The parents of the Rugrats


Pictures of Michael Bell & Tress MacNeille are from The Ultimate Rugrats Fan Book; ©1998 Viacom. These pictures were taken at the now-former Klasky-Csupo studios on Highland & Fountain in Hollywood, CA.

Pictures of Didi, Stu, Betty, Howard, Drew, Charlotte & Chazz from Tempo's Rugrats Card Set; ©1997 by Viacom.

Didi Pickles

Age: 40 (as of 1999; see Junior Prom for details)

Approximate Birth Year: 1959 (also see Junior Prom)

Sex: Female

Description: White; red hair; hairdo similar to Krusty the Klown's, but with more hair; green, round-rimmed glasses; long, red dress with a turtle-neck collar; bracelet on one wrist; yellow beaded necklace; red socks; brown shoes; dangling earrings in an unusual, indescribable shape

First Appearance: Tommy Pickles And The Great White Thing

First Television Appearance: Tommy's First Birthday

Voiced By: Melanie Chartoff

Didi, Tommy & Dil's Jewish mother, is a home economics teacher (though we spend most of the time in her off-times). She is very protective of her sons, and usually goes to Dr. Lipschitz for assistance. She is also Stu's wife.


Melanie Chartoff.
(From an ad in the 7/20/2001 issue
of Daily Variety from her and her co-star, Jack Riley; ©2001 Melanie Chartoff.)

Melanie Chartoff is also the voice of Didi's mother, Minka. She also played principal Ms. Musso on the old FOX series, Parker Lewis Can't Lose. Many older viewers may also recognize Chartoff from the early-1980's program, Fridays, which was ABC's version of Saturday Night Live. Fridays was short-lived, though, since it did not receive the same following as SNL, as well as being clobbered in the ratings by Johnny Carson, The Midnight Special and SCTV on NBC.

Other roles include:
TV Program / Movie: Role She Plays:
Jumanji (animated TV series) Aunt Nora
The Gambler, Part III -- The Legend Continues (live-action TV movie) Deborah
Newhart (live-action TV series) Dr. Kaiser
Not Neccessarily The News (live-action satire) regular member
American Hot Wax (live-action movie) Debbie
Search For Tomorrow (live-action soap opera) ???

Stuart "Stu" Pickles
(in pilot, "Stu Pickles, Jr.")

Age: 35 (as of 1993 (The Legend of the Satchmo)); 36 (as of 1997 (America's Wackiest Home Movies))

Approximate Birth Date: September 23 to October 23, 1958 (see All Growed Up)

Sex: Male

Sign: Libra

Description: Purple hair, never combed; poorly-shaved face; green, long-sleeved shirt; dark pants; polka-dot tie; purple socks; brown shoes

First Appearance: Tommy Pickles And The Great White Thing

First Television Appearance: Tommy's First Birthday

Voiced By: Jack Riley

Stu, Tommy & Dil's father, is an ingenious inventor of children's toys. He is also Drew's little brother and Grandpa's son. In addition to being a great father for Tommy, he frequently gets into quarrels with Drew over things that happened when they were kids. With this in mind, Stu refuses to let the past go; he still has (or, rather, had (maybe)) his disco suit, which he wears on occasion, optimistic that disco will return. As for his religion, unlike Didi, he's not Jewish; as a matter of fact, his religion is unknown, but it seems to be that Stu (and, in some cases, his brother, Drew) practices Zen Buddhism on some occasions, especially when it comes to barbecuing or bowling.

Ten years from "now": Who knows? Though one thing's for certain -- he'll still love disco.


Jack Riley.
(This is an autographed picture that was up for auction at eBay; ©2000 by Jack Riley.)
Rugrats is Cleveland, Ohio native Jack Riley's only animated TV series; many people also know him from his role as Elliot Carlin on The Bob Newhart Show (CBS, 1972-78), as well as his voice-overs in ads for Shedd's Country Crock Margarine.

His other roles include:
TV Program / Movie: Role He Plays:
Theodore Rex (movie) ???
Spaceballs (movie) TV Newsman
Night Court Frequent guest star
To Be, Or Not To Be (Mel Brooks movie) Dobish
Body Language (Game Show) Regular guest
History Of The World, Part I (movie) Stoned Soldier
The Tim Conway Show regular
Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes (movie) Salesman
High Anxiety (movie) Desk Clerk
Silent Movie Executive
Catch-22 (movie) Doctor

Drew Pickles

Sex: Male

Description: Styled, brown hair; oval-rimmed glasses (approximate description); clean-shaven face; white, long-sleeved shirt; plaid vest; slacks; dark socks; brown shoes

First Appearaance: Tommy's First Birthday

Voiced By: Michael Bell

Investment Banker Drew Pickles is Angelica's father and Charlotte's husband. He frequently spoils Angelica by going very lightly on discipline. He also bickers frequently with Stu over their past.


