry the program, such as YTV, Canal Famille, France 3, Telemundo and, perhaps, AFRTS (yes, America's men and women in uniform overseas may have already seen this episode before the civilians).

2. Also, on Nick US, this episode (and very likely, the 3 remaining unaired episodes from 1999) have the new intro featuring Susie, Dil & Kimi (the latter, of course, not yet introduced when this episode was produced). Everywhere else, including Telemundo, AFRTS and YTV, uses the original intro.

104 (99-09A) [N100A] [KC103A] -- Hand Me Downs

World TV Premiere Date: 1/14/1999 at 5PM ET on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 1/30/1999 at 8PM ET

Angelica tells Tommy that he will disappear when Didi gives his old toys to Dil.


This is the series' 100th episode, if neither the 3 specials nor the documentary are counted.

(99-09B) [N100B] [KC103B] -- Angelica's Ballet

World TV Premiere Date: 1/14/1999 after "Hand Me Downs" on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 1/30/1999 after "Hand Me Downs"

Angelica drafts the Rugrats to play her ballet troupe, so she can stage her own ballet recital to prove that she can dance. She did this because (1) she lied to Susie about taking dance lessons (Angelica was expelled from dance school after 2 classes), and (2) she did this to get back at Susie, who was chosen to be a lead at her class' presentation of Swan Lake. Angelica's biggest challenge is to get Chuckie to wear a tutu; he didn't want to, as he feels embarassed wearing one (obviously). The end result -- "Angelica Lake", with a pail of water for a lake, and Dil in his high chair as a tree. Meanwhile, Stu, Drew, Randy & Chazz work on Stu's roof, having trouble finding out what caused the roofing tiles to deteriorate.


1. The Rugrats used Halloween costumes, as they were short on ballet dresses. In "Angelica Lake", Angelica wore a ladie's hat and a feather boa; Tommy was a doctor, Phil was a cow, Lil wore a blonde afro wig, and Chuckie, of course, wore a tutu.

2. More evidence that Angelica and Chuckie are the same size -- the tutu was meant for Angelica, but it fits Chuckie so nicely. In Angelica For A Day, they also shared the same shoe size.

3. As for background music -- they lacked any classical stuff, so they used an upbeat "Cynthia's Workout" cassette instead.

105 (99-10A) [N101A] [KC104A] -- Opposites Attract

World TV Premiere Date: 1/15/1999 at 5PM ET on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 3/13/1999 at 8PM ET

While at the park, Tommy & Chuckie found 2 new friends: Chuckie met Freddie, who was also constantly scared; and Tommy met Samantha, also adventurous. With these perfect matches, will Tommy & Chuckie stay friends?


According to Nick, it did not give specifics as to who met whom; it just mentioned that the Rugrats met some kids who look like them, but are exact opposites.

(99-10B) [N101B] [KC104B] -- The Art Museum

World TV Premiere Date: 1/15/1999 after "Opposites Attract" on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 3/13/1999 after "Opposites Attract"

While visiting the art museum with Stu, the Rugrats wandered around the museum, "finding themselves" in the pieces of art. Especially intrigued is Angelica, who took the other kids around to explain that every artist has done a painting of her.


1. The works of art in this museum are similar to ones done by Warhol, Matisse, Mondrian, Bosch, Rodin, Picasso & Munch (Chuckie was really into Munch's "The Scream").

2. This episode also features guest voice Justine Bateman as one of the art patrons. Justine played Mallory Keaton in the 1980s NBC series, Family Ties.

106 (99-11A) [N102A] [KC105A] -- The Jungle

World TV Premiere Date: 1/18/1999 at 5PM ET on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 3/20/1999 at 8PM ET

At Faye's Garden Center, a plant nursery, the Rugrats think they were in a jungle after Grandpa mentions that there's so many plants, it looks like a jungle. After hearing Grandpa's tall tale about Jungle Fever, the Rugrats imagine Dil turning into a Jungle Beaver, prompting them to find a cure for Dil's condition.

(99-11B) [N102B] [KC105B] -- The Old Country

World TV Premiere Date: 1/18/1999 after "The Jungle" on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 3/20/1999 after "The Jungle"

The Pickles plan to spend the weekend at Boris & Minka's rented cabin in the woods. The cabin lacks any modern conveniences, such as indoor plumbing. However, when they mentioned that they're going there to help protect the cabin from the elements, Tommy & Chuckie thought that they're going to the fabled "Old Country" to protect the cabin from the "elephants". Meanwhile, Chazz goes out into the woods to find his inner caveman.

107 (99-12A) [N103A] [KC106A] -- Ghost Story

World TV Premiere Date: 1/19/1999 at 5PM ET on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 3/27/1999 at 8PM ET

Stu & Didi arrange a camping party for the Rugrats. At night, the Rugrats tell a ghost story. Angelica starts it off, with the Rugrats adding on to it. However, when the Rugrats' contributions weren't even as remotely as scary, she constantly derails them, as she wanted the story to go her way.

1. This episode will mark another first for Rugrats -- a crossover between Rugrats and another cartoon.  In Angelica's portion of the ghost story, Ickis, Krumm & Oblina, the monsters from Real Monsters, will make an appearance to scare the Rugrats. As you may know, K-C created Real Monsters for Nick, just like Rugrats.

2. In that same sequence, we see Angelica, dressed as a witch, with her hair NOT in pigtails. Even though this is an imaginary sequence, this is the first time we get to see Angelica wear her hair long.

(Left & Right: Our monsterly trio, with Chuckie (left) and Angelica (right); courtesy of Le meilleur site sur les Razmokets, taken from a France 3 telecast; ©1999 Viacom.)

(99-12B) [N103B] [KC106B] -- Chuckie's Complaint

World TV Premiere Date: 1/19/1999 after "Ghost Story" on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 3/27/1999 after "Ghost Story"

After seeing Reptar steal some cereal in a Reptar Cereal commercial, Chuckie writes a letter to him complaining about the commercial, with a little help from Angelica. When Chuckie decided to retract the complaint, Angelica said that it was too late, as she already "mailed" the letter. Chuckie becomes even more afraid when they go to the Video Cave arcade at "The Mall" to meet Reptar who, according to the commercial for "Reptar's Revenge" (his latest direct-to-video movie), is "mad at someone".

Famous Quotes:

1. I haven't been doing any quotes lately, but here's one I can't resist. At the commercial break on the Dummi Bears show, one of the Dummi Bears say:

"The Dummi Bears Show will be back, right after a word from our friends who sells stuff. Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee!"

2. Here's a jingle for "Chocolate Cheese Bars", a candy most likely to be condemned by the American Dental Association:

"If you like chocolate, with gum under 'neath,
If you like caramel, sticking to your teeth,
If you like the dentist, drilling cavities,
then you'll like Choco-Chocolate Cheese!"


1. The title is based on Philip Roth's book from the late-1960's, Portnoy's Complaint.

2. Animation error: in the Reptar Cereal ad, after Reptar crashes in, there was a spoon next to the cereal bowl on the kitchen table. When Reptar picked up the bowl, the spoon disappears.

3. In another animation error, all the Rugrats cry at the mall, and are taken by Didi & Betty to the bathroom to have their diapers changed. In the bathroom, Phil, Lil, Tommy & Chuckie are on the table, and Didi & Betty hold up 4 diapers, one in each hand. Isn't Chuckie already potty-trained and wearing briefs by now?

4. "Reptar's Revenge", Reptar's latest direct-to-video film, is also the name of an earlier Rugrats episode. That episode also featured a man in a Reptar costume.

108 (99-13A) [N104A] [KC112A] -- Pedal Pusher

World TV Premiere Date: 1/20/1999 at 5PM ET on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 3/6/1999 at 8PM ET

Chuckie and the Rugrats go to the park to try out his new pedal-operated toy car that his father gave him. Other kids like his car so much, they become his "friends", just to get a ride. While doing so, Chuckie leaves his real friends, the Rugrats, behind. Meanwhile, Didi & Chazz compare notes on Dr. Lipschitz, with Chazz being more up-to-date on his work.


How up-to-date is Chazz on Dr. Lipschitz? Chazz has the latest CD-Rom of his work, printouts of Dr. Lipschitz's web site, even a direct satellite connection with Dr. Lipschitz, complete with portable satellite dish.

(99-13B) [N104B] [KC112B] -- Music
Click here for full transcript.

World TV Premiere Date: 1/20/1999 after "Pedal Pusher" on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 3/6/1999 after "Pedal Pusher"

All singing! All dancing! If you liked their musical talents in the live show and the movie, you'll love (or at least, like) this episode. Recorded "live" to an audience of one (Dil). Featuring musical hits like:

"Trike That Is Not For You" ("Bicycle Built For Two") -- Phil & Lil
"Pack Up Your Troubles" -- Chuckie
"Toyland" -- Angelica
"Beautiful Dreamer" -- Didi

And for a limited time only, a special number by the lounge-singing sensation, Tommy Pickles and the Ruggettes!

This is a charity concert -- in support of research to find out if Dil can think up little pictures in his head while other people sing.