Michael Bell.

Michael Bell is also the voice of Boris and Chazz. Other roles include:
TV Program / Movie: Role He Plays:
Homeward Bound II -- Lost In San Francisco (live-action movie) Stokey
I Yabba Dabba Do (animated TV movie) ???
Hollyrock-a-bye Baby (animated TV movie) ???
Tom & Jerry -- The Movie Ferdinand, Straycatcher
A Wish For Wings That Work (animated "Bloom County" TV special) Opus
Star Trek, The Next Generation -- "Encounter At Farpoint"
(live-action TV pilot movie)
G.I. Joe Blowtorch
The Snorks Allstar, Bigweed
The Transformers Prowl, Scrapper, Swoop
Voltron (English version) Lance
The Smurfs Handy Smurf
Dallas (live-action TV series) Les Crowley
Superfriends / Challenge Of The Superfriends Riddler (1978-79)
Then Came Bronson (live-action TV series) Petty

And most importantly, he was also the original voice of the Parkay Margarine tub in those commercials ("Butter...Parkay!").

Charlotte C. Pickles

Sex: Female

Description: Blonde hair, tied into one ponytail; wears mascara; business suit; skirt; high-heeled shoes

First Appearances: Slumber Party (first mention);  The Santa Experience (first appearance)

Voiced By: Tress MacNeille

Charlotte, Drew's wife and Angelica's mother, is a strong "big wheel" at a giant corporation, MergeCorp. She concentrates more on MergeCorp than her own family, also lacking the discipline Angelica needs. She is rarely seen without her cellular phone, alway talking to her assistant, Jonathan.


Tress MacNeille.

Tress MacNeille was a member of the famous Los Angeles-based comedy troupe, "The Groundlings" (other famous members include Paul "Pee Wee Herman" Reubens and the late Phil Hartman). She also does voice work on cartoon shows, commercials, and other media, her most popular roles being Grandma on Hey Arnold and various characters on Futurama and The Simpsons (with Agnes Skinner, Principal Skinner's mother, the most notable).

Other programs where you can hear Tress' voice:
Animated Program: Role(s) She Played:
Animaniacs Dot, Hello Nurse, Marita Hippo
Tiny Toon Adventures Babs
Chip 'N Dale's Rescue Rangers Chip, Gadget
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ???
The Critic ???
Mighty Max ???
Cro ???
Duckman ???
The Adventures of Batman & Robin ???
The Mask (animated series) ???
Bobby's World ???
Road Rovers Colleen
Freakazoid Debbie Douglas
Carrotblanca (animated film short) Penelope
The Land Before Time III -- The Time of the Great Giving (animated movie) ???
Hollyrock-a-bye Baby(animated TV movie) ???
Rover Dangerfield (animated movie) ???
A Wish For Wings That Work (animated "Bloom County" TV special) The Chicken
Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark (live-action movie) Anchorwoman
The Gummi Bears Lady Bane
Voltron (English version) Merla
Aladdin (animated Disney TV series) ???

Charles Norbert "Chazz" Finster, Sr. 

Sex: Male

Description: Short, red hair; mustache; short, striped shirt; suspenders; dark pants, brown shoes; light socks.

First Appearances: Barbecue Story (brief cameo); Touch-Down Tommy (first major appearance)

Voiced By: Michael Bell

Chazz is Chuckie's father. He is, with some differences, the splitting image of Chuckie. Chazz is also a Lipschitz fan. He was widowed until the Rugrats In Paris film, when he married Kira. In doing so, he also became a stepfather to Kira's daughter, Kimi.

Chazz was originally known as a career bureaucrat, but in The Fun Way Day, he swapped his career in favor of a job as co-owner, with Kira, of a coffee house, The Java Lava.


Michael Bell also does Drew and Boris.

Melinda with Chuckie, shortly
after his birth, and
shortly before her death.

(From "The Bestest Mom",
illustrated by Ed Resto. ©1998 Viacom.)
 Melinda Finster

Sex: Female

Description: Long, red hair with freckles; long, light blue dress

Voiced By: Kim Cattrall

First Appearance: Mothers' Day

Melinda was Chuckie's natural mother who died shortly after Chuckie's birth. She was an expert in gardening, as she grown about everything in the Finster's yard. She was also very creative with squash. Chazz and Melinda first met each other while she worked at a produce stand.

Kira, with Dil.
(From Nick.Com; ©2000 Viacom.)