Not available in stores! Not available anywhere, except on Nick (or wherever you watch Rugrats)! Order now!


During Chuckie's Pack Up Your Troubles number,  he packs up various "troubles" in his old kit bag, all of these having appeared in earlier episodes. These include:
Item / Character: Episode:
Grandpa's teeth Grandpa's Teeth
Bulldog Barbecue Story / In The Dreamtime
Aunt Miriam Aunt Miriam / Visiting Aunt Miriam / The Rugrats Movie
Mr. Friend The Mysterious Mr. Friend
Chuckie's Potty Chuckie vs. The Potty
Spider Spike's Babies
Dust Bunny Dust Bunnies
Frog Baking Dil

109 (99-14A) [N105A] [KC107A] Chuckie's Bachelor Pad

World TV Premiere Date: 4/10/1999 at 8PM ET (on Nick, for a change)

So that Chazz would have room to repaint Chuckie's room, Chazz has packed all of Chuckie's stuff away in boxes, leading Chuckie to think that his dad wants him to move out and live on his own. The Rugrats help Chuckie out by finding him a "belcher" pad to live in. But is the garden shed an ideal bachelor pad for Chuckie? Also, Chazz finds his old Lava lamp, which takes him back to the days when he was first out on his own.


1. During Chazz's flashback sequence, we see him as a young adult, probably late teens-early 20s. He looks like Chuckie, but, obviously, a little older and, keeping up with the early-to-mid 1970s lifestyle, a little "groovier".

2. Remember Chuckie's old room, with white walls, a rainbow, teddy bears and a sun? It's now replaced by a green wall with a picture of a castle on it.

3. Also, while the Rugrats look for a place for Chuckie to live, look for a box that says, "Happy Toddler Paints, a division of Lipschitz Industries". That child psychologist is branching out into hardware, isn't he?

(99-14B) [N105B] [KC107B] Junior Prom

World TV Premiere Date: 4/10/1999 after "Chuckie's Bachelor Pad"

After looking at prom pictures in their parents' high school yearbooks, and the fact that Alisa is going to her own prom, the Rugrats have a prom of their own, complete with a limo and chauffeur (Dil in the Reptar Wagon), so they can decide who can be prom queen -- Angelica or Susie.


1. According to the old yearbook the Rugrats were looking at, Susie's parents, who were once prom king & queen, attended Swift High.

2. When Didi went to her junior prom, it had a Bicentennial theme. The US celebrated its Bicentennial (200th year as an independent nation) in 1976. If Didi was a high school junior in the 1975-76 school year, this means she graduated in 1977. Also, if she was 18 in 1977, she was probably born in 1959, and her age, as of 1999, would be 40.

110 (99-15A) [N106A] [KC108A] Silent Angelica

World TV Premiere Date: 8/7/1999 at 12 Noon ET

So that Charlotte can conduct important business in peace, and so Drew & Stu can watch tennis, they tell Angelica that they'll buy a Cynthia Dream House and a mini sports car for her if she stays quiet. She ends up taking this "quiet" thing very seriously by not saying a peep, not even when the Rugrats pay a visit. Eventually, the Rugrats' racket ended up making her more angrier, with no way for her to vent her anger; also, her silence ended up affecting Charlotte's business deal, rather than helping it.

(99-15B) [N106B] [KC108B] Tie My Shoes

World TV Premiere Date: 8/7/1999 after Silent Angelica

After seeing Miss Carol tie shoes on her video using toy snakes, Angelica becomes an expert a shoe-tying, and proves it by tying everything in the house -- and Chuckie's eternally-untied shoes. However, Chazz thought that Chuckie tied them all by himself. Because of this, Chuckie is afraid that his dad will get angry if he learns the truth, so he tries to keep them tied, at any cost. Meanwhile, the grown-ups try to cook burgers at their cookout.


1. According to the "Lipschitz Learning Curve", if Chuckie did tie his shoes at his age (2 years), he would've tied shoes at a 3rd grade level, and he would've mastered algebra when he reaches 4.

2. Since Chuckie "knew how" to tie his shoes, Betty suggested that he gets into commercials. However, she probably forgot her own experience with Phil & Lil when they were in a Baby Commercial.

3. Miss Carol, who was once fired when Angelica said the wrong Word Of The Day, is, more or less, still very popular, at least in the shoe-tying business -- in addition to 2 videos, she also has a week-long seminar on shoe-tying.

111 (99-16A) [N107A] [KC109A] What's Your Line?

World TV Premiere Date: 4/17/1999 at 8PM ET

Facing a lack of jobs in the future, so says future "stand up chameleon" Angelica, she tells Chuckie that he needs to get a job soon. Chuckie tries his hand at being an ice cream man, a florist, a librarian and a father. Meanwhile, Stu, Chazz & Howard paint a fence.


Would the Rugrat sign in please? The title of this episode is based on the game show, "What's My Line?" (CBS 1950-67, syndicated 1968-75), where a celebrity panel tries to guess what a person does for a living ("Is it bigger than a bread box?"); following the guessing portion, the guest talks to the panel about his line of work, sometimes demonstrating what he/she does.

(99-16B) [N107B] [KC109B] Two By Two

World TV Premiere Date: 4/17/1999 after "What's Your Line?"

In another religious episode, Boris tells the story of Noah's Ark to the Rugrats. Following the story, Angelica sees a weather report on TV, where some rain is forecasted for the area, inspiring Angelica to trick the Rugrats in believing that there will be another worldwide flood soon, prompting her to be the one and only boss and the Rugrats to build an ark and collect two of each animal. However, being the one and only boss will backfire on Angelica, as she is, of course, the one and only.

112 (99-17A) [N108A] [KC110A] All's Well That Pretends Well

World TV Premiere Date: 9/14/1999 at 5PM ET on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: Sometime during 2000 on Telemundo (in Spanish)
(Earliest-known air date on US television)

Original Nick US Air Date: 7/6/2001 at 8PM ET

The Cirque du Dummi Bear show is coming to town, and Angelica really wants to go. There's only one problem -- she's coming down with a cold. The good news (to her, of course) is that Charlotte and Drew doesn't know about her cold yet, so she makes a scheme to hide the cold from them and make them believe that one of the other Rugrats have it.

(99-17B) [N108B] [KC110B] Big Babies

World TV Premiere Date: 9/14/1999 on YTV, after "All's Well That Pretends Well"

Original Video Street Date: 10/5/1999 on Make Room For Dil (direct to video only in US)

Original US Air Date: Sometime during 2000, after "All's Well...", on Telemundo (in Spanish)

Original Nick US Air Date: 7/6/2001 after "All's Well..."

Kevin McNulty, one of Grandpa's old friends (and of course, related to Timmy and the McNulty boys), goes through the secret initiation in order to get into the Loyal Order of Wombats. After seeing this, the Rugrats have Dil go through something similar, so he could become one of the "Big Babies". In turn, their fathers mimic the Rugrats, on a bet that they could do everything the Rugrats do.


This was another pair of episodes that Nick didn't touch in the US until about 2 years after its first TV debut in Canada, and about 20 months after Big Babies made its video appearance in the US. As for Telemundo's air date, I don't know, though I'm pretty certain that they aired these stories during 2000.

113 (99-18A) [N109A] [KC111A] Wrestling Grandpa

World TV Premiere Date: 5/1/1999 at 7:30PM ET

Grandpa relives his glory days as a wrestler by wrestling his old nemesis, Conan McNulty (Daniel Davis). Can "Pretzel-Maker" Pickles defeat Conan "The Crusher"? The Rugrats think so, as they think that he's a super hero.


1. At the start of this episode, the Rugrats were playing (and during this episode, referring to) "The Mega Hyper Heroes", first introduced in The Mega Diaper Babies.

2. Sorry for giving it away, but at the end of the wrestling match, Conan was given the championship after Grandpa decided to forfeit, due to the Rugrats' interference with the match. However, the championship was forfeited back to Grandpa, after they found that Conan was using motor oil, so Grandpa wouldn't get a hold of Conan. This isn't the first time that an opponent's cheating in a game or sporting match caused a forfeit in Grandpa's favor, as most of you know in King Ten Pin, Fugitive Tommy & Visiting Aunt Miriam.

(special thanks to Mary Densmore)

(99-18B) [N109B] [KC111B] Chuckie Collects

World TV Premiere Date: 5/1/1999 after "Wrestling Grandpa"

Intrigued by Chazz's unusual collection of odd asthma inhalers, Chuckie starts a rock collection, with the Rugrats adding on to it. His most-prized possession in that collection is his first rock, which is moon-shaped and reminds him of his father. The Rugrats follow suit and start collecting other items. However, collecting rocks isn't as easy as you may think.


1. As you can see in this episode, Chazz's inhaler collection is indeed odd, including a wooden inhaler, an inhaler that looks like a perfume spray, and an inhaler mask. There's also a convention dedicated to such a collection -- the "National Inhaler Collector's Convention", where they trade and sell inhalers, plus talk on subjects such as "nose hair".