Kira Watanabe-Finster

Sex: Female

Description: Asian; red glasses with oval rims; yellow, long-sleeved shirt with white collars and cuffs

First Appearance: Rugrats In Paris

First TV Appearance: Finsterella (US); Angelicon (Canada)

Voiced By: Julia Kato

The single mother of Kimi, Kira became Chazz's second wife, and most importantly, Chuckie's new mother, in the Rugrats In Paris film. In the movie, she worked as Coco LaBouche's secretary at the Euro Reptar Land park, but apparently became unemployed after marrying Chazz and moving to the states. Her first stateside job -- as revealed in The Fun Way Day -- co-owner of The Java Lava coffee house, with Chazz owning the other half.

Julia Kato.
(From her ad in the 7/20/2001 issue of Daily Variety; ©2001 Julia Kato.)

Betty DeVille

Sex: Female

Description: Dark hair with head-band; no makeup; purple sweatshirt with large feminist symbol (the scientific female symbol) on front; purple sweatpants; purple sneakers.

First Appearance: Tommy's First Birthday

Voiced By: Kath Soucie

Betty, an obvious Feminist, is Phil and Lil's mother and Howard's wife. She does most of the work around the house, playing the part of the handywoman. She is also a health nut, consuming health food and participating in marathons. Though on the other hand, she drinks plenty of coffee, especially those "gourmet" coffees.


Phil and Lil is also voiced by Kath Soucie.

Howard DeVille

Sex: Male

Description: Bad haircut; wimpish figure; golden yellow shirt; plaid slacks; dark shoes.

First Appearance: Tommy's First Birthday

Voiced By: Phil Proctor

Howard, Phil and Lil's father and Betty's husband, is, more or less, a wimp. In the series, he didn't do much (I am not implying that he was lazy; he just didn't make enough appearances on the show to warrant an interesting description); his highest point in the series is when he argued with Stu over a friendly game of charades in Family Feud.


Phil Proctor.
(from Animation World Network's site;
©1997 Animation World Network.)
Phil Proctor was also a member of the Firesign Theater, famous for their comedy records in the 1970's. Other roles include:
TV Program / Movie: Role He Plays:
Brotherly Love (live action series) Art Gallery Employee/Patron (???)
The Tick ???
Toy Story (Computer-Animated Disney Movie) ???
The Lion King (Animated Disney Movie) ???
Taz-Mania Willie Wombat
Aladdin (Animated Disney Movie) ???
Lobster Man From Mars (live-action movie) Lou
Amazon Women On The Moon (live-action movie) Mike ("Silly Pate")
Nick Danger & The Case of the Missing Yolk (Live-action movie) Rocky Rococo, Ma Yolk, Dr. Dogg (also writer)
Night Court (live-action TV series) Guest on 3 episodes
Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour (Game Show (1983-84)) Regular Guest
Tunnelvision (live-action movie) Christian A. Broder

Randy Carmichael

Sex: Male

Description: African-American; dark hair and mustache; long-sleeved shirt with vest; dark pants.

First Appearance: Meet The Carmichaels

Voiced By: Ron Glass

Randy Carmichael is a writer for the legendary "Dummi Bears" show, who lives next door to Stu and Didi. He is a father of 4 children (Buster, Alisa, Edwin and Susie); he is also Lucy's husband. While at home, Randy does not like to talk about the "Dummi Bears".


Ron Glass today.

(From this Barney Miller site; © Ron Glass.)

A native of Evansville, Indiana, Ron Glass also played Detective Ron Harris on a police sitcom, Barney Miller (ABC, 1975-82). He has also co-starred with Demond Wilson (formerly of Sanford & Son) on ABC's The New Odd Couple (1982-83)
The 12th Precinct staff on "Barney Miller", circa 1976
(from left to right)
: Max Gail (Wojo), Hal Linden (Barney Miller),
Ron Glass (Det. Harris), Abe Vigoda (Det. Fish) and Jack Soo (Nick Yemana).

(From this Barney Miller site; © Columbia-Tristar Television.)

Dr. Lucy Carmichael

Sex: Female

First Appearance: Meet The Carmichaels

Voiced By: Cheryl Carter (1992, 1997-), Lisa Dinkins (1993), Hattie Winston (The Rugrats Movie)

Dr. Lucy Carmichael (no relation to Lucille Ball's character on The Lucy Show), Randy's wife and Susie's (and 3 others) mother, is a Harvard-educated "wonder mom"; she does things like pilot commercial jets, make replica Tiffany lamps (which even fooled Tiffany) and conduct heart surgery. Also, as Didi's physician, she delivered Dil.

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