2. In this episode, the Rugrats found a bigger box that held Stu's "Blocky & Oxwinkle" comic book collection. We first met "Blocky & Oxwinkle" in Sour Pickles.

114 (99-19) [N110/111/996] [KC113] Runaway Reptar

Release Date: August 3, 1999 (earlier at some stores in the US)

World TV Premiere Date: 9/16/1999 (part 1) & 9/17/1999 (part 2) at 5PM ET on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 11/27/1999 at 8PM ET

Grandpa takes the Rugrats to a dual-screen drive-in (to the Rugrats, "parking lot movie"), so Grandpa can watch one film ("Deep Sea Divers of the Rugged North", a Testline production), while the Rugrats enjoy the title picture, Rosenmount Pictures' "Runaway Reptar" (directed by Jon Ho, whose name sounds like Hawaiian singer Don Ho), where Reptar was supposed to be saving the city from another large monster, a pterodactyl named Dactar. However, the Rugrats became disappointed when they find out that Reptar is actually helping Dactar in the destruction, rather than defeating Dactar. Through imagination (How else?), the Rugrats got into the film to help Reptar save the rest of the city from his "evil twin" and defeat another enemy -- Angelica, who invented Reptar's doppleganger, just so her parents can get her all the toys she want.


1. At the time, this episode was the longest Rugrats episode ever, as well as the longest episode of any Nicktoon. This episode is 60 minutes with commercials (but not counting the "Snick House" segments on most Snick telecasts, whick would otherwise lengthen it to 75 minutes); 44 minutes without. In some countries, this episode is televised as a 2- or 4-parter, due to its length and the channels' schedules. In the US, this episode is televised only as a 60-minute special. In Canada, YTV and Canal Famille both presented this episode as a 2 parter, and they both show it as part of the normal rotation. It is also because of this that Nick has assigned 3 numbers to this episode -- "996" for the entire 44-minute special & video, "110" for part 1 and "111" for part 2. In November 2000, Acorn Nuts eclipsed Runaway Reptar as the longest Rugrats episode at 66 minutes without ads.

2. This episode features the first TV appearance (and 2nd video appearance) of Dactar. His first appearance was in The Rugrats Movie, where he was nothing more than Stu's pterodactyl-shaped glider.

3. This Reptar film now includes "off-dubbing", where  the dialog does not match up with the mouths of the actors. This is common in many Asian films, especially old science-fiction and Godzilla movies from Japan and martial arts films from Hong Kong. In previous outings, such as Reptar 2010 and the ant film in Aunt Miriam, the dubbing was perfect -- pretty unusual for live-action films exported from Asia to the US. Even the voice of Fritzi, Pam's dog (see below) was slightly off-dubbed.

4. This episode is basically based on one of the Godzilla films, Godzilla vs. The Cosmic Monster (1974, a.k.a. Godzilla vs. The Bionic Monster & Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla); in that film, Godzilla battles with a robotic replica of himself, built by alien apes bent on conquering earth. This episode also has references to Godzilla vs. Megalon (1976), King Kong vs. Godzilla (1963) and War Of The Gargantuas (1966), plus homages to Toho films in general, such as villains, scientists assigned to help stop the crisis, side characters such as reporters (this episode has "Pam, the spunky reporter", always seen on camera with her dog, Fritzi), even el cheapo special effects (people in monster costumes, strings holding flying monsters, etc.). This episode also has a reference to Orson Welles' classic, Citizen Kane (1938).

5. In addition, there's also a reference to Fox's popular TV series, The X Files -- during a scene where the Rugrats are at the park, one of the buildings has a picture of a flying saucer with the words "I Believe"; this is similar to the poster hanging in Mulder & Scully's office. Also, there's an "X" to the left of this picture, similar to the one used in the logo for The X Files.

6. The drive in the Rugrats went to had at least 2 screens. In the 1980s, in a measure to catch up with the growth of indoor multiplexes, many drive-ins added 1 or more screens (the Ford-Wyoming drive-in in Detroit - Dearborn, MI, has 9 screens). However, due to the increasing popularity of indoor theaters and their qualities (such as wide screens and surround-sound), plus the increasing insurance rates and property values, many drive-ins closed up during the 1980s.

115 (99-20) [N122] No Place Like Home

World TV Premiere Date: 10/2/1999 at 8PM ET

Susie goes to the hospital to get her tonsils removed. At surgery, after she's under anaestesia, she dreams of a magical world, reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz.


1. This is a 30-minute story.

2. In the US, the fantasy is the first appearance of Goober the Gopher, who appears again in The Big Showdown.

116 (99-21A) [N112A] [KC113A] Share and Share a Spike

World TV Premiere Date: 9/20/1999 at 5PM ET on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 10/2/1999 at 9PM ET

Tommy wanted to play with Spike -- and so does Dil. Because of this, they are forced to share Spike. Since Tommy wanted Spike all to himself, he tries to find other suitable pets that Dil can play with, even having the other Rugrats to be Dil's pets. Meanwhile Stu and Drew still haven't learned to share.


1. Closed-captioning error: while Phil & Lil copy Spike, they mimic their eating habits, going "num num num" (yum, yum, yum). However, the closed-captions picked this up as "N-n-n-no".

2. Also, starting with this episode, Phil is once again seen without ear lobes, just like as it was in the Classic 65 shows. However, he'll have them again in the new Rugrats In Paris movie.

3. This episode (only) is also the last regular Rugrats episode to be seen on Snick.

(99-21B) [N112B] [KC113B] Tommy For Mayor

World TV Premiere Date: 9/20/1999 on YTV, after "Share and Share a Spike"

Original US Air Date: 10/2/1999 after "Share and Share a Spike"

After seeing someone on TV running for mayor of their town, the Rugrats vote to see who's going to be "mayor" of their group -- Tommy or Phil. Meanwhile, Didi and Betty work on mailouts in support of the town's mayoral candidate -- Sheila Swann.


Portions of the animation were first seen on 4/1/1999 as part of the Rugrats' victory speech at the 1999 Kids' Choice Awards.

117 (99-22A) [N113A] [KC114A] Brothers Are Monsters

World TV Premiere Date: 9/21/1999 at 5PM ET on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 10/9/1999 at 9PM ET

The Rugrats act out different animals. Tommy plays a wolf, but Dil thought he was a dog. After arguing over the issue with Tommy, Dil feels hurt and cries. Later, after the Rugrats' nap, Didi gives the Rugrats juice and cookies; the Rugrats eat theirs right away, but Tommy was still sleeping. Spike knocked the juice over, spilling on Tommy. Then, he shed some hair on Tommy. The Result -- Tommy thinks he's a monster, all because he hurt Dil's feelings. Meanwhile, Betty's brother, Freddie, pays a visit.


Also making his initial appearance in this episode is Freddie, Betty's brother and Phil & Lil's uncle. Freddie's hairstyle is done in the same manner as Betty's, but without the headband. He also has a beard. The clothes he wears are also similar to Betty's, except that they're a dark blue, and the sweatshirt has the scientific male symbon on front.

(99-22B) [N113B] [KC114B] Cooking With Susie

World TV Premiere Date: 9/21/1999 on YTV, after "Brothers Are Monsters"

Original US Air Date: 10/9/1999 after "Brothers Are Monsters"

Susie was a first on her block to get a Cynthia Easy Cook Oven -- literally, as they weren't available to the general public yet; the makers were advertisers on the Dummi Bears show. The oven was so precious to Susie, she wouldn't sell it to anyone, not even Angelica. With the oven, she made some Reptar Snack Squares. The Rugrats ate them, but didn't like them. However, they lied to Susie and told her they were the best snacks they ever eaten; they lied (as recommended by Angelica, of course) so they wouldn't hurt Susie's feelings. Instead, this encouraged Susie to make more. They learned to lie after Didi lied about praising Stu's electronic doorstop, which was actually the most stupidest invention he had ever invented.


This is the first time we see Grandpa without his mustache, after an accident with one of Stu's inventions.

118 (99-23A) [N116A] [KC117B] Planting Dil

World TV Premiere Date: 9/24/1999 at 5PM ET on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 10/16/1999 at 8PM ET

Didi is planting herbs in her garden, including dills, which are used in the canning of pickles. However, after hearing Didi commenting that she's going to plant alot of them, Tommy thinks that the dills for pickles are actually alot of... Dil Pickles, in which all of them would need Tommy's care.


On 10/16/1999, beginning with this episode during the 1999-2000 TV season, almost all new episodes seen on Snick consisted only of one 11-minute episode per week. This is to make room for Snick's video pick segment, called Snick House.

(99-23B) [N116B] [KC117A] The Joke's On You

World TV Premiere Date: 9/24/1999 on YTV, after "Planting Dil"

Original US Air Date: 10/23/1999 at 8PM ET

Drew plays a practical joke on Stu, where he unwittingly hurt Grandpa with his newest invention, a robotic bee. This inspires Angelica to play a practical joke of her own on the Rugrats, setting it up so that they would think that Dil pulled these jokes. All this goes on while the Rugrats play a King Arthur adventure.

119 (99-24A) [N114A] [KC115A] Officer Chuckie

World TV Premiere Date: 9/22/1999 at 5PM ET on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 10/16/1999 at 7:30PM ET

The Rugrats are at Officer Dan's Pre-School Safety Town, a miniaturised city where safety rules are taught. While the Rugrats play on the grass, the older kids, including Angelica, race around in miniaturised play cars. When a ball goes out into the street, Chuckie catches it, but he jaywalks at an intersection. After getting caught by Officer Dan, he made Chuckie a "Safety Officer". However, Chuckie's new powers affected how the Rugrats play -- a little too much.

(99-24B) [N114B] [KC115B] Auctioning Grandpa

World TV Premiere Date: 9/22/1999 on YTV, after "Officer Chuckie"

Original US Air Date: 10/16/1999 after "Officer Chuckie"

The Rugrats are at a craft & antique fair, where Didi is selling her "Bird Homes" -- artistic bird houses that she made. However, she hadn't made any money, or as so much as a glance from someone walking by, due to her competition. Meanwhile, Grandpa sits down on an antique rocker to tell a story to the Rugrats; naturally, he falls asleep. The rocker is up for auction, but with Grandpa still in the rocker, the Rugrats though that it was Grandpa who's up for auction, so they find a way to buy him back.

122 (99-27A) [N115A] [KC116A] Partners In Crime

World TV Premiere Date: 9/23/1999 at 5PM ET on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 11/6/1999 at 8PM ET

At home, the Rugrats watch an old, "Bonnie & Clyde"-type film on TV with Grandpa. At the park, Angelica and Dil used what they saw to play "Bonnie & Clyde", with Angelica stealing food from other kids and Dil playing accomplice. Meanwhile, at the park, Grandpa continues to watch the movie on a portable TV set, getting the other adults to do the same.

(99-27B) [N115B] [KC115B] Thumbs Up

World TV Premiere Date: 9/23/1999 on YTV, after "Partners In Crime"

Original US Air Date: 11/13/1999 at 8PM ET

The Rugrats play "Follow The Leader", with Dil being the leader. When Dil sucks his thumb (mimicking Stu when he sucks his own thumb after hitting his hammer on it), the Rugrats do the same, but fail to stop. When the adults noticed this, they panicked after reading in a Lipschitz book that thumb-sucking leads to poor academic skills and bucked teeth. Angelica uses this advice to get Chuckie to believe that they'll turn into ducks, when they get "duck teeth".

123 (99-28A) [N117A] [KC118A] The Big Showdown

World TV Premiere Date: 9/27/1999 at 5PM ET on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 11/20/1999 at 8PM ET

After watching a Reptar movie, Dil wakes up in the middle of the night, following a Reptar-sized nightmare. Concerned about the excess aggressiveness and violence that Reptar brings, Didi introduces Goober the Gopher; recommended by Dr. Lipschitz's Baby Talk Hotline, it's a goofy, yet gentle toy for Tommy and Dil. While Dil and Chuckie are kind of fond of Goober, Tommy would rather play with Reptar, which was easily found in his closet with the rest of the Reptar memorabilia. Will the Toy Fair, also recommended by "1-900-LIPSCHITZ",  change the minds of Chuckie & Didi? After all, that's where both Reptar & Goober have their exhibits, and that's where trouble's waiting to happen for the men in the Goober and Reptar costumes.


In the US, Goober first appeared in No Place Like Home; in Canada (and most likely, everywhere else except the US), this is Goober's first appearance.

(99-28B) [N117B] [KC118B] Doctor Susie

World TV Premiere Date: 9/27/1999 on YTV, after "The Big Showdown"

Original US Air Date: 12/4/1999 at 8PM ET

After Dr. Lucy accidentally breaks one of Susie's toys, she fixes it, and teaches Susie how to be a toy "doctor". When Dil broke all of the Rugrats' toys, Susie fixed them up. But Angelica, always jealous of Susie, breaks them again and blames Susie for "malpractice". But who will bring Cynthia back to health when she gets "hurt"? Meanwhile, the Pickles have problems of their own when they have trouble with the plumbing; they call a plumber, who happens to go on his rounds in a limousine, but does a shoddy job on the pipes. Luckily, Dr. Lucy can do practically anything (hint, hint).

124 (99-29A) [N118A] [KC119A] Accidents Happen

World TV Premiere Date: 9/28/1999 at 5PM ET on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 12/18/1999 at 8PM ET

Following a day at the zoo and other fun attractions, Chuckie dreamt that he was an explorer going over a waterfall in a boat, which causes him to accidentally wet his bed. After Chazz determines that Chuckie may be regressing, he had Chuckie wear training pants, which is in between diapers and briefs. At night, the Rugrats try to encourage Chuckie not to fall asleep, so he won't forget to wake up to go to the bathroom.


In this episode, notice that Tommy, Phil & Lil say "diapie", but Chuckie says the more-mature "diaper". In the classic 65 episodes, ALL the Rugrats said "diaper".

(99-29B) [N118B] [KC119B] Pee Wee Scouts

World TV Premiere Date: 9/28/1999 on YTV, after "Accidents Happen"

Original US Air Date: 1/8/2000 at 8PM ET

The grown-ups gather to see old home movies of Stu as a Boy Scout and Grandpa as his leader. This encourages the Rugrats to live the scouting life, but the fun subsides when Dil gets "lost".

125 (99-30A) [N120A] [KC120A] The Incredible Shrinking Babies

World TV Premiere Date: 9/29/1999 at 5PM ET on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: Sometime during 2000 on Telemundo (in Spanish)

Original Nick US Air Date: 7/13/2001 at 8PM ET

The Rugrats try to have Dil fall asleep. Later that night, Chuckie has a nightmare, where the Rugrats shrink and become the size of those "Little People" toys. Dil, however, remains normal-sized; however, to the now-miniaturised Rugrats, Dil seems more like a giant.


This episode is based on the 1957 movie, The Incredible Shrinking Man. In this film, starring Grant Williams and William Schallert, a man mysteriously shrinks to a mimiature size, adjusting to life where normal people and animals are "giants" to him.

(99-30B) [N120B] [KC120B] Miss Manners

World TV Premiere Date: 9/29/1999 on YTV, after "The Incredible Shrinking Babies"

Original US Air Date: Sometime during 2000, after "Shrinking Babies" on Telemundo (in Spanish)

Original Nick US Air Date: 7/13/2001 after "Shrinking Babies"

Angelica graduates from  the "Mind My Manners Charm School", where she is taught good manners. She puts her knowledge of manners to work when an important guest, an executive for Charlotte's company, is invited to Drew & Charlotte's for dinner, leading to Angelica teaching the Rugrats some manners.


This pair of episodes, like  All's Well That Pretends Well / Big Babies, also did not air in the US until its first broadcast in Canada about 2 years before. And again, I'm not certain when Telemundo first aired it, but I'm confident that they did during 2000.

126 (99-31A) [N119A] [KC122A] Chuckie's New Shirt

World TV Premiere Date: 9/30/1999 at 5PM ET on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: 1/22/2000 at 8PM ET

While the Rugrats play ball, Chuckie rips his trademark shirt with the planet on it. Chazz gets him another one. But when he finds out that that's not the same shirt as he always had, he becomes a different person named "Ralph". Meanwhile, Chazz enters a cooking contest with one of Minka's recipes. Grand Prize: a year's supply of air fresheners.

(99-31B) [N119B] [KC122B] Cavebabies

World TV Premiere Date: 9/30/1999 on YTV, after "Chuckie's New Shirt"

Original US Air Date: 1/29/2000 at 8PM ET

After Didi has hidded the cookie jar from Angelica, Angelica has threatened the Rugrats with her starvation if they don't find the cookies in time. Their mission becomes a prehistoric fantasy, where the Rugrats, now "cavebabies", find Dil, the "Wise Cave Baby", so he can point them in the direction of the cookie jar, or, "Cookiesaurus".


The Rugrats tried hiding the cookie jar from Angelica before in No More Cookies -- it didn't work.

127 (99-32A) [N121A] [KC121A] A Dose of Dil

World TV Premiere Date: 10/1/1999 at 5PM ET on YTV (Canada)

Original US Air Date: Sometime during 2000 on Telemundo (in Spanish)

Original Nick US Air Date: 7/20/2001 at 8PM ET

When everyone else is getting attention from the grown-ups, Tommy feels left out. Angelica offers Tommy a practical solution -- fake an illness or injury. Tommy takes her advice and eventually gets some attention -- from Dil.

(99-32B) [N121B] [KC121B] Famous Babies

World TV Premiere Date: 10/1/1999 on YTV, after "A Dose Of Dil"

Original US Air Date: Sometime during 2000, after "A Dose Of Dil" on Telemundo (in Spanish)

Original Nick US Air Date: 7/20/2001 after "A Dose Of Dil"

Didi and Betty chat about "The Proud Poppas", a 60s rock-and-roll band that they loved a long time ago. This encourages Angelica to encourage the Rugrats to start their own band.

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